Doug Sanders

I would like to report that Doug Saunders, a former RM Bandsman/Bugler, has passed away. He was aged 79, and his funeral takes place at the Vale Crematorium, Stopley, Luton, on Wednesday 13th October 2004, at 14.30 hrs/ 2.30 pm.

Doug was an active member of the HMS Gambia Association, and he was such a nice man who will be sadly missed by all those who knew him. The HMS Gambia Standard will be paraded at the funeral. Doug was of the Olde Schoole, who failing to get himself called up by the Navy or Air Force, he upped his age by two years, and enlisted in the Royal Marines! Following initial training he was drafted to HMS Gambia where he soon found himself in the British Pacific Fleet, under the Royal New Zealand Naval White Ensign, where he served up to an including representing the Royal Marines and New Zealand Navy at the Surrender of Japanese Forces in 1946.

We will remember him.

Yours aye.
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