Robert E. Hicks RMB/X1482

I have only recently learned of the death of a very good friend of mine, ex Band Corporal Robert E. Hicks, RMB/X1482. Bob died on the 8th August, 1996. He joined the Band Service on the 9th April, 1940 as a bass player. We served together in the Band of HMS 'Belfast' from March 1949 until October, 1950, a commission which included the Yangtse Incident and the start of the Korean War. Bob was a very practical person with a great love of motor-cycles and he could put his hand to nearly anything. He went on to be employed as the brass instrument repairer in the Instrument Repair Shop in Deal. Bob left the Band Service in January,1956. Bob leaves his wife, Joan, and two sons and two daughters.

Bob's photograph is included in photographs of the dance band of HMS 'Belfast' which I sent some time ago and are shown under the heading of HMS 'Belfast'.

David Webster

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