Paul Moody


Paul Moody

If anyone out there is not yet aware, Dave Stockham rang tonight to inform me that Paul Moody (ex Yacht Band to name but one) passed away very suddenly earlier this week. This naturally for anyone that knew Paul has come as a tragic shock with the awful irony that Paul himself had been particularly concerned about his brother Gary who has been very ill recently. So much so, it is unlikely that he will be able to make Paul's funeral on Tues next 16th Nov. For any of you that can make it, I'm sure that his family would very much appreciate your presence in joining them at Portchester Crematorium 3pm. I'm quite sure that one or two of his old Oppo's will have some very good memories of Paul that they may want to share. RIP "Moods" old mate.

Derek Usher

From Kelly Ryder (nee Moody)

To everyone who knew my Dad Paul Moody, I would like to thank you all for your very kind words. Dad was always talking to me about his life in the 'Band' and I have lots and lots of memories of his 'band life'. I am and was so proud of him being a member of what I call the best military band in the world. Though my dad has passed, his enjoyment of big band music and the band will not, because it will live on in me and my family, and I shall pass it onto his much loved granddaughter Charlotte, who he loved so, so much.
When he was unable to play his sax/clarinet anymore he kept them so that his Charlotte (should she want to) could take them up and hopefully his musical talent will live on in her.

Thank you all so much.

Love Kelly


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