In Memory of Paul Holford

Can I please give a tribute to Musician Paul Holford? Just two days ago we we learned of the death of Paul who last year took his life on a railway line in Denmark a day after his 49th birthday. It is with great sadness that I share this tragic news. As some of his contemporaries will know he was a great friend to Sara our youngest daughter. Paul's life from his birth was very hard in a family of nine children and at a tender age he was placed in an orphanage followed by various foster homes. Far from love and kindness the boy had his demons and joining the Royal Marines Band Service seemed a good idea for he was a talented musician. Never truly settled he stayed awhile and then left to join the British Transport Police.

Let us remember this dear lost boy who in the end could not find peace in this world. Hopefully he is at peace in another. Let us remember him and salute his memory. God Bless you Paul.

Margaret Hoskins

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