George Ayress

It is with deep regret that I have to report the death of Band Corporal George Ayress, solo clarinet, who passed away on 29th October aged 79 years. Many members will have fond memories of George as he was a clarinet instructor in East Barracks for a number of years during the early fifties.

After leaving the RMB, George and his wife Margaret started a florists business called "Little Covent Garden" in Sittingbourne and at one time had three shops in the main high street.

When he retired his son David took over the business and George and Margaret moved to the nearby village of Newington. Margaret died a while ago and we lost contact with the family.

Prompted by Noel Crook and Bill Hartland (a couple of his past students!), I tried to locate George only to find he had moved and so had his son David. It seems that David had sold the florists and moved to somewhere in France. I enquired at all the old addresses but came up with a complete blank, therefore it was a shock to read the obituary in the local paper today.

The date of the funeral won't be known until after the inquest next week.

A very sad business.

Kind regards,
Terry Parker RMBX2560.

Dear Richard.

Beryl and I attended the cremation service of B/Cpl George Ayress at Charing (Kent) on 14th November. Unfortunately no other RMB were present although I did try to circulate the information.

The service was conducted by the Chaplain of our local RNA so a number of references to George's service career were mentioned during the service. Also a number of RM style pieces were played ending with Sunset as we left the hall. The coffin was draped with the Union Flag and an RMB type cap and badge which was a thoughtful touch by the chaplain.

As a result of this meeting we are now again in contact with George's son David and his wife Chris who live in a Presbytere near to Le Mans, France.

Kind regards,
Terry Parker RMBX2560.

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