MALTA - at a 'Party' the 'Boss' of 'Commando Band'
(the late 'Great' Don Guthrie threw for the Band and their Ladies)
Vic Penn´s Recollections

Back Row - Gordon Booth, Bob Brown, Robbie Evernden, John Alford, Barry Radford, Ken Rook, "Geordie" Brooks, Stan Wilkinson, Mick Farmer, Benny Hill.
(Guy In Dickie Bow I think was a steward)
Middle Row - Ray Cockeram, Charlie Cory, Ray (Ginge) Watts, Ginge White - Sampson, Ted Nunn, Ken Mackay,
Front Row - Vic Penn, Don Guthrie, Bill Simpson, Ron Rowson.
Ladies Mrs Watts, Grace Nunn, Pat Evernden, Mrs Guthrie and Mrs Wilkinson but I don't know which is which,
it is a long time ago 1959!

Thank you Barry Radford for these names
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