Don Lowry by Tom Lambert

My Dear Richard,

I have news of another passing, that of Don Lowry, a french horn player who started life in the corps as a band boy circa 1939. He was in my first ship with me, the Duke of York, and was a good player of that difficult instrument.

I have no idea what he aspired to in the Corps, all I know is that he joined the RAN Band service at some time, possibly in the early fifties, and that he progressed to become a Chief Petty Officer Musician by the time he retired. At the end, he was living in an RSL (Returned Soldiers League) retirement home and that he was found dead sitting in front of his television at the conclusion of the famous Melbourne Cup, apparently of a heart attack. It is thought that he was about 81, which would be just about right as he was a squad or so before me. No idea about his number, somewhere in the 1600 or 1700s I'd say. Sorry to have only a doleful report, though I look forward to giving you a joyful one on our reunion in about ten days or so.

Hope all is well with you and yours,

Kindest regards,



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