David "Hooky" Walker - 18 August 2004

I am sorry to have to inform you of the passing of David "Hooky" Walker (Solo Cornet) aged 56 on 18 August 2004. I first met up with him when we both served in the C in C Western Fleet Band under the direction of the late Captain Peter Sumner. He was a most excellent player both in military band and orchestra but his greatest forte was in the dance band. He had the ability to get, with ease, notes higher on the trumpet than could be produced on the clarinet, he also was able to dash out an arrangement on the back of an envelope if required.

On leaving the service he played in several bands and theatres, including the Syd Lawrence Orchestra. I met up with him when we were both teaching in Stamford, he being full time at the boys school and me part time at the girls school. Later on when the schools amalgamated he held the post at both schools. He came up to Grantham on occasions to assist my colleagues and me with various concerts.

He leaves behind his wife Janet and two sons Christopher 25, and Richard 21. A memorial service is to be held for him at the Stamford school on 26 September.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Clark

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