Created and Written by Steve Salmon
Senior Craftsman Woodwind Repairer to The Royal Marines Band Service
and the Volunteer Bands of the Royal Navy.
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01 - 02
Access charts of keys and pads on all mainstream Woodwind Instruments in a handy book.
Includes advice on trouble prevention and assessment.

Originally written as an aid for the Royal Marines Band Instructors for the Volunteer Bands of the Royal Navy, this book is a combination of key charts, a rough guide to fault finding and assessing problems on mainstream woodwind instruments. There is advice about storing instruments and selecting a good repairer. Chapters on each instrument are in full colour charting keys, pads and mechanisms on: Flute & Piccolo, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe & Cor Anglais and the Bassoon, helping the teacher or instructor identify keys and pads relating to a woodwind instrument with a problem. This will greatly assist a repairer by saving a lot of time exploring to discover the fault which, in turn, could have the effect of saving you money on the cost of a repair.

The information will be of benefit to Woodwind Teachers, Heads of Instrumental Music and Band Instructors to use as a reference. There are notes in each instrumental section to highlight trouble spots with advice to help you find the right area and key names. If you are trying to explain a problem over the phone to a repairer a diagram of keys and pads can be invaluable. Books on 'Looking after your Instrument' (Flute & Piccolo, Oboe & Cor Anglais, Clarinet, Saxophone including Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone and Bassoon.) and keeping it in good condition, written by the same author are also available from Book Stores and Music Shops or: log onto trafford.com and order from there.

ISBN 1-4251-2922-6
Trafford No: 07-1032

Published by Trafford Publishing Company (UK) Ltd
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