Eric "Crash" Peters

Ex RM Bandmaster Eric "Crash" Peters RMBX 1130

I am sorry to report that my Dad, Ex RM Bandmaster Eric "Crash" Peters RMBX 1130 sadly passed away on December 26th 2003 aged 80 Years, after a short (but spirited) fight with cancer. He was a very proud man and none more so than of his 16 years service with the Royal Marines Band - which he joined as a boy of 14 in 1937. Dad served on a number of ships and these are listed on his Certificate of Service as; Impregnable, Indomitable, Duke, Bermuda, Swiftsure, Pembroke, Ganges, Vengeance, Glasgow, Phoenicia and of course School of Music between all of these. I just about remember living in Malta with the family when Dad was posted there in 1952. He never spoke much about any of his wartime experiences, but I do know he lost RM Band colleagues in action on the "Indom" and he always remembered them with sadness.

After leaving the service he was involved with the Territorial Army Band, The March Railway Silver Prize Band and The Skymasters (Tenor Sax and Clarinet) before being the inspiration behind the re-formation of The Ely City Military Band in 1962. Music was never far from his thoughts and his gentle influence means that music remains an important part of our extended family.

Dad had many photos and I just picked out a few. I know he had a really good time on the Glasgow and in the picture (marked - small band combination, Glasgow, Trieste, June '52), Dad is far left playing Tenor Sax. There is also a picture of him in his full "regalia", being introduced to The Princess Margaret (in his Territorial Army days) and one taken on his (last) 80th Birthday - note the badge on his Blazer!

25 Bandsmen from Ely City Military Band played at his funeral service and he was taken out of the church to the stirring strains of "A life on the Ocean Wave". A RM Bugler played the Last Post at his graveside - a fitting tribute to a fine man and father whom we miss very much.

We have already had emails from ex colleagues following the obituary in "Blue Band" and the family would like to thank everyone for your kind words and thoughtful support. I will be replying to all of you personally. Sadly, Mum also passed away just 5 weeks after Dad - we think she couldn't go on without him.

Brian Peters

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Eric Peters
Drum Major Eric Peters
Eric Peters Presentation
Small Dance Combination - HMS Glasgow

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