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Kevin Kenny - 30 Dec 02
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Dear Rich,

My father Kevin Kenny was a Royal Marine Band member around the time of 1947 -1953, sadly he passed away 30th December 2002, his funeral took place today.

Looking through his things, I came across lots of photographs that he kept as memoirs of the happiest days of his life. I searched the internet and came across your site and can only think he would have been so pleased to have had some of his pictures available to other Ex Band Members. I have attached some of the clearer pics that you may like to share with other members.

This weekend we are returning to Portsmouth to scatter his ashes in the Solent, so he may once again travel the seas.

Yours Sincerely,

Christine Roche ( Nee Kenny)

Kevin Kay
Hello Dickie,

I note with extreme sadness the brief note on the front screen of the web site that Kevin Kay died before Christmas. I served in the Staff Band at Deal with Kevin and have fond memories of him. He was a good friend and an extremely good french horn player who came straight to the staff band from training.

It's always sad to hear of the passing of old friends, but it's even sadder when those old friends are only really young lads as Kevin was.

My sincere condolences go to his family.

Neil Boxall

B/Sgt Richard (Dick) Ward
Sadly I have to inform you of an old mate who died yesterday January 1st from cancer. Ex B/Sgt Richard (Dick) Ward: T/Sax/Clart/Viola

As soon as I have his RMB number I will forward it on to you.

I dont know if you remember Dick but he spent a large part of his service at Plymouth Group Band, Stonehouse Barracks. Dick ended up in Swindon but was kept in contact with by Roger Waterfield and Paul Welstead.

I have forwarded this to you on my sons computer as mine is again in sick bay for repairs, so I am not sure I have sent this to the correct e mail for you but no doubt I shall know if it comes winging back. Any reply for me then use my own e mail as I should be back on line in the next day or two.

With reference to Mervyn (Burt) Brown. He has finished his chemo and thank goodness is now in remission.

Sorry for the dampner of a start to the New year.

Best wishes

Derek Roberts

Capt. L H A (Leo) Arnold

Captain L.H.A.(Leo) Arnold

Dear Rich,

It is with sadness I write to tell you of the death of my long time close friend and colleague Captain L.H.A.(Leo) Arnold. He passed away peacefully in Perth W.A. on December 16. Leo was a warm hearted and compassionate man with a great sense of humour who was very much liked and respected by all who knew him. I met him first when I was in the Boys' Dance Band at Burford in 1947 when he was a BM2 and our leader. I lost touch with him on leaving Burford and met again when he was DoM at Stonehouse and I became the Command Band Officer at HMS Drake.

On a personal note - one of our big numbers in the Boys' band was 'Trumpet Blues & Cantabile'. Only 2 weeks ago I finished a new wind band arrangement of this piece which brought back a good memory for me.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Boyle (daughter)

I would be grateful if you could include Leo on your excellent web site.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Woodfield


Hello Rich,

Sorry to hear of the passing of another stalwart (Doug Haigh) and I attach a couple of snaps of the Great Man whom I served with from time to time and who I recall while going through the Bandmasters class at Deal. Had to play a euph solo as part of the course. Under the direction of the other great man, F.V.Dunn.


The band on the march is that under the direction of Doug on Rodrigues Island and the dance band pic is under his direction in 1958!

Those were the days!

Bill Hartland.

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