Peter John Rogers

My father's name is Peter John Rogers RM14414, who served with the 3rd Royal Marine Commando in late 50's and early 60's (1952-64?).

He also served in a number of other marine commando regiments such as "40","42" and "45" commando. He was affectionately known as "Sticks", I guess that was due to him being a bugler/drummer.

He also made a number of trips on H.M.T. Dunera of which I have one photo of with a line up of him and several of his colleagues. He has sadly recently passed away (Jan 26th 2006) through ill health but I am in the quest for photos, stories and basically anything to do with my father.

If anyone has any information regarding him, would you please pass it on to me.

My kindest regards to you,

Russell Rogers (Son of Peter)

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