Capt. L H A (Leo) Arnold LRAM RM

Captain L.H.A.
(Leo) Arnold


Dear Rich,

It is with sadness I write to tell you of the death of my long time close friend and colleague Captain L.H.A. (Leo) Arnold. He passed away peacefully in Perth W.A. on December 16. Leo was a warm hearted and compassionate man with a great sense of humour who was very much liked and respected by all who knew him. I met him first when I was in the Boys' Dance Band at Burford in 1947 when he was a BM2 and our leader. I lost touch with him on leaving Burford and met again when he was DoM at Stonehouse and I became the Command Band Officer at HMS Drake.

On a personal note - one of our big numbers in the Boys' band was 'Trumpet Blues & Cantabile'. Only 2 weeks ago I finished a new wind band arrangement of this piece which brought back a good memory for me.

Photo courtesy of Sarah Boyle (daughter)

I would be grateful if you could include Leo on your excellent web site.

Yours sincerely,

Ray Woodfield


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