400 entries in this guestbook before it became unavailable. Thankfully everything saved for your reference here.

Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham
Sent: 1.14 PM - wed 12 jan 2005

To Charlie laws

Charlie, its my 30th wedding anniversary this year, Im still wondering why you never turned up to be my best man??? I still have a Tot awaiting your arrival.
Maybe if I can make it this year, I may see you at the Re-Union this year(FOSNI Band 1972-75)


Name: Richard Valentine
Hometown: Where my heart is
Sent: 9.12 PM - sun 2 jan 2005

I'm informed that on January 2nd we lost another one of our family, one Roy "Nobby" Slater (for the use of) who I know will be sorely missed. A man of great wit, charm and someone whom I felt very priviledged to have met. See updates on the site for funeral arrangements. Please let's as many of us who can, attend and I know Nobby would have enjoyed a Guinness or two with you after the gig. God bless you Roy.


Name: Geoff Hart
Hometown: North Cheam/ Muscat, Oman
Sent: 5.09 PM - sun 2 jan 2005

Hi Richard. Before I return to Oman and some half decent weather for another stint of percussion tutoring in RAFO Band I'd just like to wish you, and all our friends, a Happy and Healthy New Year.
All the best, Geoff.

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 12.42 PM - sun 2 jan 2005

Can anyone out there help me.
I have been trying to make contact with ex RMB John Whelton regarding my old mate Chas Pelling who I have heard is very ill.Stephen Misson kindly gave me John Wheltons email but it keeps bouncing back to me,so if anyone can help it would be much appreciated.
Once again to all serving and ex RMBs a Very Happy New Year to you All. Sid

Name: Edward Dennis (29)
Sent: 10.23 AM - sat 1 jan 2005

Happy new year to all bandies, their families, friends and friends of the RN/RM. I have recently been drumming in the HMS Seahawk Band (RNAS Culdrose) and my first band was that of the Greenwich RHS in Suffolk under Roger Jones where I was head of the COD for 3 years. I would just like to mention that Roger has done a great job with the children there and the musical standard has risen over the last decade (CD's are available and well worth buying). They could do with a retired bugler working there full time to help put the icing on the cake!

Hometown: RAMSGATE
Sent: 7.07 AM - sat 1 jan 2005

To anyone who remembers me as the only Bandboy with a wife 1959-61 Gloucester House later of H.M.S. St.Vincent later as the fastest coach driver this side of Newark ,for the Staff Band may I wish you a Happy 2005
Les Evans

Name: Brian K Peever
Hometown: Waterlooville Hants
Sent: 2.47 PM - fri 31 dec 2004

To all members of the one and only (Royal Marines Band service) past and present. May I wish all and their families a happy and healthy new year.

I spend a fair time out of the country these days, due to a couple of heart attacks I tend to enjoy each and every day I get, somehow things that used to be important and had to be done right now, don't seem to be that important anymore. Life is far too short. God bless you all long may you enjoy life with your love ones.

Brian K Peever

Name: Arthur Deakin
Hometown: Co. Durham
Sent: 4.11 PM - thu 30 dec 2004

To all bandspersons past and present, I would like to wish you all a happy and healthy New Year from one of the wrinkly silver surfers of April 53. Long may you all live.

Name: phil
Sent: 12.55 PM - thu 30 dec 2004

i would like to wish all mates a happy new year especially jem tugwood paddy semple mick hickman and a speedy recovery to all in sickbay i hope to make next reunion once again have soberish ha ha new year
spud t

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 11.00 AM - thu 30 dec 2004

May I wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2005, and also take this opportunity to thank all those who enquired about my health. I am happy to report that as a result of a Private Hospital Consultation, I am now on treatment which will certainly see me through the next couple of weeks. Again, many thanks for all the letters, cards, e-mails and telephone calls received. I am absolutely amazed!

I wish Nobby Slater all the Best as I understand he is now back in the Hospice. Good Luck Nobby and God Bless You.

Name: Frank Coleman
Hometown: Bournemouth. UK
Sent: 10.48 AM - thu 30 dec 2004

Hi John
Great to hear from you, I bet a certain Chang B would still not appreciate your almost s--- h---- harmony of the Barcarole.

I see Jo Sims son on the guest list. I was in the rattle for looking after his dads violin. Even Viv was sympathetic when I arrived late for rehearsal.


Name: Mike Hickman
Hometown: Roquetas de Mar Spain
Sent: 4.26 PM - wed 29 dec 2004

May I take this opportunity to wish all (everyone who logs in to this wonderful site, and please pass on to those that knew me who don't) my Best Wishes for the coming year. I wish you all a Very Happy and Peaceful 2005. For those of you in the Sick Bay I wish you a speedy return to health. Although it is still a long way ahead I am looking forward to meeting up with many of you again in October. Till then take care all.
Once again Best Wishes for the coming year.
Regards to all.
Mik H.

Name: Bob Baker
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 10.42 AM - wed 29 dec 2004

I know there are quite a number of ex/RMB's living in the East Kent area and many of you I'm sure will remember Dave Stonebridge. Well Dave has been 'missing' from the Deal area for several months but has resurfaced in Westgate near Margate. He is living in a residential home (The Hockeredge Centre, 2 Canterbury Rd) but although he is in good shape physically he does suffer from occasional memory loss and this is becoming more and more frequent. However he would welcome visitors but please be prepared. He has no family in the area so becomes very lonely and very bored. Try to look him up if you can as I'm sure he would appreciate it.
My best wishes to all for a happy and successful new year

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 3.20 AM - sat 25 dec 2004

To all serving and ex serving RMB's wherever you are. I Wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. My thoughts and Prayers go out to Nobby Slater and his Family. Also to all who are in the Sick Bay I wish you all a Speedy Recovery. Sid

Name: Charlie Laws
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 6.33 AM - fri 24 dec 2004

I would like to wish all a very Happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. I seem to be back on recovery state, I'm back in the swimming pool training, plus I'm preparing for the training of my three channel swimmers for next year and hopefully a trip to Dubai for the world championship with one of my swimmers.

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 7.29 PM - thu 23 dec 2004

Dear All,
Whilst dipping into the site tonight, I thought perhaps it would be a good idea to also add my Good Wishes for Christmas and the coming year to everyone out there in all four corners of the globe. (Ray ('Lofty'), I can only remember you in Barham House circa 1957-59ish!! Would that be right? I was only 2ft high then and you were about 8ft by comparison!!

Maxie, you don't know me as I never had the pleasure of serving with you, but I have a very good mate that did and Dave Stockham (who I shall be having a jar or two with over the festive period!)sends you his very best for a return to the old upbeat healthy Maxie that everyone knew and loved! Get well old chum asap.
Oh! & Jem T. we never did get together pre. Christmas. My workload seems to have constantly prevented me from doing so, & even when I have been to Worthing, I've never had enough time there to catch up with you! - So now, what's your excuse!? Have a good one both of you. I'll try again in 2005! Mike Webster & Stella (if you see this), I've tried E.Mailing, but you must have changed your address? Each time it's returned to me as undelivered!?? Where are you? Have a good one too, along with everyone else that knows or may have known me. Cheers! Derek.

Name: Vic Penn
Hometown: Harrow
Sent: 6.57 PM - thu 23 dec 2004

Glad you liked the photo's Barry. I'll have to dig out some more.The latest one is Grand Harbour with USS Kennedy in the background. (taken last June), Anyway......
A Happy & healthy Christmas/New Year to all,
Regards, Vic Penn

Name: Ray (Lofty) Edwards
Hometown: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina,USA
Sent: 5.47 PM - thu 23 dec 2004

Seasons Greetings and Best Wishes for the new year to all serving and Ex Bandies and Buglers. To anyone who is in poor health, my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Love to all in this great comradeship we all share. Long live the Band Service.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 3.23 AM - thu 23 dec 2004


Name: Michael Hutton
Hometown: Newbury. RG20 8SL. UK
Sent: 4.53 PM - wed 22 dec 2004

Dear Dickie and all our readers Ex and serving.
Have a great Christmas and wonderful New Year.
Best wishes to all...Mick Hutton.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 7.34 AM - tue 21 dec 2004

Hi Richard

Great to see that Vic Penn has been in touch with you, with reference his photo's. The one in Malta was taken at a 'Party' the 'Boss' of 'Commando Band' (the late 'Great' Don Guthrie threw for the Band and their Ladies) Sadly I can count that at least 5 of them are no longer with us. The one in training was our CG Squad being let loose with guns!!!

In closing Heather and I wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas and a Peaceful and Happy 2005.

Barry Radford


Name: Taph Ward
Hometown: Folkestone
Sent: 7.14 AM - tue 21 dec 2004

Hello everyone, just a quickie to let you know that Tony Martin (ex DI and eternal gigger) is recovering well from a Heart Attack about six weeks ago. Not gigging at the moment but will, I'm sure, resume in the new year!

Regards to all


Name: John Hughes
Hometown: Calgary, Canada
Sent: 11.06 PM - mon 20 dec 2004

Hi Frank,

I read your letter about the "Shiny Sheff" with such enjoyment. It brought back all the memories that I treasure so much of the time spent on the West Indies station. Not only round the islands, but up and down both sides of the States as far as Canada both sides, then down South America as far as Chile. What a time to be in the "mob", during the fifties! The best time. No wars going on after Korea fizzled out, and best of all, no tourist trade. All the islands were still natural, and around the States we were a novelty. People were so keen to see the ship, and to invite members of the crew home with them. Good times.

By the way. Those two cornet players you refered to were myself and Tom Procter. We used to play that part in harmony like two little turtle doves with our heads together.

Anyway, Frank. Thanks for the memory, and I hope you are keeping well and that life is treating you kindly.


Name: Robin Phillips
Sent: 3.43 PM - sun 19 dec 2004

Could someone please advise me as to how I might find information on any Bartletts that were marine bandsmen between 1881 (census) and the 1920s ?? (Particularly Albert or Bert). I have searched the www but cannot find any details of who to contact for further information. Any help appreciated. Robin Phillips, Kenilworth, England.

Name: Shiner Wright
Hometown: Henderson Valley, Auckland (temporary)
Sent: 5.33 PM - sat 18 dec 2004

Visited Maxie in the North Shore Hospital yesterday, with Tuula. Happily Kath. turned up as well & I can assure you that quite a few ward lamps were swung! He is due for a further investigation on Monday & I hope to be able to report further when I ring Kath.. At present he is in good shape & rude health; long may it continue!

We also visited Chippy Carpenter & Joy. They too, I'm pleased to say are well & send on best wishes. Lounge lamps swung as we all relived days in Singers whilst in Cdo. Bde. band.

.........& yes, it's still chucking down, now with added hail stones!

Shiner Wright.

Name: Rich (Dickie) Valentine
Hometown: Where my heart is
Sent: 5.22 PM - fri 17 dec 2004

Dear Nobby (Slater)

I had the priviledge of meeting you some few years ago for the first time ever when we both visited New Zealand for Maxie's 70'th birthday. It was great fun! I recall you with great affection dear Rodney. It fills my heart with pain to know you are so unwell and although released from the hospice you are not doing too well.

It is my hope that you have the necessary assistance for your comforts and your needs and I do hope that as many ex RMB's who are close to you there in Plymouth can contact you and offer any help you may need.

Be assured, you are in all our thoughts and our prayers.

We had fun Nobby! That's what life is all about.

God bless you and I do hope that at this time of the calendar year, you can find some peace, tranquility and joy midst all your pain.

Your friend

Richard (Dickie) Valentine.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 11.08 AM - thu 16 dec 2004

Max & Kathrine. So sorry to hear that you Max are unwell.Take good care of him Kathrine, as we are still trying to move out there with you, All of our best wishes for a full recovery.Noel & Sheila

Name: Shiner Wright
Hometown: Henderson Valley, Auckland (temporary)
Sent: 2.24 AM - wed 15 dec 2004

In NZ to visit our son & hoping to meet up with Maxie. Kath. rang me last night with the news & I am to ring again this week in the sincere hope that the meeting can take place. We had a goodly chat on the 'phone, & I send my very best wishes for a full & speedy recovery. The same goes to Charlie Laws; take it easy mate!
To all of you who are sitting there saying " You lucky ******!" ; let me quickly tell you that even the locals are moaning regarding the rain in their so-called summer!
Shiner Wright.

Name: Dickie Valentine
Hometown: Where my heart is
Sent: 8.38 PM - tue 14 dec 2004

My dear Max,

Kath tells me that you have had some concerned response from many old friends. Knowing only too well what you are going through right now, I just want to say - on behalf of ALL your old buddies - that we are thinking of you and wish you a solid and speedy recovery.

Rich (Dickie) Valentine

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 2.37 AM - tue 14 dec 2004

Dickie has informed us all that you are unwell at this present time so this is just a quick line or two to wish you a very speedy recovery.
May I also offer you and your family my best wishes for a very peaceful Christmas and New Year and that you are back on your feet in next to no time.
I still remember those great days we had on the Yacht together with all the gigs we managed to get whilst travelling the world and the picture of the band at Bora Bora sums it all up, great days and wonderful memories, all the best Max just GET WELL SOON,


Name: Derek Roberts
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 11.04 AM - sun 5 dec 2004

Re my last entry,Simon Morton. I believe I have located him or at least the country, now in Spain I dont suppose he will come back and do a gig for me!!!!
It just goes to show how many bandies are using the website for me to get a reply so quickly
Thanks Jack.


Name: Derek Roberts
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 6.40 AM - sun 5 dec 2004

Does anyone know the location and telephone number of EX RMB Simon Morton? He was in Lympstone band around the 1970's time. last known some years ago to be living in Brixham Devon and gigging on keyboard/ cornet. Any ideas please contact me.
Thanks DR

Name: georg
Sent: 11.55 AM - tue 30 nov 2004

really a fantastic and very interesting site -
as a musician/producer i am always searching the net for music-realated sites like this...

greetz from vienna
and have a great time !!

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 4.59 PM - thu 25 nov 2004

Hi Dickie, a bit late in seeing and hearing of your scare. Sheila and I send out our healing thoughts for comfort and strength, to restore you to good health, and peace and happiness for the future. Noel & Sheila

Name: Jem
Sent: 6.33 AM - wed 24 nov 2004

Glad to hear you're on the mend Dickie, you really must take more water with it! May I suggest you take it easy for a while, in fact, take a 1000 bars rest every day, it works wonders.
All the best


Name: Pete Pendlebury
Sent: 6.27 AM - wed 24 nov 2004

Hi Rich,
Pleased to hear you out of hospital. You must slow down buddy, just like the rest of us with ticker problems.
All the best,

Name: Laurie Loveless
Hometown: Romsey
Sent: 3.50 AM - wed 24 nov 2004

So sorry to hear of the untimely demise of Paul Moody. Please pass on my condolances to his family.
Laurie Loveless Ex RMB 3673.

Name: Charlie Laws
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 11.19 AM - mon 22 nov 2004

Richard take care of yourself, after having five day's in cardiac ward myself last week I know how you must feel, you should take one day at a time, plus what's not done to-day can be done tomorrow.

Name: Michael Thompson
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Sent: 2.38 AM - mon 22 nov 2004

Dickie, glad to see that you are out of hospital and on the mend. Was quite concerned for your health when I saw the notice on the site.
Also shocked to hear about Paul Moody, my regards to his family.

Tommo & Sue

Name: Bill Callow
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 3.46 PM - sun 21 nov 2004

Dickie, Glad to hear that you are OK and are now at home. Take it easy. Best wishes Bill and Carol

PS Gone over to broadband with new ISP, please note my new e-mail address.

Name: Rich (Dickie) Valentine
Hometown: Where the heart is!
Sent: 11.18 AM - sun 21 nov 2004

My dearest friends,

I just want to tell you all that I am now released from hospital, I feel much better, and to express to you all [particularly my associate web designer] how deeply moved I am by your thoughts and feelings expressed towards me.

We are an amazing family!

I am a very lucky man!

Richard (Dickie) Valentine
PS: Don't worry, I'm keeping a close eye on the moronic entries here and on the Forum pages. Thanks for your patience if I am not quite as quick to either see or to act.


Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 8.48 AM - sun 21 nov 2004

Sorry to hear that you have been unwell.Take it east Buddy,and I wish you a speedy recovery.

Name: Shiner Wright
Hometown: Higham Ferrers,Northamptonshire
Sent: 8.01 AM - sun 21 nov 2004

Vic. Sylvester rang me last evening to say that Betty, his wife for 47yrs. had passed away. She had a fall a few weeks ago, but succumbed to bowel cancer. She has requested no flowers, but donations for the many animal charities she loved.
Vic. has given his permission to release his address to which you may care to send any donations. He is taking it very bravely & I know would welcome old friends to get in touch. His address is:-
"Quavers Rest",
77, Howland,
PE2 5QZ.


Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 6.13 AM - sun 21 nov 2004

Hi Richard
Just to confirm Derek's sentiments. Sorry to hear about your scare. Take care Richard, slow down only 24 hours in a day. You are in all of our thoughts. Get back home soon and take things easy. We love you and all that you do for the 'Band Service Family'


Barry and Heather Radford

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 5.17 AM - sun 21 nov 2004


For God's sake look after yourself old mate. Just read note from your web designer (La Derzi) that you've had to have a bit of of check up on your "ticker" etc; - From now on, just refuse point blank to do anymore than you have to. What you can't do today leave til tomorrow. (It'll soon come round!) Once you're past that 1/2 century, it seems that perhaps we all need to take our 'foot off the gas' a little. Too many of our old "oppo's" have left us too early. I'm sure that everyone of us who dip into this wonderful web site, will want to wish you well and continued good health. Please Rich' look after yourself. Your Old RMB's need you and many like you. Cheers!& yes when I get a mo' I'll go up into the loft to find some old black and white photees!. I enjoy looking at others I have to admit!

Name: LaDerzi - Webdesigner
Hometown: Brazil
Sent: 8.15 PM - sat 20 nov 2004

Hello Friends:

I just wanted to know that our friend and webmaster Rich Valentine was admitted in the hospital for observation because he was experiencing dizziness and heart beating very fast. He is feeling much better and hopefully will be release to go home tomorrow.
He is not in any serious danger but the doctor wants to take precautions and do more testing.

Regards from Brazil,


Name: claire mann
Hometown: huntingdon
Sent: 3.33 AM - sat 20 nov 2004

to anyone out there who knew my parents WOII vick sylvester and his wife Betty, i would just like people to know my mum Betty Sylvester passed away on 17th November 2004. At this extremely difficult time for my dad it is hard for him to let all his old friends know. Funeral will be on 26th November

Name: Erick Parker (EEK}
Sent: 2.41 PM - fri 19 nov 2004

As anyone any information with regards to Jim Mason.

Name: Rodney Williamson
Hometown: Whitstable
Sent: 5.25 PM - thu 18 nov 2004

Just caught up on the news about Paul. Isn't it strange but whenever we think about Bandies and try to picture them they're always smiling! That's how I'll remember Paul. Belated condolences to Margaret and family.

Rodney Williamson

Name: Brian Thorogood
Hometown: Romford,Essex
Sent: 3.31 PM - tue 16 nov 2004

Hi Richard

You have done a great job of loading the little video's I sent you of the beat retreat at the reunion on to the web site, I must say you do a great job for all the ex RMB's and if there is anyone out there from my old 655 squad, September 1955 I would love to hear from them.

Best regards

Brian Thorogood

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 2.57 PM - tue 16 nov 2004

Sorry Baz Radford I did actually include your name this afternoon as one of the contributors that had written in tribute to Paul. But I've just noted that I'd neglected to include you in the list of the other three in my epistle below!! Sorry old chum. Old age!!!?
Regards Derek.
P.S. Whoops! Also spotted a basic spelling error in the epistle. "Disappeared" spelt wrongly. Sorry all but I'm not that bright!

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 2.40 PM - tue 16 nov 2004

Hello All,
Just a note to say that I returned this afternoon after bidding our old comrade, 'oppo', 'good egg', damned good musician, ex Col Sgt Paul Moody a fond but sad farewell at Portchester Crematorium. A very moving occasion it was too with a very full chapel, which I guess served to highlight Paul's popularity. Your messages were duly passed on Mick, Maxie, Jem & of course many of you whom I'm sure would like to have been there in person to pay your last respects if it were possible for a guy who has been taken from us far too early. Margaret was very appreciative of that as you can imagine & delighted that one or two of us Pompey based ex's could be there as support for both her and her family. The list included Jim Mason, Roger Hammond, Dave Stockham with wife Linda, John Buberle, Jim Mann, and myself. None of us can say that we actually enjoy these occasions but it was as moving as any service could be with his son Simon reading a very moving poem in tribute culiminating in the final farewell by one single Royal Marine bugler ( I should have got his name (Bless him), but he'd dissapeared before I could do so! -Sorry old chum if you read this, but you were good!) - He played Paul away with an impeccable Last Post which was immediately followed by the organist's R.M. version of "Life on the ocean..."for Paul to march onwards to his final draft, (the Great R.M Band in the Sky!) and perhaps (if he remembers), to reserve us all a decent "in liers" bed space in preparation for our arrival in the years to come. (Hopefully however,we'll all be a few years away from joining him just yet!) He's gone from us all far too early for my liking. Margaret told us that they'd just celebrated 40 years married and 43 years since they met at Eastney!
In view of this very sad day, it once again serves to put all of our lives into perspective and to value our every waking moment chaps. Once again RIP "Moods" and all of heart felt condolences to Margaret, Simon, Kelly and Charlotte. and all of his close relatives.
Good luck and fortune to all of you who know me & even those that don't! (providing you're an ex. R.M.B. of course!)
Regards Derek Usher.

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 2.46 AM - tue 16 nov 2004

Such sad news about the passing of Paul Moody, we had many good times playing in the dance band together he was such a fine tenor player and will be sadly missed by all who knew him.
I remember one night on the Yacht when we had occasion to play an "extra", Paul was asked to play Yakety sax with accompaniment from Dave Miles (I think) on the piano.
Dave somehow misheard Paul's instructions and sped up as the piece was played through and by the time Paul and Dave had got to the end both were going like the clappers.
I have to admit I've never heard Yekety sax played so fast in all my life and as you can imagine the whole orchestra were doubled up with laughter it was so funny.

Dave was heard to say "I'm sorry Paul I couldn't play it any faster" and afterwards we all had a good laugh about it with a few beers.

Paul old mate you will be greatly missed by all, RIP


Name: Kelly Ryder (nee Moody)
Hometown: Epsom
Sent: 8.10 AM - mon 15 nov 2004

To everyone who knew my Dad Paul Moody, I would like to thank you all for your very kind words. Dad was always talking to me about his life in the 'Band' and I have lots and lots of memories of his 'band life'. I am and was so proud of him being a member of what I call the best military band in the world. Though my dad has passed, his enjoyment of big band music and the band will not, because it will live on in me and my family, and I shall pass it onto his much loved granddaughter Charlotte, who he loved so, so much.
When he was unable to play his sax/clarinet anymore he kept them so that his Charlotte (should she want to) could take them up and hopefully his musical talent will live on in her.

Thank you all so much.

Love Kelly

Name: Max Beare
Hometown: Silverdale
Sent: 4.54 PM - sun 14 nov 2004

Dear Rich and friends, I was absolutly shocked to learn of Paul's passing. We served together on the Yacht and of course in Pompy, my best memories apart from the usual pussers gigs were the very happy times we spent Gigging in our own world, Paul was as you now know part of the Bernie Stratton Four. To Paul's family and his dear wife, we send our heartfelt condolences, Yackety Sax Paul, R.I.P OLD FRIEND
Max and Kath

Name: Wilhelmine Estabrook
Sent: 6.43 AM - sun 14 nov 2004

Wondering about your band members, Mack Riggs and Gary James Gilman, Denis ? and ?Price, who came to Canada in 1958-59 with the band to play at the Canadian National Exhibition. Several of these young men were billeted with us. Would love to hear how their lives have turned out.

Name: Mik Hickman
Sent: 3.24 PM - sat 13 nov 2004

Very sad to pick up on Derek Ushers news about the passing of Paul Moody, I had the pleasure of serving with Paul at Eastney, he was a great guy and a good musician as Barry said another relativly young man gone to the great counter march above. Sorry to hear about Gary being ill as well, if anyone who reads this should see Gary please pass on my condolences and wish him well from me.
Regards to all out there.
Mik H.

Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgend.Mid Glamorgan.
Sent: 6.38 AM - sat 13 nov 2004

Very sad indeed,reading Derek Ushers news about the passing of Paul Moody.
My sincere condolences to his family.
Mike Jones.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: WELLINGBOROUGH, Northants
Sent: 3.30 AM - sat 13 nov 2004

Shocked to read Derek Usher's news regarding Paul Moody. Another gentleman joins the evergrowing list of early departures. Paul was a super guy, excellent muscian. I can't make 16th November but Paul will be in my thoughts , as will his family.
Barry Radford

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 5.28 PM - fri 12 nov 2004

If anyone out there is not yet aware, Dave Stockham rang tonight to inform me that Paul Moody (ex Yacht Band to name but one)passed away very suddenly earlier this week. This naturally for anyone that knew Paul has come as a tragic shock with the awful irony that Paul himself had been particularly concerned about his brother Gary who has been very ill recently. So much so, it is unlikely that he will be able to make Paul's funeral on Tues next 16th Nov. For any of you that can make it, I'm sure that his family would very much appreciate your presence in joining them at Portchester Crematorium 3p.m. I'm quite sure that one or two of his old Oppo's will have some very good memories of Paul that they may want to share. RIP "Moods" old mate.
Derek Usher.

Name: Drum Major I simmons
Hometown: Liverpool
Sent: 11.52 AM - mon 1 nov 2004

Dear all.
I run a corps of drums at a ccf Contingent and was wondering if i could call on your bands and drums for any u/s equipment i could aquire to recondition.
It would be most appreciated, please try to answer this plea. Many Thanks.
Ian Simmons. Drum Major (WO2)



Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 11.22 AM - thu 14 oct 2004

Hi Richard

In response to your report on the 101st ex RMB Reunion regarding the Saturday evening get together and the Sunday morning church service, I would like to add a small addition to it. You mentioned the security surrounding Nelson barracks (then Victory barracks) and now.

My first draft was to HMS Victory back in 1957. The only difference from those days to today is, that in today's climate you have civilian police on the gates, as was evident on the evening of the 4th Oct. But in 1957 the policing was done entirely by ratings stationed in HMS Victory. There must be many ex RMB's out there who can remember watch keeping on the main gates seeing their buddies going ashore "on the pull" and wishing you were going with them.

Also being pulled into the guard room to make sure you were not taking more than 25 Blue liners (cigarettes) ashore. By the way can anyone out there tell me when Blue liners stopped being sold on HM ships and shore establishments, or can you still get them?

Pompey may have changed over the years. With the loss of such watering holes. The Lennox scrumpy house, and the Sussex pub, which the band used to frequent in those days. And after the pubs closed we all used to converge onto the Theatre Players club on commercial Road for that extra pint or two. But I certainly wouldn't want the venue for the reunion to change. Every ex serving Bandsman has fond memories of certain Naval Barracks, and as I mentioned HMS Victory was my first draft, and I am sure everyone remembers their first draft. I may be rabbiting on a bit for which I apologise, but I cannot apologise for writing what comes from my heart. [Editor] I truly concur.

On the train from Deal to Pompey Charlie Laws and myself were talking about certain jobs we had whilst we were serving in Deal from time to time. I as company runner and postie, and Charlie as storeman. There were some people who couldn't understand why we did those jobs instead of music. Well as most people know that in Deal if you weren't in the "Staff Band" then you had to do something, so that is what we chose to do. And good jobs they were. Also it gave us the opportunity to pursue our other interests, I football, and Charlie swimming, but on leaving Deal for drafts, be it foreign or home bases we would pick up our instruments and do the job we were paid for.

As I mentioned in my last letter the memories I brought back from Pompey will stay with me for a very long time. Why I never attended them in the past I will never know. So if there is anyone out there that has never been to a reunion get yourself into gear and start thinking about next years reunion hopefully in Pompey.

Once again Richard my thanks go to you, W O II Tommy Lawton, W O Hill, and all ex and serving RMB's for a memorable week-end. Long may it continue.


Name: Charlie Laws
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 9.57 AM - fri 8 oct 2004

I'd like to thank the organisers for a great Saturday night, it was also nice to meet up with some old friends from my past, I also know that myself and Sid Sheard will make every effort to attend next year.
Richard you do a great job and I'm longing to see some of the photo's, and to Paddy "thanks mate", to Dave Hough and Jill we enjoyed the drink and chat with you on Sunday.

Name: Pete Pendlebury
Hometown: Exmouth
Sent: 9.48 AM - wed 6 oct 2004

Hi Rich,

I read with sadness at the passing of David (hookey) Walker. We were in J Wing together where he made sure with his humour & uncanny knack of keeping a straight face those around him were awarded extra drills.

We also served at HMS Ganges for a while. By this time he was doing his level best to emulate his hero Maynard Ferguson to great effect. He sent me the photo of Ganges' band at the spalding flower show you put on the site.

The last time we were in contact he had hung up his horn & was teaching at Stamford. I tried to get him to go to a reunion but like many others he felt he had been hard done by the band service & would not attend. I am sure he will be sadly missed by many,


Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 9.51 AM - tue 5 oct 2004

Dear Dickie,

Once again I managed to come away from the reunion without meeting up with everyone I would have hoped to but there is always next year and the "do" at Whale Island which I hope I'll be free to get down to.

My partner Pam thoroughly enjoyed being there with me and meeting so many people especially Derek Usher, Tony Oliver, Dave Aves, John Hillier, Barry Pettitt and many many more (sorry I haven't named you but it's an age thing, I'm sure you'll understand)

Once again the Band were great and it's great to know that we are all a part of it, albeit in years past.

Where on earth the years go to I'm blowed if I know, it seems like only yesterday that we were all together in our various drafts.

A great web site Dickie and my best wishes to you and your loved ones, see you next year,

Best wishes to all,


Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 1.14 PM - mon 4 oct 2004

Hi Rich,

Is it me or do these reunions just get better and better? Perhaps it was the "Tot"(s) forced down before we could reach the bar, that made for such a great and friendly atmosphere? Whatever, it was a a good fun night (as always) catching up on oppo's you haven't clapped eyes on for many a long year was just part of the magic.

The School of Music Band performance also seems to get better and better each year too. I and many colleagues were quite moved by the whole impecable performance. The standard of RMB continues to rise, which gives one a sense of pride remembering that all of us were once part of it. I can clearly remember doing some Beat Retreats and observing the watching public with tears in their eyes when performing Sunset etc: I used to say to myself "Look at those silly old **@+*!!?" But after Saturday's performance, it was quite clear why it has such an emotional affect on people. Well done to them all, - if these messages ever get passed on?

One comment and the nicest way to say, "Christ! you've grown a lot older" came from someone remaining nameless who put it his way.- "You haven't changed a bit old mate,- it's just that your face looks a bit more lived in that's all!"

Cheers everyone. Great organisation once again. You must have trained them well Barry! Now to look forward to the Whale Island reunion next year!

Derek Usher

Name: Sidney Sheard
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 12.10 PM - mon 4 oct 2004

Hi Richard.

At long last it was great to meet you at the reunion. What a great week-end it was, and one that I will remember for a very long time to come. My thanks go to you and everyone for making me most welcome. It was great to meet up with old shipmates, some who I had not seen for well over forty years or more. Meeting up with Eddie and Barbara Pescud, Merv Durrant, Barry Radford, Dave Aves, Paddy Semple, Richard Hollingsworth, Tony Oliver, and Barry and Pauline Pettett, Richard and Tuula Wright, Mick Hickman, also to Melville for taking that walk in the park many years ago. If he is reading this I am sure he will remember. (The list is endless.) Many thanks to you all. If I have missed any names out I sincerely apologise, but my head is still spinning from a great week-end. My thanks go out to the organisers of the reunion, and to the Royal Marine Band for a first class display in the gym and the service in the church.They are still the greatest Military band going.

Once again many thanks to one and all. Let's hope we all meet again next year.


Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 4.51 AM - mon 4 oct 2004

Hi Richard
Good to see you at the reunion.Another magic weekend,great to see Syd Sheard and Charlie Laws after all those years and to see briefly at church David Hough. Well done to all concerned a great weekend.
Dates for your diary. 'Whale Island' Reunion June or July next year soon as I have confirmed a date I will let you all know + 2006 proposed reunion in Deal for 1/56 2/56 suads celecrating 50 years since we all joined the 'Majestic Band Service' aiming for March or April for that one.( Please note these are in addition to any other 'Reunions ' that are ongoing)
Regards to all, for those who didn't make it this year, you missed another good one!!

Barry Radford

Name: dan archer
Hometown: Kettering
Sent: 4.58 AM - thu 30 sep 2004

So sorry to hear of the death of ex Bugler Les Griffin. I served with Les in the Fosni Band of Graham Hoskins, Dave Buchanan and Bill Harrison era early 70s. Les was always keen on his cars and loved rallying with his buddy Fred Knell. Les had a good sense of humour but was always a bit of a loner.I cannot make the funeral but hope that some West Country chaps can. SYITCM.
Dan Archer

Name: Bill Hartland
Sent: 1.25 PM - wed 29 sep 2004

Greetings to one and all and I do hope those of you attending the Reunion in Nelson, (not my favourite venue even when billeted there for my EVT! So I saw the Skipper, and gave up my Tot and moved to Eastney for the remainder of the course) do all have a wonderful time and I look forward to hearing of your evening in due course?

The Guest Book is now loading much quicker Rich, so perhaps you may get more people accessing it from hereon?

Name: Mike Hickman
Sent: 11.13 AM - sun 26 sep 2004

David (stan) De Gernier has compiled a list of most of the Band at Chatham under the direction of the three Directors of Music whilst he was serving there, the late Peter Sumner the late Chris Taylor and of course T shirts are still around of those who survived Terry Freestone. I have assisted him with as much as I can but I am sure he would appreciate more, so if you can assist I am sure he would be very grateful. Well it is that time of year again when I start thinking about packing my suitcase and heading off to Portsmouth for the annual bash, where once again I am looking forward to meeting many old friends some not seen since well that long ago notably Sid Sheard (his first reunion) Charlie Laws, and is the Shiner Wright the one who was on the Tiger for the South American tour in 1964? Now that was a long time ago. Looking forward to seeing you all next weekend and if you can help Dave D G out I am sure he will be grateful.
Till the weekend Adios mi Amigos.
Mik H

Name: David ( Stan ) de Gernier
Hometown: Isle of Mull
Sent: 1.27 PM - wed 22 sep 2004

First time I have seen site. Sad to see how many old mates have passed on. Deepest sympathies to all their families.

Name: Richard (Wolfy) Porter
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 3.39 PM - mon 20 sep 2004

Just got back online again and this is one of the 1st sites I visited. Love to hear from anyone who remembers me. The site is great. Long may it prosper.
"Cheers then all the best!"
Wolfy (Ex French Horn Holder) 3/80 troop.

Name: Geordie Rowell
Hometown: Hartlepool
Sent: 6.37 AM - fri 17 sep 2004

Please note my new Email address and what a great new format the website is now. You are to be congratulated Dickie

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: worthing
Sent: 1.55 AM - thu 16 sep 2004

So sorry to hear of the passing of Geoff Gooderham, I was on the Tiger with him in 1965/66 I think, and, as Barry says, he will be remembered as a really nice guy, always cheerful, quiet and unassuming, with never a bad word to say about anyone.
He will be sadly missed.


Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 4.46 PM - wed 15 sep 2004

Sad news to read about Geoff Gooderham, hadn't seen him for many a long year, joined us on HMS TIGER in the 60's. Super Guy, Geoffrey Giles Gooderham you will be remembered as a nice guy. See you in the counter march. Deepest sympathy to all of his family.

Barry Radford

Name: Charlie Laws
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 4.41 AM - fri 10 sep 2004

Thought I'd just let anybody who can remember me I will be going to the reunion this year,my first since 1977. It will be nice to see a few old friends from my past.

Hometown: Higham Ferrers, Northamptonshire
Sent: 3.09 PM - wed 8 sep 2004


Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 10.59 AM - sat 4 sep 2004

If anyone can help, I'm looking for the School of Music Blazer Badge as wore by Rod Slater in photo's from the reunion. Well done Rich the more I see of the New Site the Better it gets. Noel

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 2.32 PM - thu 2 sep 2004

Hi to all ex Musician drummers out there. Hoping to see some of you at this years reunion. Also hoping to see many old friends who remember me from the good old days in Boys Wing. This is my first ever reunion, so I have got a lot of catching up to do. All the best to you all. Sid. Ex Neptune house.

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: WORTHING
Sent: 5.26 AM - tue 31 aug 2004

How could I forget it Roy, looking forward to meeting up again.

Best wishes



Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham
Sent: 4.25 AM - sat 28 aug 2004


Magic website, well done!
Sad news about Terry Lane, my heartfelt condolences go out to his family.

See you at the Re-Union Dickie, and Jem Tugwood can buy me a drink (Remember Birmingham 77?)


Name: Trevor Lintott
Hometown: La Bisbal del Penedes
Sent: 12.44 PM - fri 27 aug 2004

Buenos Dias Ricardo, Congratulations on a brilliant and very professional website. I'd like to read the views of my confrere Mike Hickman from Almeria or is he still under the bar? Very well done from the XRMBs en España - Trevor

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 2.54 AM - thu 26 aug 2004

May I use the guest book pages to ask the reunion organisers if my cheque for £30 (for two) remittance for this years reunion has been received yet.
I sent it off well over 2 weeks ago and haven't heard anything. The postal service in Worthing just recently has been awful (in fact I don't think it's that good!) but if the cheque and self addressed envelope etc hasn't been received I will cancel and send another.
Looking forward to seeing some "old" friends at the "bash" this year 'specially Derek Usher and hopefully Barry Pettit.

Hope all is well with you Dickie see you there.

Best wishes


Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 4.27 PM - mon 23 aug 2004

Hello again. Let me be the umpteenth person to say, "Well done on the new look site". Pretty darned impressive. However, the last couple of times I have to say that I've experienced undue long waits only when trying to access this Guest Book section. [Editor] Yes Derek it's beyond my control. The other sites are ok. Is this something that you are aware of or have I just been unlucky? [Editor] Yes Derek it's beyond my control. Previously it's been o.k. that's why I ask?
What's the reponse to this years reunion. [Editor] Don't know, but I have been given personal assurance of some names you and I would be greatly pleased about. Do we know how many attending etc;? - I'm hoping that I can circulate a little quicker this time around in order to catch up with old buddies that I may have missed last year! So Jem Tugwood and his lovely lady (Sorry mate her name's escaped me!) Stand by for a bit more ear bashing. You only got a quarter's worth last year! - I've still failed to catch up with you at Worthing so far. But who knows, there's still time, I might still! Same for you too Pete Clark Of "Blake" vintage! God! aren't we old!!!

YES Derek but still looking good [Editor]
Cheers to all that remember me between 1957 and 71. Derek

Name: Linda Barlow
Hometown: Oxford
Sent: 4.55 AM - sun 22 aug 2004

Does anyone know where I can find a Royal Marines band music pouch? Many thanks.

Name: Len LEWRY
Hometown: portsmouth
Sent: 9.58 AM - sat 21 aug 2004

Hi Rich,
Just to add my congrats for the web site. Excellent.
See you at the reunion. I'll buy that drink you say I owe you!

Name: kgs
Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Sent: 10.04 PM - thu 19 aug 2004

Does anyone know where I can buy a copy of the CD "The Battle of the Atlantic"? New or used, I don't care. I've been searching for 2 years with no results.

When are the Royal Marines coming to the World Arena in Colorado Springs for a performance? The reception you would receive would be unbelievable. Someone should help the current band discover this venue. This town is wild about the UK.

Name: Bernie Whincop
Hometown: Sunderland
Sent: 5.40 AM - thu 12 aug 2004

Haven't logged onto this site for many years, but would be keen to know of whereabouts of any of the band of ark royal 1964/65. Hope you can help

Name: Ray Edwards
Hometown: South Carolina, USA
Sent: 8.01 PM - tue 10 aug 2004

Great effort with the new format. Many thanks to your "secret Squirrel" friend. Keep up the good work.
Come down and see us sometime, soon
Ray & Bev

Name: Tommo (2)
Hometown: Melbourne, Australia
Sent: 4.22 PM - tue 10 aug 2004

Great new look to the page Richard. You have excelled.
Now conducting the city of Monash Concert Band, will send more details soon. G'Day and regards to all.

Name: Ammu
Hometown: Maldives,Male'
Sent: 2.49 AM - sat 7 aug 2004

Hi I'm a boy who is in a brass band taking the royal marines as an example.
you could send message to me at

Name: Save Dutchy
Hometown: CTCRM
Sent: 2.39 AM - thu 5 aug 2004

Wakey Wakey, all you currently serving and ex "Royal Marines" we need yourhelp. For nearly 40 years "Dutchy Hollands" burger van has served the corp, first at Bickleigh camp, then latterly at CTCRM Lympstone, first run by Dutchy senior,former HW Jim Holland, then his son Jim "Junior" Holland. The MOD in their infinate wisdom are introducing a new system called "Pay as you dine", as part of this systems far reaching changes, they are bringing in a big "multi-corp" to run it, along with the leisure facilities formerly run by the NAAFI and other facilities within the camp. This new scheme will destroy the livelyhoods of many small traders who for years have faithfully served the MOD, many such as Dutchy, working long late hours to provide a service to troops returning to base late after exercise when all other facilities on base are closed.
We at S.O.D (Save Our Dutchy) wish to highlight not only the threat to close the business's at CTCRM, but the threat to other similar traders on military bases throughout the UK, Dutchys is merely the first of many.
Please help, if you would like to visit our SOD, website at:, please do, sign our book , download a petition or place a comment.
Do you work for a business similar to Dutchy, if so contact us, you may be next.

Thanks for reading this post

Dutchy (Junior)

Name: John Buberle
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 10.25 AM - tue 3 aug 2004

Just thought that I would add my comments to all that has been said so far about the New Site Dickie. You have done a superb job, it has, I am sure taken you a great deal of time in it's preparation. Nice to see some old names from the past on the site.

Best Wishes John(Bubs)

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: WORTHING
Sent: 4.32 AM - mon 2 aug 2004

Just clicked on to the new website and offer you my sincere congratulations for an excellent new site, it must have taken hours to update from the previous site but the end product is something to be proud of.

Looking forward to meeting up with you at the forthcoming reunion.

Best Wishes


Name: Shona Emordy
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 1.36 PM - sun 1 aug 2004

Hi, I'm looking for anyone who knew my Grandad, Stanley P Glasspole. I have just lately found one of his old pantomine scripts and it's brought back alot of memories for my mum and i. It would be really interesting to hear from anyone who may have been in one of his pantomines or just knew him in general. Thanks.

Name: Pat 'Pusser' Hill
Hometown: Pompey!
Sent: 4.34 AM - sun 1 aug 2004

New design? Very sexy. Thanks Rich


Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Bedfordshire
Sent: 2.10 PM - sat 31 jul 2004

Hi Rich. Great Great Great. You really have been working away.Good to see it all up and running again Not attending the reunion this year, some how something has put me off.Met up with Ken Stagg 2 weeks ago in Felixtowe, not seen him for 52 years other than a quick hello at last years reunion.Best Wishes to all +++ Max & Kath. Noel

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 6.41 AM - sat 31 jul 2004

A great new format. Well done. Thanks for all you do to keep us in touch with everyone. Had a chat with Ray Woodfield this last week he is well and as busy as ever with his music.

Regards to all


Name: Ray Lloyd
Sent: 3.33 PM - fri 30 jul 2004

Hello Dickie,
Welcome back, I think we have all missed you!!, the new style seems great although it may take a while to get used to some of the new features, but you really have worked very hard, well done, hope to see you at the Reunion again this year.
Best wishes,

Name: Geoff Hart
Hometown: North Cheam
Sent: 11.39 AM - fri 30 jul 2004

Hi Rich,

I have to congratulate you on the wonderful job you have made in giving the website a facelift, it was well worth all the hard work you put into it.

I'm still here in Oman as a WO1 and just about to start my sixth year teaching percussion in the Band of the Royal Air Force of Oman.

Visit my website for some pics of Oman if any of you are at all interested, it's a great place to work in and a fascinating country to explore.

There is a link on my site to the RAFO Band homepage which gives you a description of how the band functions. There are also pages about the other military bands in Oman on the same site.

Well, must go now as the SNCO's Mess Bar is just opening, I feel a lager coming on after todays blistering 90 degrees plus!

As they say in these parts, masalama - (goodbye)and regards to all.

Geoff Hart


Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 8.24 AM - fri 30 jul 2004

Hi Richard
Once again you have come up trumps with a really remarkable website,with the layout just what the doctor ordered.Looking forward to meeting you and many old friends at the reunion in october.

Name: Max & Katherine Beare
Hometown: Silverdale New Zealand
Sent: 5.43 AM - fri 30 jul 2004

Richard You have really done us all proud My goodness what a wonderful job and we say such a big thankyou for all the hours you put in It is the best Hi to all who know us and we would like to read about what you are all doing or have done or going to do Come on its easy and send a picture Old or new to keep this wonderful page rolling Good Health to you all and once again Rich well done you deserve a medal K & B

Name: pete pendlebury
Hometown: exmouth
Sent: 4.30 AM - fri 30 jul 2004

hi rich,
just logged on to the revamped site & i must say what an excellent job you have done,well done mate.i for one will show my appreciation at the reunion in oct.
cheers for now,

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 4.35 PM - sun 25 jul 2004

Well done Rich, your latest efforts look really excellent. Perhaps I could borrow your anonymous friend to help me with our Web Pages? Fraternal greetings to all who may wish to remember me.....

Name: Stuart Thorn
Sent: 10.53 AM - sun 25 jul 2004

Graham, I think you'll find that Andy Croft was actually the Drum Major at Chatham. (And a very good one at that!)

I hope you find him.

Name: Graham Brayshaw
Hometown: Lancaster
Sent: 10.38 AM - sun 25 jul 2004

I am trying to contact ANDY CROFT, who was bandmaster in Chatham during the 70's for a reg Staff mess reunion
Any help would be appreciated

Name: Brenda Mackley
Hometown: Gravesend, Kent
Sent: 3.29 PM - fri 9 jul 2004

I am Chairman of the Parent's Comittee for T S Lennox, Sea Cadets. We have a small band but need some help to improve: we play drums, bell lyre, bugle and cymbals. Any ideas for contacts would be great!!

Name: Cherie McLean
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 12.28 AM - fri 9 jul 2004

Hi there. My great grandfather was Charles Arthur A Stevenson who was a Private Royal Marine Bamdsman, born in 1870, who had 6 Uncles, all brothers, by the surname Hewitt, who were also bandsmen. My cousin recently emailed me a photo of the bandsmen but as they all look much the same, we don't know who is who. On another site, once a marine always a marine, I found a photo of the Forton Rd. Barracks, Gosport, main gates. This is the same place that our photo was taken. Is there any way to find out who our Hewitt's are from the photo? I live in Australia now so it is hard for me to go places and check records.
Cheers Cherie

Name: Alan (titch) Richardson
Hometown: Barton-upon-Humber
Sent: 2.03 AM - wed 7 jul 2004

Hi. Dickie,
Sat in our Rumanian office browsing through the pages
keepup the good work.
Regards to all,

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 12.15 PM - tue 6 jul 2004

Seems to me that with NO PARKING in HMS Nelson you are going to be short on attendance

Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgend,Mid Glamorgan
Sent: 4.23 AM - sat 3 jul 2004

Very sad news on the passing on of Terry Lane. I remember that he (like me) was a steam train enthusiast; in particular, the Atlantic Coast Express.
My sincere condolences to his family.
Mike Jones.

Name: Blue Band
Sent: 2.43 AM - fri 2 jul 2004

Band Service Reunion Saturday 2nd October 2004
Dear All,

The RM Band Service Reunion will take place at 2000 hours on Saturday 2 October 2004 in the Warrant Officers, Senior Rates and Senior NCO's Mess HMS Nelson. An outline of the evening is as follows:

· 1900 Guests arrive
· 2000 Ceremonial Marching Display (gymnasium)
· O/C Return to WO's, SR's & SNCO's Mess for drinks and hot/cold buffet

The bar will remain open until 2359 hours and every guest must be clear of the Mess by 0030 hours.

The cost for the reunion is £15.00. Please make cheques payable to: 'Band Service Amenities Fund', completing the attached form and enclosing a stamped addressed envelope and sending to:

Warrant Officer 2 Bugler C Lawton RM
Headquarters Band Service
Royal Marines
Eastney Block
HMS Nelson
PO1 3HH.

The dress for the evening is Lounge Suit/female equivalent.

Any up dated information will be found on this page.

I very much look forward to seeing you at the reunion and hope you will enjoy the evening.

For further details contact myself on 023 92725107
WO Hill on 023 92725256


Please click here to download a PDF of the Application Form or print the one out below

Please complete and return to:
Warrant Officer 2 Bugler C Lawton RM
Headquarters Band Service
Royal Marines
Eastney Block
HMS Nelson

Cut along the dotted line----------------------------------------



ADDRESS (To include postcode)

Post Code: _______________
Tel: _____________________

Name of Guests:
1. ________________________
2. ________________________

Please circle appropriate blocks

I will be attending the 2004 I will not be attending the 2004
RMBS Reunion and enclose a RMBS Reunion
cheque for £15.00 (per person)
(payable to Band Service Amenities fund)

Tear off slip

Cut along the dotted line----------------------------------------

List of useful B&B's

Gracelend Guest House 023 92 811 1254
Single £20.00
Double £25.00

Abbeylodge Guest House 023 9282 8285
Single £25.00
Double £40.00

Ibis Hotel 023 9264 0000
£39.95 per room


1. You must include your postcode and telephone no.
2. Don't forget to send a SAE.
3. Entry to HMS NELSON is by Queen Street Site only.
4. There are no parking facilities in HMS NELSON.

Name: Roger Waterfield
Hometown: Torpoint
Sent: 4.28 AM - thu 1 jul 2004

I would like to inform all readers of the death of ex BDSgt Terry (Shady)Lane RMB38?? 1961-1987 Tenor Sax/Vln . Terry died after a short illness on June 29th and his funeral will take place in Menheniot church Nr Liskeard at 2pm on Tuesday July 6th 2004

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 8.21 AM - mon 28 jun 2004

I have lost my copy of my CG Squad Photo. Can any one out there provide me with a copy. Please?
December 1958.
Best wishes to you all.
PS. I have had many calls with reference 'Reunion 2004' Sorry but your guess is as good as mine. Please can we have some information soon?

Barry Radford

Name: steven Preece
Hometown: plymouth
Sent: 12.49 PM - wed 23 jun 2004

I've just writtem my autobiography about my private life as a Royal Marines Commando from 1983 till 1990. Its an eye opener. It called "Amongst The Marines" and gets published on 19 Sept 2004. Viewable via or

Name: Alan Cooper
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 6.05 AM - tue 22 jun 2004

Hi Richard, Sadly Ex B/Sgt. George Edwin Wallace, RMBX/1954 (Bass) passed away on June the 9th after a long battle against prostate cancer. His loss will be felt greatly by his wife Diane and family. Any old friends of George who would like to pass on their condolences may do so by emailing me and I will see that Diane receives them. Could you please add George's name to the sunset page.
Thank you,
Alan Cooper

Name: Glenda Whitehouse
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 6.17 AM - mon 21 jun 2004

A big thank you for all that sent messages and there regards to Roger Whitehouse as he left us for a better place to play, from Glenda, Peter and Tina

Name: Barry Wales
Hometown: St. Helens Lancs.
Sent: 4.06 PM - sat 5 jun 2004

Having just read the sad news in Bazz Radfords letter about Brian Stansmore, I also had the honour of serving with with Brian on the Tiger 65/66 and boy didn't we enjoy that conga eel. This is not a fisherman's yarn but a true story. The eel was nearly as long as that sturgeon that's just been landed in the Channel this week, well six foot at least. I was with Brian at the time when we landed it and we had to use this homemade gaf made from a brush steel, with a large hook lashed to one end and a length of strong cord from the other end. We gaffed the eel and lashed the gaf to the awning stantions in the mid waste, sealed the waste off and let it hang for 24hrs. We then presented it to the Admirals chef to cook it for us and after a good portion had been presented to the Admiral(FO2HF) and the Skipper, the rest was brought down onto the RM messdeck complete with silver platter and servers. One correction Bazz, it was caught off the Coal Wharf Jetty at Plymouth D'Yard right across the water from St Budes Wrennery.

Name: Barry Wales
Hometown: St. Helens Lancs.
Sent: 4.58 PM - thu 3 jun 2004

Hi I've just come across this site while surfing the band columns, I hope to have good news in the future but at the moment it's bad. I don't know if this as been passed on by anyone from Blue Band, but for all those who were deployed under his baton especially FOSNI Band in the 60's and Blue Jacket Bands prior to that, Bandmaster Fred Matthias passed away in his sleep on the 28th March and was cremated at St. Helens Crematorium on 6th April 04. Fred was 74, and still a batchelor. His only love in life was his music, and of course a pint and tot (special do's) otherwise a nip of the old proverbial scottish water. Fred was still teaching music at at least four schools until he became ill before christmas. For his final resting place, his ashes were scattered from the Royal Iris into the Mersey on the Zebrugge Day Parade which takes place every year of which Fred was a regular attender.

Name: Claire Soulsby
Hometown: bath
Sent: 2.12 PM - thu 3 jun 2004


I'm trying to find my godfather Pete Foster who served with my Dad (Richard(dick) Soulsby.
This is a very intresting site and it's intresting to see if I can spot names that my dads talk about...inparticular a certain man who now lives in Canada who went shopping with my mum and stole pick and mix from woolworths!!!



Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 4.21 PM - wed 2 jun 2004

Hi Richard
Sorry to hear of the passing of Les Jordan.Having not seen Les for over 30 years I next saw him at Rogers funeral. In the late 60s I was J Wing company runner and Les was J Wing company segeant major.A fair man to work for with a great sense of humour.He will be sadly missed.
Rest in Peace Les.

Sid Sheard

Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgend,Mid Glamorgan
Sent: 12.45 PM - wed 2 jun 2004

Hi Richard.I've recently had a message from Percy Abeysinghe,who lives in Colchester,and was a member of the Ceylonese Navy as it was then back in the 50's.He is interested to know if any of the 'old school'still remember him.Incidentally,he informs me that Percy Perera,who I remember as a student at Deal,is now a Colonel and Director of Music in the Sri Lankan Army!
On a sad note,I am saddened to hear that Les Jordan has passed on.He too was my violin instuctor in 1961.
Mike Jones.

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: worthing
Sent: 5.42 AM - wed 2 jun 2004

Very sorry to hear of the passing of Les Jordan he was my Violin instructor back in 1958/9 and a nicer bloke you couldn't have wished to meet. Les was a gentleman and,the same can be said of Roger Whitehouse who I know had many many friends in the band service, they will both be sadly missed by all those who knew them


Name: Edward McDermott (paddy)
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 2.27 PM - fri 28 may 2004

I have been thinking about a FOF3 reunion, if any members of that unique gang are up for it let me know. Have had a word with Bob Baker and he thinks it is a good idea, just needs putting togather. If you agree let me know on this site or give me a call on 07753105708. Come on lets give it a go, I think it would be one great night.
Cheers Ed McD

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: worthing
Sent: 2.52 AM - fri 28 may 2004

Dickie, Best wishes, great web site,I have received several e mails from ex RMB's and have tried to reply but for some reason they all seem to come back so may I use some space here to say hello to Spud Taylor, John Woods (woods.jn) Derek Usher and others hopefully we will all meet up for a couple of beers at the next reunion.

Best wishes to all


Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgend Mid Glamorgan
Sent: 1.34 AM - fri 28 may 2004

Hullo Richard,and some good news for a change.I have recently visited Mick Rock in Dalgety Bay in Scotland and was surprised to meet Paul Castledine,and Martin Bamford;both now PC's in the Force up there.Also,another great surprise was to meet up with Tim Smye-Rumsby.I do believe there are plans for Scotland to have their own re-union sometime in the future.This should be something to look forward to.
Best wishes,
Mike Jones.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton. Bedfordshire
Sent: 10.11 AM - sat 15 may 2004

Has anyone got contact or know the whereabouts of Dave Emery. We served together in Malta 1953-55

Name: Joe Simms
Hometown: Mairangi Bay
Sent: 7.21 PM - thu 13 may 2004

To Glenda, our condolences from the old RMBand in PHILOMEL 1957,,1960.a

Name: Adrian Bailey
Hometown: DEAL
Sent: 3.53 PM - tue 11 may 2004

I thank you for your kind messages on the passing of Roger Whitehouse, on behalf of his wife, children, grandchildren and other close relatives. He was a great musician and I hope he will be remebered in good stead for all of the good things that he had done in his life, bringing pleasure to people through the talent that he had with instruments, he was my uncle and I am proud of what he achieved. Though I didn't see him as much as I should have, when we did meet he was always bubbly and pleased to see me. It was great to see so many of his friends & colleagues at the funeral, though I do not know you I'm sure you feel the same way about Roger. Good Night Roger. Thanks again Mr A R Bailey

Name: Michael Hutton
Hometown: Newbury
Sent: 2.24 AM - tue 11 may 2004

Sorry I cant be at Rogers funeral. My condolences to his wife and family. Mick Hutton.

Name: riggo
Sent: 2.04 PM - sun 9 may 2004

the gig next sat evening is at colchesters garrison church, if anybody lives near by.

Name: riggo paul richardson
Hometown: deal
Sent: 1.58 PM - sun 9 may 2004

hi all, sad news about roger whitehouse, will be sadly missed, great guy and well known in east kent for his music.

On another note, anybody near colchester may want to come to a concert sat 15th may garrison church, ex rmb rogers jones' band and friends me and dicky dickens.
all monies to navy cadets. please come we need numbers info form mo dikens 01206 502634, oh by the way i'm playing 40 fathons on tuba that will be a laugh.

cheers all riggo

Name: John Buberle
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 2.00 PM - sat 8 may 2004

So sorry to see the news that Roger Whitehouse had sadly passed away. what great musical talent he had, from playing the Piano,Trombone and the Oboe, just about any instrument Roger would play it. Will always be remembered.

Name: Brian (Eggy) Hobbs
Sent: 6.33 AM - sat 8 may 2004

Great sadness to hear of Roger Whitehouse passing! He was my first "Dad" in Dartmouth, and he spent many long hours on make & mends in the bandroom (then a wooden shack) helping my to learn to write music. I next served with him in Deal where he helped me get into the Dance band on tenor sax - but I was soon undone during a gig in the Hilton when my interpretation of Batman lost it on the tongueing!!
Roger will be remebered by many as a good friend and champion.
Condolences to his family.


Name: Alastair Barnet
Hometown: Willand, Devon
Sent: 1.28 PM - thu 6 may 2004

I am trying to trace a gentleman called Jack Beardmore who was a Warrant Officer when he left and in the marines band for 25 years. I was taught by his starting about 1973 in Bangor, North Wales, in school. He lived in Rhos-on-Sea, but doesn't live at the address I had for him anymore.
Can anyone please help me trace him?

Name: Ray (lofty) Edwards
Hometown: Myrtle Beach USA
Sent: 7.17 PM - tue 4 may 2004

Sorry to hear the passing of Roger Whitehouse - I will always remember Roger's grin and humour that made staff band orchestral rehearsals so bearable.
RIP old buddy
Lofty "On second bike cello"
Boy did we have fun

Name: ken stagg
Hometown: felixstowe
Sent: 10.27 AM - tue 4 may 2004

I read the message from Brian (jock) Roberts in Malta ,
but he hasn`t left an e-mail address ?? My Wife and I are going to Malta on the 9th May for 2 weeks ,and could meet up with him. Regards Ken Stagg

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 3.58 PM - fri 30 apr 2004

Hi Richard
Sorry to hear of the passing of Roger Whitehouse.We were Bandboys together from Neptune House in the 50s,and many a sunday afternoon he and his family would invite me back to their home for a meal.Such was the kindness of Roger and his family.We both passed out and went our different ways around the world,and it wasn't until many years later that I saw him again and we would mention those sunday afternoons. He will be sadly missed.
Condolences to his family. Sid

Name: Paddy Hamilton
Hometown: Paignton
Sent: 3.39 PM - wed 28 apr 2004

To all ex and hopefully existing friends, especially easily remembered after 2 bottles of red, Neil Hamilton, Neil Boxhall, Tony Willis, Jock Lyall, Brian Barclay, Dave Parsons, Taff Thomas X 2,Jack Barker,Dee Douglas, Derek Lindars, Fred Waters. 40th birthdays have passed, (and a couple of 50s)Fancy a drink befofre we start to draw pensions.

Name: phil (spud ) taylor
Hometown: stratford on avon
Sent: 4.33 PM - tue 27 apr 2004

hello all old mates out there ive not long been on line i would like info on 2004 reunion and would like to hear from anyone ollie oliver pete pendlebury jem tugwood and anyone else all the best


Sent: 6.21 PM - fri 23 apr 2004

Band Service Reunion 2004

Venue: WO's, SR's and SNCO's Mess, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth
Provisional Date: Saturday 02 October 2004
Arrive: TBC
Mess Beatings: TBC

Further details will be published here and in the Blue band Magazine as soon as they become known.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 2.28 AM - tue 20 apr 2004

Having just returned from holidays I was saddened to hear the news from Ken Stagg that Brian Stansmore had passed away on 8th April 2004. Brian had been suffering from cancer for a long time, but he did manage to attend the 'Reunion 2003'which enabled him to say goodbye to many old 'shipmates'.I served with Brian and will always remember the 'Eel' he caught in Portsmouth Harbour from HMS Tiger. 'What A Whopper'.See you in the counter march Brian.
Regards to All
Barry Radford

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 2.02 PM - sun 18 apr 2004

Having just perused the Members Lists, I note that some 156 have not paid, or re-enlisted. Is there no honour among us these days?

Sent: 2.02 PM - wed 14 apr 2004


Name: Martin Jackson
Hometown: Plymouth
Sent: 10.07 AM - wed 7 apr 2004

Hi Ginge
get in touch 01752-600125

Name: Martin Jackson (Jacko)
Hometown: Plymouth
Sent: 9.56 AM - wed 7 apr 2004

Hi Guys
Just logged on for the first time, scary what names pop up from the past, Sid Tanner? Swanny it would be great to hear from you guys again

Hometown: worthing
Sent: 5.14 AM - wed 7 apr 2004

Just a quick line or two to enquire do we have a date for the Reunion this year.
Hello to Phil(spud)Taylor, Derek Usher and Jim Mason, are you out there Jim?

Best wishes to everyone,


Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 4.16 PM - sun 4 apr 2004

Having just returned from across the Pond, I was very pleased indeed to receive a telephone call from Don (Ginge) Feather, who was being sought by his son Darren. I had not seen or had any contact with Ginge since 1963 in the Far East, having last served with him on H.M.S. Lion in the South Atlantic Cruiser Squadron. Goes to show the power of the www, and the good fortune we have in our Webmaster, well done Rich.

Name: Desmond
Hometown: Abbotsford. B C Canada
Sent: 5.02 PM - sat 3 apr 2004

I had cousins playing with the Royal's surname White father Stanley, any one having contact would like to hear, Many thanks

Name: George Emmerson
Hometown: Emsworth
Sent: 11.27 AM - thu 25 mar 2004

Would love to hear from any one who knows me (Clarinet & Viola), joined April 1951 in Deal, served at Plymouth Group Band and then on Superb and Newcastle based in the Gulf and finally at Eastney/Royal Yacht from 1959 to 1966.

Anyone know the whether Reg Morris my clarinet instructor at Deal is still with us.

Regards to all readers - George Emmerson

Name: Terry(fess)Parker
Hometown: Newnham. Glos
Sent: 3.10 PM - tue 23 mar 2004

I am trying to trace an old mate from HMS Devonshire. Trevor Spicer was a bandy on there and we were the best of mates but lost touch. He had a brother in the RM band as well, I think if Dave Cole reads this he may be able to help. Fess Parker

Name: Alan Cooper
Hometown: Gosport.
Sent: 4.36 PM - wed 17 mar 2004

I am sad to report that I read in our local evening news that Ex Bandmaster (Staff Bandnaster I think) John (Charlie) West passed away on the 11th March. His Funeral is to be held at Porchester Crematorium on Friday 19th.March at 1115. He was my Bandmaster on HMS NEWFOUNDLAND and HMS NEWCASTLE IN THE MID 1950'S. He was also my Bandmaster in HMS DEADALUS in the late 1950's. I also seem to remember that he was the Sergeantmajor of (M) Co. in the mid 1960's.

Name: Johan
Hometown: Maassluis, NL
Sent: 12.42 AM - mon 15 mar 2004

Dear fellow musicians, With great pleasure we present the fully renewed homepage of Marchingband "Het Wapen van Maassluis” from Maassluis, Holland. Not only do we have new photos, but it is now also possible to listen to fragments of our music, = Onze muziek > beluister,
which can also be heard on our CD. If we are not yet in your links list, we would be grateful if you could do this. Also if your band is not in our list, just let us know, and we will add you to it. Please tell us what you think of the site, by signing our guestbook = Gastenboek > teken ons gastenboek.
With friendly regards, Johan de Lavoir, Webmaster.
Please send your mail to

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 8.19 AM - sun 7 mar 2004

Great to be intouch with Gordon ( Polly ) Perkins after all these years.The Great thing is the Golden Anniversary, After the Coronation Myself Jimmy Morrow who was supposed to have been on leave, and Dave Power where sent to Malta pronto for the concerts conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent, so missed the 50 th celebrations, the thing is looking thro the programe all those names that have come back to me after all this time.Sadly missed the All Stars concert this year but will be looking forward to the reports on it,knowing that it will be another success.Best wishes to all. Noel

Name: Steve Swann ( Swanny)
Hometown: Dorset
Sent: 12.09 PM - thu 4 mar 2004

First of all Dickie may I say what a fabulous site you have put together. I know how long it takes and having looked through I can see the very positive impact it has had for so many people who have all shared so much together during their time in the band.

May I wish all that came across me the very best and I hope that your lives are healthy, happy and rich.

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal Kent
Sent: 6.05 PM - wed 3 mar 2004

Once again I need your help out there.I am looking for John Bonner who I joined up with in 1954.Any help gratefully received.Many

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: shrewsbury
Sent: 2.51 PM - wed 3 mar 2004

I am glad to let the membership know that I received a telephone call today, to tell me that Ginge Feather has been found, and is soon to be reunited with his long lost Son Darren and his wife Sadie. Makes the donation towards this Site all the more worthy, don't you think?

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 1.12 PM - tue 2 mar 2004

Hello Dickie,
I hope you are still keeping well, seems ages ago since the Reunion in Pompey!!
I am off to Deal on Thursday prior to the All Stars Concert at Margate and looking forward to seeing many old colleagues again, its a great day I can recommend it to all, like an unofficial reunion with music!! you must try it one year.
Also looking forward to the Westcountry Reunion which should be good, I understand all tickets are sold and that a few 'stars' will be at that one, should be great chance to swing the lamp again!!
take care.
Best wishes to all,

Name: Darren Feather
Sent: 12.36 PM - sat 28 feb 2004

Help! I am looking for my father Donald James Feather RMB/x3009 if anyone knew him and can help me in my search please get in touch. Thanks

Name: Phil (SPUD)Taylor
Hometown: Stratford on Avon
Sent: 10.54 AM - fri 27 feb 2004

just logged on great to see so many old names jem tugwood nick davies paddy semple and lots more will get an e mail soon i am using my daughters at the moment which is i would like to hear from john sharp to i would also like some info on 2004 reunion thanks all best spud



Name: gordon (polly) Perkins
Hometown: Perth, Western Australia
Sent: 9.05 AM - thu 26 feb 2004

After reading the item re Alf Alltimes, By Sandy and Noel Crook, I was on the HMS Tyne from 1953 upto the time we went ashore to HMS Phoenicia (up to that time we were under the impression that the 'Tyne' was aground on coke cans, and had become part of Manoel Island !) however by that time Alf had returned to the UK having spent quite some time on Malta. I returned to the UK in mid 53' and that photo supplied by Noel would have been taken after this, note the Blues, and also the Drum Major was a Drum Major Corps of Drums, and believe 2 bands were combined (we did have A & B Bands at that time, sadly I dont recognise anyone there
but suggest it was for a special occasion. The photo was taken outside the Bandroom with the Capt.RM's office behind. I have walked over the bridge into the base since then and it is in a sorry state, with a lot of the stone work collasping onto the parade ground.
If anyone can update me of the 'Tynes Band 1950-53 and of later bands at Phoenicia I would be grateful.
Sadly some of the band I knew have passed on but any news is welcome.. Thanks again Noel for the info.
also keep up the good work Dickie, I tune in every day to the site , but Maxie Beare also keeps me on my toes.
Best Wishes to all members past and present

Name: Edward McDermott (paddy)
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 7.18 PM - sun 22 feb 2004

Having been to Wednesday nights concert at the Albert Hall with an ex matlot, who thought, it was the best concert he had ever been to, I can only say that it was first class entertainment. Cheers Ed

Name: John Buberle
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 4.36 PM - sun 22 feb 2004

Has anybody any idea what ever happened to Ted Woods (Solo Cornet) he served on HMS Tiger with me 1961-63

Best Wishes to all I serve with in the past.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 2.54 AM - sat 21 feb 2004

Just to remind eveyone that I am not involved with the 'Reunion' this year. I have had several enquiries. Please contact 'School of Music' for details.
Regards to all

Barry Radford

Name: Sid Tanner (Steve)
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 9.38 PM - fri 20 feb 2004

Not been able to get into this website for some time as my machine still runs by steam and have had problems!!
Very sorry to here about Terry Williams, lots of fond memories from my time in the wing. I still remember the time he was going to put me in DQ's for refusing to sing, we still had a laugh over that for years during his woodwind repair days. A sad Loss. Looking briefly through I see a name from the past!! Bill Hartland is this the Clarinet Bill I remember from Lympstone in the early 70's? Hi Bill you may remember me I played Flute, my last memories of you were you kept breaking your gun in military training! Now I know I can get back into website I'll do some catching up and find a few more names from the past
Hi! to all who know me. I will give you a call Roy (Hallin)

Name: Alec Passey
Hometown: Orem Ut USA
Sent: 8.46 PM - thu 19 feb 2004

Trying to get a letter to Roy Hallin But his E-Mail address is wrond it doesn't have a .com .net .org or something. Roy if you read this can you check your address and post it again thanks. It's almost our anniversary again 22 Mar 1966 we went into the RM School of Music in Deal.

Name: Alec Passey
Hometown: Orem, Utah. U.S.A.
Sent: 6.28 PM - thu 19 feb 2004

Just checking in to let everyone know that I'm still alive and doing well. Playing the flute now couldn't afford an Oboe. If any of my old mates see this drop me a line love to hear from you.

Name: Alfred (Len) Alltimes
Hometown: Waterlooville, Portsmouth
Sent: 12.15 AM - sun 15 feb 2004

I am writing on behalf of my dad, in England. Alfred Leonard Alltimes who was the RM Bandmaster during the 1950's. He served in Malta 1948-1953 and then Bandmaster at Deal RM Barracks, from 1953-1959. He then moved to Eastney Barracks. Anyone wishing to contact him please call : 2392-615496. Address: 29, Mill Road Waterloovile, Hants PO7 7AP. He is now aged 82 and not very well. He would love to hear from anyone who remembers him, or who was taught by him. You can always email me as well, and I will post your note onto my dad. I live in Australia and unfortunately my dad does not have access to the internet. He would love your web site. I have printed lots of pages for him. I am hoping that he will give me an editorial and many phots that you can add to your beautiful web site. I have many wonderful childhood memories of the RM Band. God Bless you all!!!

Name: steve George
Hometown: Poole dorset.
Sent: 12.38 PM - fri 13 feb 2004

Can anybody Help! Trying to contact Roy Hallin, tryed to send him e-mails, but all rejected

Name: Stephen Clyburn
Hometown: Hartlepool
Sent: 7.10 PM - tue 3 feb 2004

Hello everyone. I am not an x Bandsman but am in charge of a Marine Cadet Detachment in Stockton (North East). I am looking to find the 3 regimental marches of the Royal Marines. If anyone can help i would really appreciate an email. Thanks very much.

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 11.12 AM - sun 1 feb 2004

In regards to my last message in the guest book.i've just heard from another friend of mine pete rickards,that Ernie Greenaway had passed away some time ago.My apologies and condolences to Ernies family ,he was a great guy and a good friend.Many thanks.Sid

Name: Sid Sheard
Hometown: deal
Sent: 6.14 PM - mon 26 jan 2004

Hello to all you detectives out there.I am looking for another old shipmate of mine from the late fifties.Ernie greenaway ex bugler.Many Thanks.

Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham Hants
Sent: 2.06 PM - mon 26 jan 2004

Many Many apologies, the cheque is on its way for 2003/4/5
I found a website for Dave Fitzgerald, he now is doing very well in the gospel music scene.
I would love to locate a mate who joined up with me and Dave Seed in 66 by the name of Mick Sutton, all I know is, that he originally came from Leicestershire...If anyone out there knows his whereabouts, please contact me.
Dave Seed you owe me a phone call!!!!

Name: Bill Hartland
Sent: 3.51 PM - sat 24 jan 2004

Sorry folks, got slightly off course with my entry previous to this one, so here are the links I mentioned.

Name: Bill Hartland
Sent: 3.44 PM - sat 24 jan 2004

For those who maybe interested, the following link will take you to the HMS Lion Commissioning Book.

You will need to have Acrobat Reader installed to view. There is also a link to the 1957-58 Commission for HMS Gambia.

Name: Bill Hartland
Sent: 7.45 AM - sat 24 jan 2004

It may come as something of a shock to those of us who were interned in Deal during the early fifties, that he who must be obeyed has passed away. I quote from a good friend, "By the way there was an entry in the East Kent Mercury this week that Tom Franks BEM (ex RSM) aged 86, passed away in Nottingham on 17th January." A name I shall never forget, and neither will I, nor anyone who came into contact with him. A Hard Man, but Fair Also.

Name: Geoff Vinall
Hometown: Hailsham Sussex
Sent: 3.01 AM - sat 24 jan 2004

Looking for information on William Saunders. Born Kirkaldy Scot. 27/07/1919. Died early 70's. During 50's stationed at Simons Town RSA. Believed to be in band; possibly Bandmaster.Settled in Durban '57/'58.
All go well.

Name: sid sheard
Hometown: deal kent
Sent: 10.50 AM - wed 21 jan 2004

can anyone out there please help me find an old shipmate.his name is pete smith and we served together on HMS phoenicia on manoel island malta 1958-1959. last i heard he settled in the suffolk area.any information received greatly appreciated.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 3.08 AM - mon 19 jan 2004

A Belated 'Happy New Year to You All'
Mountbatten Festival Friday 20th February 2004
Merv Durrant has two spare tickets for that evenings concert in a Logia Box £32.00 per ticket Anyone interested in purchasing them please contact me on 07976 800827 or Email me (Merv can't cope with modern technology!!!)

Name: Jock lyall
Hometown: Jedburgh
Sent: 4.41 PM - sun 18 jan 2004

Just A wee note to everyone to tell them my new E-mail address look forward to hearing from old friends 2/72 troop thanks.



Name: John (Ginge) Harman
Hometown: Manila, Philippines
Sent: 2.34 PM - fri 16 jan 2004

Hi Lads, does anyone know the whereabouts of Martin Jackson Ex Royal Yacht 1977. As I need a good Elvis Presley impersonator for a gig at my girlie bar here in Philippines. Can't pay much but it's free booze and as many girls as he can handle in his old age. Regards Ginge.

Name: Pete. Westaway.
Hometown: Par Cornwall
Sent: 11.28 AM - fri 2 jan 2004

Can anyone help to trace Dave Prately trombone I beleive ex Chatham band. John Jones trombone is driving me mad to find Him Any sighting would be appreciated or E/mail. Cheers Pete

Name: Ray Edwards
Hometown: washington dc
Sent: 10.07 PM - wed 31 dec 2003

Bev and I wish all serving and ex Bandies and their families a very happy and prosperous new year for 2004.

Best wishes always

Lofty & Bev.

Name: Bill Callow
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 5.11 PM - sat 27 dec 2003

Hi Dickie

Sorry we didn't catch up over Christmas but family visiting and the time flew fast. We would like to send you best wishes and every happiness for 2004.

Happy New Year from Bill Callow and all at the RMA Portsmouth.

Name: Ray Lloyd
Sent: 6.06 PM - wed 24 dec 2003

Merry Christmas everybody.
I look forward to meeting lots of friends at both The Westcountry Reunion in April and The All Stars Concert in Margate.

Name: Mike Hickman
Sent: 11.05 AM - wed 24 dec 2003

Just to say a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe new year to friends out there, I hope you all get what you desire from this coming year, and remain in good health to attend what I am sure will be another good reunion in 2004. Take care one and all.
Regards for now.
Mike Hickman

Name: pete pendlebury
Hometown: exmouth
Sent: 6.29 PM - mon 22 dec 2003

hi rich,
i would just like to wish all ex members a merry christmas & a prosperous new year.isee a squaddie of mine brian (jock) roberts logged on from malta but didn,t leave his e mail address.can anyone help.
cheers for now,
p.s.i have several phots from the last reunion if anyone would like a copy,please drop me a line.

Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 10.06 AM - thu 18 dec 2003

As we near the Christmas break I would like to wish all my friends and colleagues a very happy christmas and a peaceful new year.
I'm hoping to attend the reunion next year and hopefully will get around to spending much more time with those friends that I missed out on this year, sorry fellas but there were so many faces, there just wasn't time.
I was wondering if anyone has seen or heard of Eric McKONE (Ex Basses).
Best wishes to all,

Jem (Tugwood)
Ex Blake, Thunderer, RMSM.,Tiger, Royal Yacht, FONAC (Daedalus, Heron) PORTSMOUTH and "Recife" (remember that 'ildge!!!!!!)

Name: Reg L ong
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 3.25 PM - wed 17 dec 2003

I would like to thank all the friends and collegues that knew, and over the years worked with my late father, Reg Long, it was a pleasure to see them at the funeral.A wonderful eulogy was given by Lt Col Paul Neville R.M. Ret`d. I have just found his service record that began as a bandboy in 1926 and realize what an eventful,interesting and full life the Royal Marines gave him and an undying love of music. He will be deeply missed by us all.

Name: claire mann(nee sylvester)
Hometown: Huntingdon
Sent: 4.24 PM - thu 11 dec 2003

I know of someone dear to me who has been scammed out of quite a lot of money from someone posing to be a bandsman in distress. He knew the home phone number and details and even got someone to pose as a cpl musician from lympstone, so beware it doesnt happen to you.

Name: Ed McD
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 1.35 PM - mon 8 dec 2003

Sorry to hear of the passing of Terry Williams. He was the only W we did not fear in J wing, when he was duty, remember the other two, Wells and Webber(makes me shudder even now)great days though. He did know his classical music and orchestral works and was able to pass on as much as he could to those that wanted to learn. There must be by now, one hell of a band up above, keep the music flowing guys.

Name: Bill hartland
Sent: 4.52 PM - sun 7 dec 2003

Sorry to see yet again another stalwart has crossed the Bar. Roger Long was my first Commissioned Bandmaster in the Home Fleet and was the instigator of my stepping on to the promotion ladder. A fine Gentle Man in all senses of the word.

Name: Derek Roberts
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 3.50 PM - thu 4 dec 2003

Does anyone have the current address of Ex Capt Wally Shillitto or if he tunes in occasionally to this page do contact me.

Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham
Sent: 9.17 PM - wed 3 dec 2003

Totally gutted to hear of the death of my mentor
Terry Williams.
An absolute brilliant musician, with a wicked sense of humour, which he didn't often show.
I only wish I listened and paid more attention to him, and maybe I could have achieved 1/4 of his talent.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 4.14 AM - tue 2 dec 2003

Can anyone help? Due to 'double booking'. I have 4 Tickets for 'Mountbatten Festival' Thursday 19th February 2004 Royal Albert Hall They are Loggia Box Seats @ £32.00 per ticket.Anyone wishing to purchase please Email me or ring me on 07976 800827.
Best wishes to you all out there for a great 'Festive Season'
Barry Radford

Name: John Wood
Hometown: Emsworth, Hampshire
Sent: 6.53 AM - sat 29 nov 2003

I am trying to find details of my grandfather named Arthur Wood. He served in the RM Band early in the 20th century and perhaps in WWI. Does anyone know where I can find out more?

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Beds
Sent: 1.20 PM - thu 27 nov 2003

Well all who attwnded that great day, it was great.After meeting Jimmy Morrow Jock Brown Ken Stagg all I,ve not seen since 1952-54, so many memories. Now I am looking for JIM BEARMAN & PAUL Schmidt from my days in the music library 63-64. If there is anyone out there with information Please contact me. Best Wishes to you all. Noel

Name: Bill Hartland
Sent: 3.01 PM - wed 26 nov 2003

So sad to see that another who I knew so many years ago is no longer with us. Pete Wastell had his cabin next door to our barrack room in M Block East Barracks, and was well respected as a Band Corporal and Flautist by all of us under training at that time.

Name: Maggie (Stansmore) now Whatley
Sent: 5.36 PM - mon 17 nov 2003

Hi to Albert Hill. My brother Brian Stan Stansmore said how he had met up with you again at the recent reunion. Well I remember you as a great laugh and why don't you send me postcards any more!!!!! I think I still have some of the cards that used to make me the envy of the other nurses because I had post from all over the World. My brother as you now realise is poorly but his memories and the band is still his life.
Love and happy memories, Keep well, Love Maggie Annie.

Name: Mike Webster
Hometown: Alexandria
Sent: 4.12 PM - fri 14 nov 2003

So sorry to have missed the reunion, however have met up with Derek Usher again who brought me up to date with all that happened there; had a great time with Derek and his lovely wife Pauline, terrific hospitality.
I am possibly going to Tasmania in the new year and Believe that Vince Harris in now in New Zealand. Does anyone have Vince's e-mail address as Derek has told me that he was at the Reunion? Vince was my old Band Master on the Blake, (I didn't call him Vince then)and he was great with those of us who were on our first commissions and pretty wild at the time. Would like to get in contact with him again, even if it was just to say 'thanks'.
Sorry to hear of the death of BDR Terry Williams who was my instructor in Junior Wing - Terry once introduced me to a class of bassoonists as a 'Bassoon Holder', he may have been right but I loved playing the thing just the same.I have manged to hire a bassoon after 32 years without playing, so if any if you are in the vacinity of Loch lomond and hear strange sounds, it could be me!
best wishes to you all, especially ex-Bandies.
Very best wishes

Mike Webster




Name: jamie ballard
Hometown: wash dc
Sent: 12.50 PM - fri 14 nov 2003


Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 5.29 PM - thu 13 nov 2003

Wow what a sad time, I am also saddened to hear of the pasing of Drummy Knox, a very proud man. I still play in the Devon & Cornwall Police Band and a while ago he attended one of our Concerts in Saltash, Cornwall and the steel look in his eyes could still kill at 100 paces.
All I can say is God must be building a great band in heaven!!
My thoughts go out to all his family, he was a true legend, and a Band Service Great

Name: Dickie
Hometown: Preston - Lancs
Sent: 8.25 PM - wed 12 nov 2003

I too was priviledged to meet Terry Williams at the recent reunion. Although having encountered ill health, his mind and attitude was resolute. A fastidious worker, a character, a man whom many will remember fondly for a long time. My memories also harken back to my days as a junior. Terry was a humble man. God speed!

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 4.13 PM - wed 12 nov 2003

Hello All,
Like Bill Hartland I am saddened to hear of the passing of Terry Williams, he was one of the fartherly figures when I was a boy in J wing, I remember starting the junior wing model railway club with him, and what fun we had on outings to Bath and places.
My thoughts go to all his family, he was a really nice man.

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 1.31 PM - wed 12 nov 2003

Shocked again. Having only just renewed acquaintance with Terry Williams at the Reunion, I am at a loss. Terry was my Room Senior Boy when I entered the Service on 21st October 1952, in Room L12. I was discussing with him how quiet he was then, and that I had not seen him since he Passed Out at the RMSM. Again, it is our loss.

Name: derek roberts
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 10.19 AM - wed 5 nov 2003



Name: Westaway
Hometown: Par
Sent: 6.21 AM - wed 5 nov 2003

Hi every one, it seems people have trouble with my address so I have sent it again. Lovely to see so many old friends at the reunion . So much so that I have been asked to organize one for the West country for all those who where unable to get tickets for this year. It will be held in Plymouth late April detail to follow later. Anyone interested? I would appreciate any one who might be interested giving me a call. Probably to much to expect my old mate Wally Waters to attend but miracles do happen. Regards to all and hope to hear from you. Regards Pete.

Name: Kim Purchase
Hometown: Nova Scotia, Canada
Sent: 9.17 PM - thu 30 oct 2003

Volunteered at the Nova Scotia International Tattoo with some of the Portsmouth crew in '98. It was a great time! Thought I would drop a line to see if anyone was out there. Flash Gordon...

Name: Simon Pay
Hometown: Bedford
Sent: 9.31 AM - mon 27 oct 2003

Trying to locate any people from training company in 1992ish. No Buglars though only musicians!!!!!

Name: claire
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 11.49 AM - sun 26 oct 2003

Hi anyone out there remember me Claire Sylvester my dad was WO2 Bandmaster Vic Sylvester. I remember a few bandsmen and buglers and one that i remember the most bugler Tommy Lawton.

Name: Jeff "Taff " Knight
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 4.09 PM - wed 22 oct 2003

Nice to read about some old friends and hello's to the Hart twins ( coppers my arse),Dick darch,Andy Waugh,Andy Terry,Mick Jones ( keep the home fires burning by a cottage in Wales )Simon peck and any others I didn't see at the reunion.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 1.30 PM - sat 18 oct 2003

Many thanks for a wonderful evening.What a great gathering of friendsThe great part of it was meeting up with Jimmy Morrow, 1st time I've seen him since 1953 in Malta for Malcolm Sargents Concert, also Jock Brown. Even better was meeting Ken Stagg, not seen him since 1952 at the squad passout. Again thanks for all you have done over the years we have been going.Sorry to hear you are giving up. All the Best for the future Noel Crook

Name: pete pendlebury
Sent: 2.51 PM - fri 17 oct 2003

what a great night we all had, thanks to barry,well done mate.also a superb display by the was amazing seeing so many old faces,some from over 30years and more.
when are the tickets on sale for the next one barry? cheers mate,
see you next year,

Sent: 5.53 AM - thu 16 oct 2003

Drum Majors and Bugle Majors Reunion Dinner

Venue: WO's, SR's and SNCO's Mess, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth

Date: Friday 13 February 2002 at 1900hrs

Arive: 1900hrs
Mess Beatings: 2000hrs
Dinner: O/C of Mess Beatings

Applications are invited from all serving and ex-serving Corps Appointed Royal Marines Drum Majors and Bugle Majors. Applications for the event are to be made, in writing, enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope to:

WO1 Bugler RD Platts Royal Marines
The Corps Bugle Major
Headquarters Band Service Royal Marines
Eastney Block
HMS Nelson

Accommodation is available in the WO's, SR's and SNCO's Mess, HMS Nelson, at a cost of £3.81/night. Any meals taken are charged separately.
At the time of going to print the cost of the evening has yet to be decided, however, costs will be kept to a minimum.
Details will be forwarded by return of post and will be published at as soon as they are known.

Royal Marines Buglers Branch Reunion

Venue: WO's, SR's and SNCO's Mess, HMS Nelson, Portsmouth

Date: Saturday 14 February 2002 at 1900hrs

Arive: 1900hrs
Mess Beatings: 2000hrs
Buffet: O/C of Mess Beatings

Applications are invited from all serving and ex-serving Royal Marines Buglers. Applications for the event are to be made, in writing, enclosing a stamped self addressed envelope to:

WO1 Bugler RD Platts Royal Marines
The Corps Bugle Major
Headquarters Band Service Royal Marines
Eastney Block
HMS Nelson

Accommodation is only available in HMS Nelson for serving SNCOs at a cost of £3.81/night. Any meals taken are charged separately. Alternatively, on receipt of your application, a list of local accommodation address will be made available to you.
The cost of the evening is £10. Please make cheques payable to:
"Royal Marines Buglers Dinner Club".
Any changes or additions to the event will be published at as soon as they become apparent.

Name: Lynn (Jamie) James
Hometown: Gloucester
Sent: 7.33 AM - mon 6 oct 2003

"Hold it....Flash,Bang,Wallop what a weekend!!"
To all of those who,like me,are suffering from emotional overload having returned from another fantastic reunion I send my greetings. I'm sure you will all join me in thanking Barry Radford and his team for organizing a truly spectacular evening. Reuniting with friends is the name of the game and I can say in all honesty I indulged myself to capacity.
Special mention to Dickie Valentine,Tony Oliver,Jackie Semple for recounting the memories of my adventures at last years reunion. As per "Jem" Tugwoods earlier report,to attempt to recall all the names encountered during the two days is way beyond my diminishing mental capacity. To you all (and to those who couldn't make it, "Shiner" Wright....!!!")I say a heartfelt thankyou for making this old man a very happy one.
Unlike "Jem" I have to admit to struggling with more than a couple of blanks in my memory bank and to those people I apologise profusely. I, like Dickie, put it down to being tired. "Tired as a Newt" I think would be apt!!
Rumours of my "architectural inspection" of a wall on attempting to navigate my way home after the reunion are apparently circulating as I speak. I stand proud and admit they are true, as those of you who had the misfortune to be apprehended by me at The Cathedral the following morning will testify to.
I would also like to thank those kind souls amongst you, who seeing me sitting on the wall made a kindly donation of coinage with the accompanying phrase "Oh look, Penny for the Guy, you don't see that very often nowadays!"
Whilst on The Cathedral theme I must take time to mention two very significant occurences. Firstly meeting up with Tina Hillier again.A truly wonderful,courageous lady, who with her husband John remain unchanged and as natural as ever. Staying with them for the weekend were John and Kay Perkins who in the brief five minutes we were reunited, managed to turn the clock back 30 years or so. Fond and everlasting memories indeed.
The second occasion was a truly remarkable piece of history which unfolded before my very eyes, and was one of those moments that if you believe in "fate" was meant to have happened. It involves two fantastic ladies Eileen Whalley and Doreen Biles, their brother, (who as a RM Bandsman went down with HMS Gloucester),the original set of Fanfare Trumpets and the current PDM Chris Davis.(All will be revealed!!)
Following a conversation with Dickie Valentine,a full report will hopefully appear on this website in the not too distant future. It really is an amazing story and may take some while in compiling but as The PDM said to me when I thanked him for his help "This is what it's all about." Simple words but on this occassion so apt.
I was busy with my camera at The Cathedral so hopefully there will be a snap or two to accompany the article.
One final word on the reunion (mention and praise of The Beat Retreat has already been made by others)was the number of wives and families attending both the evening "do" and The Cathedral and RMA Club afterwards. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has often seen the reunion as predominately a "male" affair. It was so refreshing this year to see a marvellous attendance from "our other halves". These ladies have as much in common with the reunion (sometimes more)as we do.
Well, as usual I've turned what was intended just to be a really brief thankyou in to a rambling recollection, partially obscured by alcohol.
Same again next year then ???
To you all, I am privileged to be considered a friend by some and to have known so many wonderful people.
Long may it continue!!

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 6.03 AM - mon 6 oct 2003

Hi Richard Great to see you this weekend, also the hundreds who turned out for the 'Big One'
I am biased but what a great weekend. Many humble thanks to everyone who has supported me over the past few years in my efforts to keep the life line for the wonderful family of the Band Service going, and for me this weekend was an amazing way to bow out of the organising. I WIL BE ETERNALLY GRATEFUL TO THE SUPPORT I HAVE HAD. but I feel the time is now right to withdraw and let the people who think that they (indeed know) that they can do better!! To them (if they actually do rear their heads) Go for it I wish you well. You will have my support.But I promise that if you do not get it right . I will turn into a griper a sniper a moaner just like you lot.
Good wishes to you All. See you at 'Reunion 2004'
To the good guys (and there are a lot of you) Thank You, to the 'W*****s' Get on with it.

Barry Radford

Name: Billy Walker
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 5.00 AM - mon 6 oct 2003

What else can be said about the 2003 Reunion, apart from it was EXCELLENT! Well done Barry!

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: Worthing
Sent: 2.29 AM - mon 6 oct 2003

Dear Barry,
Just a few lines to say a big "thank you" for the excellent organisation on Saturday for the occasion of the reunion.
The display was second to none and in front of perhaps one of the most critical audiences the bad will ever face, as Hedley said afterwards, there was only one thing wrong with it "no one was pissed!".
Anyway both Pam and myself thougroughly enjoyed meeting so many old friends who had taken the time and trouble to travel, in some cases vast distances to attend which is what made the whole evening so worthwhile.
I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends that I hadn't seen for years and would like to mention them all here but fear I may leave some names out due to my appalling memory.
It was strange, my biggest fear was that I would not remember names or faces but during the whole evening I think I only forgot two or three at the most and to those people I say a big "sorry" but, it's an age thing!!
Once again Baz, thank you, the organisation was superb

Jem and Pam

Name: Jem
Sent: 2.11 AM - mon 6 oct 2003

Name: Geoff Hart
Hometown: North Cheam UK
Sent: 11.35 AM - thu 2 oct 2003


All the best for the reunion of reunions. Would love to be there, unfortunately being tied to a foreign military service I am required to be here in Oman at that time.

All the best for a great weekend and regards to all. Hopefully a raft of photos will appear on this site to show what was missed. Mick Holton (FOSNI Band) is also out here teaching in the Navy Band and likewise sends his greetings.

Geoff Hart RMB 4402

Staff Band Deal 1972-1978

HMS Raleigh FOP Band 1978 - 1979

The Band of the Royal Army of Oman - Percussion Instructor (SOAF Band) 1980 -1981

The Central Band of the Royal Air Force (Sorry!) 1982 -1999

WO1 Percussion Instructor - The Band of the Royal Air Force of Oman. 1999 to present day.



Name: laws.charlie
Hometown: deal
Sent: 7.37 AM - thu 2 oct 2003

Sorry unable to enjoy a weekend with a few faces from the past, ie Bill Hartland but will be in Cyprus training in the water, I was only able to go now as I've just finished training channel swimmers, I hope you have a great weekend and hopefully I shgall try next year

Name: Brian Starr
Hometown: Alverstoke, Hampshire
Sent: 4.48 PM - mon 29 sep 2003

Well that's spooky. The previous email from Mike Jones sends his apologies for not being able to attend the RMB centenary. I will also be unable to make it as I am also in Lloret de Mar for a week as of the 4th to the 11th October. Fortunately my visit is purely pleasure. I'm sure I will catch up on events from emails that I'm sure will be posted on this site after the reunion. Provided that everyone will remember out to use a keyboard after all the anaesthetic that will be consumed. Regards to Billy Walker and Irfon Higgins. .....Have a good one lads............Bri *

Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgeng.Mid Glam
Sent: 6.28 AM - mon 29 sep 2003

Hi to all out there!Sorry to disappoint all those who thought I'd be at this all important re-union.Alas,I have to be in Lloret de Mar for one week from the 4th October!Job requires me to go!!!Honestly!!
Best wishes to all those that are lucky enough to get tickets....have a good 'un!

Name: Ray (Lofty) Edwards
Hometown: Washington DC USA
Sent: 4.51 PM - sat 27 sep 2003

Good to see the reunion is sold out, should be a great night. I will be there, looking for anyone who owes me money/beer/tots/sippers etc. That should make for a few cancellations!!! Can't wait to see some old faces again.
Good luck to the Band Service for the next 100 years.
Best wishes to all serving and Ex Bandies

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 10.03 AM - mon 22 sep 2003

Hi It's me again, Hopefully everyone who requested tickets now have them. No more i'm afraid.
Reunion Weekend details
Saturday 4th 19.00 Bar Opens (Tickets only for this)
20.00 Beat Retreat ( Don't miss this spectacular!!)
On completion PDM'S Address
212.30 Buffet ( Take your time plenty for all)
01.00 Bar Close( Hedley please note!!)
During the evening a 'Quintet' from the RMSM will perform at various times.
Sunday @Memorial Service' Portsmouth Cathedral( Advice is to get there early) on completion Bar open in HMS Nelson (No tickets required also no food arranged)
13.00 approx those interested will be given tours of the 'School of Music'
HMS Nelson is a busy Naval Base and security is high those who have given me vehicular details will be given access but be warned this can be a long winde affair. If it is at all possible you are better using the Main Entrance in 'Queen Street' ( Which is for pedestrian use only) and attacking the 'Mess' on foot.
Look forward to seeing you all on the 4th October. Many thanks to all who have sent messages of support and good wishes.

Name: Mike Hickman
Hometown: Roquetas De Mar SPAIN
Sent: 5.05 AM - sun 21 sep 2003

AS we approach the celebration of 100 years of music by Royal Marine Bands we must never forget.
22nd september 1989

Name: Mike Hickman
Sent: 4.43 AM - sun 21 sep 2003

Name: Pat 'Pusser' Hill
Hometown: Pompey
Sent: 3.58 PM - sat 20 sep 2003


Many thanks for all your efforts organising the 2003 Reunion. Speaking as one with some experience organising similar events I understand there are some 'difficult passages' to play!

Rock on mate and, again, many thanks!


Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 5.15 PM - thu 18 sep 2003

Hi Richard
For information I have a reserve list for tickets for the 'Reunion' but can not make any promises.
Just to say that I am a little 'P***** Off' with some people's attitude and point out that tickets have been on sale since January, also anyone out there who can do better. ( Please be my guest!!) Starting next year. I don't think 330 tickets is a bad number and of course there has to be a limit for 'Fire and Safety Reasons' Please note that unless you have a valid ticket for the 4th October. Sorry you will not get in. I am trying very hard to get tickets for all who have sent cheques, but please be patient, and if some people think I am failing some of you. I apologise.
But don't moan just get on with it in year 2004.
Yours a little confused and somewhat angry.
To the nice Guys out there thanks for your support and I will see you in October
Barry Radford

Name: Edward McDermott (paddy)
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 9.36 AM - thu 18 sep 2003

To all ex and serving musicans,in memory of Barry (Baz)Holland, smashing mate and very loving father to his children.
Cheers Ed

Name: Mick Webster
Sent: 2.44 PM - fri 12 sep 2003

Sorry not to be with you all for the reunion,had hoped to meet up with many of you from the Blake in particular,(did you know it is now called 'Snakey Blakey' because of a bad welding job? I am hoping that some of you will drop me a line, e-mail, and perhaps call in on me and my lovely partner Stella above the shores of Loch Lomond.
We'd be delighted to hear from you.

Have a great time

Best wishes

Mick Webster ex RMB 3630 Bassoon Holder.
PS The Fiver is in the post Dickie.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 5.18 AM - mon 8 sep 2003

'Reunion 2003'All Tickets Sold. Many thanks for all your support. Sorry to those who have not yet applied, but we are sold out to the very highest ticket limit.!!!!!!!!!!!
Any oustanding requests will hve to be returned. Sorry to disappoint. But it is really great to have had such good response. See you all in October.
Once again "Thanks for your fantastic Support"
Barry Radford

Name: Dave Hirons
Hometown: Holmfirth
Sent: 7.42 AM - wed 27 aug 2003

I am trying to source any information relating to my late brother, Michael (Mike) Hirons who served with the school of music in Deal under Lt. Colonel Sir Vivian Dunn. It would be have been around the late 50's or ealy 60's I think. Mike played the clarinet and violin. Don't know much else about his time in the RM as I was very young. Can anyone provide me with any details as I would like to know more about his time with the RM. Also would like to know if there any bands in the Northwest, (Manchest/Blackpool/Lancaster) areas that my daughter could join as flute/piccolo player.
Look forward to any info.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 6.13 AM - tue 26 aug 2003

I have now received 2 Emails from Tom Lambert, replied on both occassions but to date I have had my messages returned as undeliverable. Can any one help please? meanwhile a message for Tom -
Dear Tom I am not ignoring you I promise I will be in touch.
Regards to all
Barry Radford

Hometown: WORTHING
Sent: 8.36 AM - wed 20 aug 2003

Hoping to see many "old" friends at the reunion this year, including John Hillier (remember Recife and Cape Verde!!), John Perkins and Jim Mason (remember Madang and that bloody houseboat we had the gig on in the early hours of the morning!)Tom Lambert, Max Beare, Colin Bowden and so many more, best wishes, Jem

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 12.30 PM - sun 17 aug 2003

Hi Richard, Hope all is well with you.
A reminder that time is running out for tickets for 'reunion 2003' Deadline is 24th September,sorry but after that date it will be to late, no tickets will be available on the night. I am please to say that tickets are going very well and it will be a bumper turn out highest for several years. I am also pleased to say that ticket sales from the Deal area is great (thanks for your support guys). Serving Ranks please note that numbers are down on last year, and I know I have raised this point before (but we all belonged to the same Band Service) numbers to date for Ex D of M's are 3!!. Please send your applications off now (just in case there is a Postal Strike) and it would also ease matters for me. Looking forward to seeing you all in October.

Name: John Buberle
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 4.04 PM - sat 16 aug 2003

Hi Dick,
Does anybody know the where abouts of "Splash" Spittle Bassoon/Trombone or what happened to him?


Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 2.47 PM - tue 12 aug 2003

Sad to read that having rekindled contact with another ex-squaddie, and ex-Gambian, Ronald Mackay has passed away. Makes me even more vexatious when we didnt manage to hold our fiftieth reunion....
I wonder how many of us are left now?

Name: Mick Hutton
Hometown: Newbury
Sent: 11.03 AM - tue 12 aug 2003

Just a quick reminder all you x RMBs out there.....
Get your tickets for the 4&5 October reunion.
You'll only get to celebrate 100 years once! so get your fingers out and be there.....Mick Hutton


Name: Mike Hickman
Hometown: Roquetas De Mar Almeria Spain
Sent: 8.23 AM - mon 11 aug 2003

Hello to all who remember me!
Just been reading some of the messages several names conjour up some memories. Sad to here about the passing of Mick Bromley shared many a pint with him sure he will be missed by all who knew him. Looking forward to October hope to see some old friends from years past. As you will see I am now living in retirement in Spain and enjoying every minute , drop me a line sometime and if it is possible I may have a spare bed for a week or two maybe play a bit of golf if you want. Bye for now it will be good to here from someone, if not see you at the reunion in October.
Regards to all.
Mik H

Name: Bill Callow
Hometown: Portsmouth
Sent: 3.44 PM - sun 10 aug 2003

Hi Rich, Is it that time of the year for subscription renewal? Let me know how much and where to send it and it will be done? Are you coming over for the Reunion? I've already got my ticket and Carol is coming too. Looking forward to the usual meet up in the RMA following the Memorial Service at the Cathedral.

Best wishes - Bill

Name: Michael Schooley
Hometown: Australia
Sent: 4.00 AM - wed 6 aug 2003

I am trying to locate my cousin who I have never met his name is Ken Schooley and he played percussion. He came to Australia on one of the aircraft carriers in 1966 and he was flown straight home before I could meet him. have just found out that in 72 to 79 he was on HMS Ralieigh. I have never mt him before.

Name: Tiny Taylor
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 3.48 PM - fri 1 aug 2003

If anyone knows the whereabouts of Ginge Fredricks, Ken Wharton-Emms,Chris Jaynes, Paul Rowe,Andy Hodge,Pete Cocks,could they please pass on any information they may have about them as a Reunion of 3/78 troop has been arranged for the 20 September at the RMA in Deal and we need to trace these shipmates

Name: David Gaines
Hometown: Warsash
Sent: 6.56 AM - fri 1 aug 2003

Hi Richard

Very sorry to learn of the vandalism through arson and subsequent demise of the Deal Memorial Garden. Perhaps friends and colleagues in Deal (Shipwrecks maybe?) will keep us informed of events particularly reinstatement and any call for contributions.

Best regards to you, keep up the good work.

David Gaines

Name: Scouse Worrall
Hometown: Paignton
Sent: 1.58 PM - thu 31 jul 2003

Hello all, Leaving the band service in September to start my own business as a civilian Military style bugler. If anyone can throw me anywork in i will be there. I will miss you all. Cheers Scouse

Name: derek roberts
Sent: 4.08 PM - wed 30 jul 2003

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 4.39 PM - tue 29 jul 2003

Just been talking to Gary Gilman(Ex.Bug) (Rock and Roll Fame!))He was asking if anyone could pass on John Satchwell's address in Australia. Anyone able to oblige please Email and I will pass it on to Gary.
Reunion tickets still selling well. Please don't leave it to late to get yours 26th September is the very latest deadline.


Name: Mick Jones
Hometown: Bridgend,Mid Glam
Sent: 7.53 AM - sun 27 jul 2003

Very sorry to hear of the passing of Tex Freeborn.I remember him in '63,when he was on the parade training staff,and we were preparing for our CG Squad Passout.His sense of humour was infectious.Of the old school he may have been,but he was a true gentlemen.

Name: Ray Edwards
Hometown: Crofton Maryland USA
Sent: 5.13 PM - sat 26 jul 2003

Sad to hear of Tex Freeborn's passing. Knew him from Lcpl through 1st Drill. Always the "poster boy" for the Corp that he loved. Also a great fan of the Band Service.
He will be missed by all who knew him.

RIP Tex old friend

Name: Geoff Hart
Hometown: Ghalla-Sultanate of Oman//North Cheam - Surrey
Sent: 5.47 AM - sat 26 jul 2003

Sad to see the news that Tex Freeborn has passed away.A true character, he always reminded me of the actor Windsor Davies with a similar moustache and looks. Ever razor sharp smart in uniform or civvies, it was a surprise to meet him one day on the beach when he was fishing dressed in a pair of old jeans and a well used t-shirt, I did a double-take which quite amused him.

Name: Phil Smith
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 12.37 PM - thu 24 jul 2003

Sad news I,m afraid, for all you old timers who remember him, one of the smartest 1st drill I ever knew. Tex freebourne passed away today. More news when I get it

Sent: 1.42 PM - wed 16 jul 2003


Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 8.14 AM - mon 14 jul 2003

Hi Richard
Hope your ticket has reached you by now. 140 tickets sold so far, anyone wishing to check up on any 'Buddies' attending, please ring me, Email me, Text me or even drop me a line and I will be only to willing to pass on names. Thank you all for your support. Let's make this one to remember.It would be good to hear from ex 'Band Officers' only to so far been in touch!!!!!



Name: Edward McDermott (paddy)
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 9.12 AM - wed 9 jul 2003

Just found web site, very sorry to hear of the passing of Mick Bromley, many good times at Deal 71-75. Residing in Gosport, love to hear from anyone in the area (a guinness would go down well).
Cheers Ed (paddy McD)

Name: paddy hamilton
Hometown: paignton
Sent: 2.22 PM - tue 8 jul 2003

i would like to attend with mandy. decent hotel required, any suggestions.look forward to a memorable evening.Message for tony oliver. after brians wedding evening my mobile was stolen, tried to contact since but didnt have details. would still like to attend next piss up as discussed. see you in october if not brfore

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 12.57 PM - thu 26 jun 2003

Trying to find info on Keith Johnson, Bandmaster, trumpet. Passed resently aged 80 something. Anyone with info please contact me. Have been in contact with his daughter by chance meeting.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 2.27 PM - sun 22 jun 2003

Hi Richard, Great to read on the notice board from Jock Roberts I remember him well. tried to get his Email address but to no avail!!. So if you read this Jock drop me a line, love to hear from you.
Regards to all, reunion tickets are selling well, thanks for all the support. 2003 is certainly going to be a good one.

Name: Geoff Hart
Hometown: North Cheam, Surrey
Sent: 6.03 PM - thu 12 jun 2003

Got back here in Oman to my bait at 2am after gigging late into the evening once again, to see the sad news that the old concert hall in Deal has passed on into memory.

Treasured sad and happy times will be remembered by all those who passed through those doors and into history.

Thoughts are also with Mick Bromley now sadly departed.

For all of you who are reading this and have not paid your subs for this year, please make the effort and donate the minimal fee for this excellent service which has been provided unstintingly by your webmaster.

Contribute your subscriptions to uphold the memory of those departed and times past that have been an anchor in our lives and which has also brought together long lost friendships.

I don't think it's too much to ask, let's turn all those red boxes green.

Regards and best wishes to all fellow musicians.

Geoff Hart

WO1 Percussion Instructor
The Band of the Royal Air Force of Oman

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 6.28 AM - tue 10 jun 2003

Hi To All,
Attended Michael(Mick)Bromleys funeral yeasterday. along with to mention a few Bob and Mrs. Baker Alan and Mrs Walker Roger and Mrs. Whitehouse Ken and Mrs Rollins Wally and Mrs Walters Chick and Mrs Hitchcock Peter Selby John Alford Rodney Williamson. My everlasting memory will be of a 'Tot' being placed on Michael's coffin. 'A fitting gesture' and of course we all migrated to his local for a drink or too.It is so pleasing to read the many anecdotes on the notice board and I can assure you that many more were re-aired yesterday. Michael's Fiancee Eunice was touched with the many messages relayed to her from many friends. God Bless you Michael you will never be forgotten.




Name: Geoff Comber
Hometown: Bourne , Lincs
Sent: 11.39 AM - sun 8 jun 2003

Hello to anyone that remembers me ! Sad to hear about Mick Bromley , I seem to remeber playing a lot of Eucre with him at Deal in the Staff Band during the mid seventies . I was only a teenager so I didn't know him well but still.... Anyone heard of George Sketcher lately ?

Name: Mike Jones
Hometown: Bridgend,Mid - Glam.
Sent: 6.55 AM - sun 8 jun 2003

Very sad news about the demise of a true stalwart,Mick Bromley.My memories too,are of the infectious fun he generated to us, especially during the trying days of 'Bandmaster's conducting classes,where quite often we used to "suffer" playing in the orchestra on Friday afternoons!

Terrific bloke in every way and definitely a 'morale booster'.He will be greatly missed.Thanks mate.
Mike Jones

Name: Pat Patterson
Hometown: Nottingham
Sent: 6.54 AM - sun 8 jun 2003

Hi all. Been living in Winchester for 15 years running a pub.Seen a couple of guys, Taff Simpson, Robbie Roberts, call in for a beer

Name: dan archer
Hometown: kettering
Sent: 10.50 AM - sat 7 jun 2003

sorry to hear the sad news of Mick Bromley....Mick was the Deal Bugler's friend.We all sank many a pint in the True Brit. A good guy.
Dan Archer

Name: Merv Hyatt
Hometown: Williton
Sent: 5.42 PM - fri 6 jun 2003

Logging on tonight I have heard the sad news of the passing of Mick Bromley, and thoughts of my time in Staff Band came flooding back - not that I have ever forgotten. Mick taught me how to 'bob and weave'during those years, and I have one vivid memory of a Thursday night concert with Mick selling programmes.

After the morning rehearsal everyone got changed into civvies, but not Mick! He'd ben selected to be chief programme seller that evening, so not having to show his musical expertise at ths particular concert got fully 'booted and spurred' for the evenings concert - having spent the afternoon enjoying the delights of the RMA and the '53 Club (oh those days!) was back at the Concert Hall ON TIME to sell the programmes with a 'tickler' tin to keep the proceeds. A lady came up to him asking for a programme bradishing a ten pound note - Mick's face was a picture. A comment of "haven't you got anything 'f.... smaller" was heard echoing around the Concert Hall followed by the emptying of the tin contents all over the stage with coins rolling everywhere. It wouldn't have been quite so bad - except that lady was my mum.

Rest in peace Mick - and thank you

Regards to all - see you at the reunion

Name: Brian short
Sent: 10.29 AM - fri 6 jun 2003

Just a quick thankyou to all those who supported the recent charity lunch at 'Alleycatz'in Deal. With the lunch, charity auction and bar profits [!]we raised £1407 for the families of Royal Marines killed or injured in Iraq. I am sure no one will mind that we also had a good time in the process!Thanks again. Brian

Hometown: worthing
Sent: 6.49 AM - tue 3 jun 2003

So sorry to hear the sad news of the death of Mick Bromley, I remember having many a laugh with him, and not to mention several runs ashore with Mick, Harry Prescott and Johnny Woods (WOODS JN.)
The last I heard of Mick was that he was working on the ferries out of Dover, what a geat bloke, he will be sadly missed.


Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton. Bedfordshire
Sent: 2.25 AM - tue 3 jun 2003

So sad to hear of the passing of Mick Bromley, we served to gether on HMS TIGER 61-63 he was always good for a good laugh. God Bless you Mick.... Noel

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 1.19 PM - mon 2 jun 2003

Hi again Richard,
Details for the funeral of Michael(MIck) Bromley. It will take place on Monday 9th June 2003 at Margate Crematorium at 16.00.
A plea to anyone who knew Mick and can make it to Margate, please,please do so. Lets try and give him a fond farewell.
Regards to all

Name: barry radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 7.36 AM - sun 1 jun 2003

Hi Richard,
Just heard the sad news that Michael (Mick) Bromley has passed away. As soon as I have any further details I will be in touch. I joined up with Mick in February 1956. He was a a bit of a legend. A great Guy.

Name: James Saunders
Hometown: Whitby North Yorks
Sent: 10.13 AM - thu 22 may 2003

Hi, my dad has asked me to see if he can get in touch with any of his old band memders he was RMBX2704 Squad 115 served from 1949-1961. He would also like to hear from anyone who Knows Brian "pip" Phillips.Thank you

Name: andy terry
Hometown: worcester
Sent: 1.59 AM - sat 17 may 2003

went to pompey last weekend for rich bolands 40th bought back good memories thought i would try and get in touch with any one who remembers me.looking for pete cox sax & violin. am at present at university boing my nursin wishes to all.

Name: john richmond
Hometown: annan
Sent: 4.29 AM - fri 16 may 2003

my grandfather played with the band during ww2, he served on hms Rodney and played solo cornet with the Rodney band.sadly he passed away last year.he told us so many great stories and we have many great pictures of him with the band.i would just like to say thanks to all that served in the recent conflict be safe.

Name: John Hart
Hometown: Knottingley
Sent: 10.45 AM - wed 14 may 2003

Hi ,Hello to all my old mates !! What a nice website .
Kevin & I are both up here in Yorkshire pounding the beat as Police Officers .
It would be lovely to hear from any of the old gang .

Name: Dennis Morgan
Hometown: Llanelli
Sent: 12.55 PM - mon 5 may 2003

Shipmates I as a member of the HMS Ganges Bugle Band in 1967, Would Like to get a C.D. called Sound The Alert I have tried to locate this C.D. please can any one send me details on how to obtain it
Yours Aye
Dennis Morgan
contact address
17, Uppercross Road,Llanelli, Carms.SA15 1NX
Tel:- 01554 771701 "e"mail

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough
Sent: 1.18 PM - thu 24 apr 2003

Hi Richard,
An update on 'Reunion 2003'. Tickets are selling well even at this early date, lots of 'First Timers' Keep on sending them in folks earlier rather,than last minute.Accommodation list available.
Best Wishes to All
Barry Radford

Name: Jem Tugwood
Hometown: WORTHING
Sent: 8.21 AM - fri 11 apr 2003

Hello Roy,
Still trying to work out how to use this computer everytime I try to send something it seems to go off somewhere else.
Anyway how's things?
I noted your suggestion for a Blue Reflection reunion but after Birmingham I definitely don't think I'd be able to get you back on stage a 2nd time!!.
Great times though, hoping to get to the reunion this year with my new lady, Heather is still great but we're just not together anymore.
Hope to see you soon.


Name: peter worby
Hometown: bedfordshire
Sent: 6.55 AM - tue 8 apr 2003

my grandad charles worby from east london was in the band in ww1 1914-18...thats all i know, i have no photo of him and wondered if any historian out there has covered the bands of ww1.. my grandad was distinctive as he was nearly 6ft 7" and a big bloke...dark hair and moustache.....anyone know anything on him at all please

Name: Brian MacInnes
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Canada
Sent: 12.36 PM - thu 3 apr 2003

Band Sgt. Major, The 48th Highlanders oc Canada, Military Band, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Looking to make email contact with PAUL LUFFORD

Name: Mike Southon (RMB 4342)
Hometown: Fareham
Sent: 1.22 PM - sat 29 mar 2003

During 1971/2 I was station at the Royal Marine School of Music in Deal. I am trying to obtain any photos of bandsmen and RMB events taken during this time. If anyone can help I would be very grateful.


Name: Andy Waugh
Hometown: Torpoint
Sent: 3.20 PM - fri 28 mar 2003

Hi all that know me, living in Torpoint for the moment due to unforseen circumstances, anyone wishing to make contact would be most welcome. God Bless the Band service past and Present.

Name: Geordie Rowell
Hometown: Hartlepool
Sent: 9.18 AM - wed 26 mar 2003

Can TICH TREWERN get back in touch with me. I have tried to reply to his Email but it keeps getting sent back to me.

Name: Peter Brain
Hometown: Southampton
Sent: 4.50 PM - sun 23 mar 2003

My father, Les "Turk" Brain (RMB 2907) served between 1923 and 1948. Passed away in April 1985. During his service he was an avid photographer. I have many pictures taken during his service, especially of time spent abourd HMS Resolution between 1941 and 1943. I hope to be able to scan these and forward to the HMS Resolution web site in the near future. Best wishes to all past and present band members. Being raised on a diet of music Royal Marines style brings a sense of pride whenever I have the priviledge of witnessing an RM Band playing.

Name: Sharon Griffith
Hometown: Chirk, Wrexham
Sent: 5.38 PM - fri 21 mar 2003

I would like to announce the death of my father Robert Donald (Taff) Griffith who died on Sept 17 2002. He served as a bandsman in the Royal Marines from 1954 to 1972. His instrument was the cornet.
I remember spending a large part of my childhood in Deal, Kent; my father served here from about 1954 to 1965. Following this we went to Singapore for two and a half years from 1965 to 1967. Whilst here we resided in Serangoon.
Both my family and my mother (Jane) would sincerely like to hear from any of my father's former collegues with whom he served as it would bring us great comfort; he is sadly missed.
I thank you all for taking the time to read this message and look forward to hearing from you.

yours Sincerley
Sharon Griffith

Name: Stuart Thorn
Hometown: Halstead Essex
Sent: 3.38 PM - thu 20 mar 2003

I play horn in the British Police Symphony Orchestra, alongside percussionist ex-RMB Trevor White-Sansom. He is now (just!) over 70 and still plays the tympani very effectively with us. We are playing a concert (Rach symph 2) in Lincoln Cathedral in May on Trevor's birthday and one of the players is arranging a "This is Your Life" event for him. As an ex "Booty Bandy" I have been asked to find out if there's anyone out there who would like to take part and turn up as a long-lost oppo and surprise him on the night!! It'll be a great evening, the orchestra is really very good, (despite me being in it!) so - are there any takers? Please reply, even if it's to send any ditties that can be used on the night to get a good laugh. I look forward to hearing from anyone who either knows me or Trevor. Thanks.

Name: Pete Westaway
Hometown: Par - Cornwall
Sent: 7.20 AM - tue 11 mar 2003

Some people have had trouble contacting me
this is my correct e mail address. many thanks for those who have contacted me.

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 3.38 PM - fri 7 mar 2003

Any ex gambians who would like to attend our mini reunion in Tenby from the second of May to the 5th of May 2003, are most welcome. Please apply with £5 deposit to our Hon Secretary Mr Les Newman at 3, Coppice Road, Whitnash, Leamington Spa, CV31 2JE. Or see our web page at Other members of ships associations may also apply. The need for this trawl is, we have a shortage of members due to a conflict of dates, with many of our number attending the Atlantic Convoy 6oth and last Celebration. Shame for this event not to be well supported.

Name: Scollick G
Hometown: Exmouth
Sent: 7.18 PM - fri 28 feb 2003

LCPL BUG G Scollick
Best Wishes to all

Name: Pete Westaway
Hometown: Par Cornwall
Sent: 8.09 AM - thu 27 feb 2003

Hi everybody,
Just had a computer for xmas. Great to see so many friends in the guestbook, Love to hear from anyone who has the time
Regards to all Pete.

Name: John Lennon
Hometown: Brisbane Australia
Sent: 5.16 AM - mon 24 feb 2003

Hi ! From the land down under. Please visit the RAN (colonial) Band Association Web site. We have some great traditional ties with the RM Bands.


John Lennon (yes ! that is correct)

ex CPO Musn RAN

Name: jim shanks
Hometown: exmouth
Sent: 4.54 PM - fri 21 feb 2003

went to the royal albert hall and once again the band did us proud,with all the abstractions and commitments
it was up to the usual excellent standard,for the friday night show.regards to all the staff,my commiserations to the drummers who had to endure the two sessions of ghosting which i am sure was not of their choosing.semper fi.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 4.46 AM - tue 18 feb 2003

To David Kristine Nigel Kevin Beverley. Thank you for a wonderful weekend with you all. What a wonderful Family you all are. Looking forward to meeting you all again.Great to meet up with Jim Mason and Alice after all these years. God Bless you all. Noel & Sheila

Name: russ davies
Hometown: Plymouth
Sent: 6.12 PM - sun 16 feb 2003

Russ Davies percussion.
this is my first visit to the guestbook and it has been very enjoyable reading names that brought back so many memories. if pedro hewitt Bart bartholomew or john lusher are still online give me an e. mail. that also applies to any other bandies i served with between 1962/1978. wishing you all a prosperous new year.

Name: John Buberle
Hometown: Gosport
Sent: 10.05 AM - thu 6 feb 2003

My thanks Dickie for such a great site, have been able to meet up with my old chum Dave Varlow after all of these years through your site, and still see Ken Hayward(Myatt)ex French Horn left J/Wing changed to GD, and still great friends after 44 years,also see & speak to Noel Crook a great deal, that says something about the comradeship of the Band Service.

Best Wishes to everyone for the coming Year
John (Bubs)

Name: Peter Eaton
Sent: 10.31 AM - fri 31 jan 2003

I'm looking for Mike Button. He was on the royal yacht in the seventies. If anyone has his address please e-mail me. Thanks

Name: michael hutton
Hometown: Newbury. RG20 8SL
Sent: 5.39 AM - thu 30 jan 2003

Just a reminder to all you x RMBs out there. The RAH concerts are on! The 'All Stars' on the 9th March is going to be fantastic, so if you cant get a ticket come and see us in the afternoon at rehearsal. There is plenty of time between rehearsal and performance to meet up and have a chat. We're celebrating 100 years of history this year, and even though you may feel that old! lets get together! Dont foget the big do in October....Contact the great Barry Radford for details.

Mick Hutton

Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham Hants
Sent: 7.15 PM - wed 29 jan 2003

To Jem Tugwood

How about a Blue Reflection Re-Union Concert.........?

Roy Vocals extrordinaire

Name: Roy Hallin
Hometown: Fareham hants
Sent: 7.12 PM - wed 29 jan 2003


Help! How do I pay? I'm new to all this complicated electric typewiter business............

Hi to all ex Bandies who remember me............Long may your Lucies be Long!


Name: Colin Brocklebank
Hometown: Exmouth
Sent: 12.53 PM - sun 26 jan 2003

Hi Red, Would love you to make contact with me during your visit to England. I await a message from you.
Colin and Helen.

Name: Jed Stone
Hometown: CAN YOU HELP?
Sent: 10.33 AM - tue 14 jan 2003

I am the eldest son to John and Mauveen Stone who will celebrate their golden wedding anniversary on the 14th of February in 6 weeks time.
We the family are organising a celebration of this event secretly as a surprise for them at a hotel in Cornwall.
A friend of John , Mike Hutton has recently written an article on the band that was on HMS Glasgow on its arrival in Malta in 1953 where John ( a French hornist ) met my mother Mauveen, 9 months later up pops me followed over the years by my 4 brothers and sisters.
The reason for contacting you is to put an invite to any of his fellow band mates from then to when he retired in the mid 70s as a bandmaster especially his best man. Is this possible with your help as I do realise time is short.
You may have some name and addresses to whom through you we may make contact as in these times I do realize the implications of security.

hoping to hear from you
Jed Stone



Name: Bernard Maxie Beare
Hometown: Silverdale
Sent: 4.45 AM - tue 14 jan 2003

Greetings one and all from Aotearoa NZ, from the South Pacific we send New Year Greetings to all serving and non serving members. Have a peaceful prosperous and healthy 2003,,,, Max and Katherine

Name: Barry Radford
Sent: 3.13 AM - sat 11 jan 2003

Hi Richard, A belated 'Happy New Year ' to You and Yours.
I am already having requests for the 'Reunion 2003'. (Which is great). Can I please confirm that the dates are 4th and 5th October and it will be held in HMS. Nelson on the Saturday and Portsmouth Cathedral for the Memorial Service on the Sunday. Details or cost have not yet been finalised, ( anyone with any ideas or requests please contact me asap). I envisage that tickets will go on sale in April. I will be at Margate for the 'All Stars Concert' with application forms and they of course will be available from me at home and also on your website and the 'Blue Band'. Cheers Barry

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 12.22 PM - thu 9 jan 2003

Sad to hear of the passing of Kevin (scouse) Kenny, especially as there is so much going on about the Med Fleet Band at this time,was with Kevin at Phoenicia 53-55. Thank you to Christine for the photos, 3 I did not have in my collection. God Bless you Kevin, a very sad loss. Noel

Name: Stuart Brown
Hometown: Trowbridge
Sent: 7.28 AM - thu 9 jan 2003

Trying to locate a 45rpm record by the band conducted by Sir Vivian Dunn, which I was given in the 1960s and now want to get - or put - onto CD. It featured a marvellous performance of a work by Gordon Jacob (the Festive Overture, I think, but I'm not sure). Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Name: Ray (Lofty) Edwards
Hometown: Maryland USA
Sent: 3.13 AM - wed 1 jan 2003

Happy and prosperous new year to all.

Name: Mick Jones
Hometown: Bridgend, Mid Glamorgan.
Sent: 3.25 PM - tue 31 dec 2002

Hi to everyone,and a 'happy new year to all our readers'. A good new years resolution for those who haven' your dues NOW!
Thanks for everything Rich.
Best wishes,
Mick Jones.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton Bedfordshire
Sent: 3.24 PM - mon 30 dec 2002

To all you avid readers of these pages I wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR. Rich how do I get my subs to you. Best Wishes Noel

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 2.46 PM - mon 30 dec 2002

Happy New Year to everyone, and especially to you Rich, and hoping that things turn out well for you in 2003. Non-payers? What a complete shower!

Name: Hooky Walker
Hometown: Margate
Sent: 3.09 PM - sun 29 dec 2002

On behalf of John (fanny) Waters, he would like to know the whereabouts of Bob Brown, and Graham Robinson. If anyone can help with this request, please get in touch at the above address.

Name: Kevin HILLIER
Hometown: Frankston, Victoria, Australia
Sent: 7.35 AM - tue 24 dec 2002

I am looking forward to returning to the UK for a holiday in June 2003 and looking forward to meeting up with members of the 1980 Bandmasters Course. I was that aussie Petty Officer who conducted the School of Music Orchestra with an aluminium "bat"on aka Denis Lillee's cricket bat. Colin Brocklebank, Graeme Harvey, Alan Rigden & Gerry? Robinson and of course the staff as well. Happy New Year to you all.

Name: jem tugwood
Hometown: worthing sussex
Sent: 11.29 AM - mon 23 dec 2002

I know I need to pay someone some something regarding this fab website but can't work out just how to do it please advise.
But apart from that crap best wishes to all those that remember me including John Hillier, John perkins, Jim Mason, Graham Hoskins,John Ware, Malc Kennard, Tom Lambert, Colin Bowden, Eric Mckone, Mick Hutton, Dan Archer etc etc etc hoping you and all your families have a great Christmas and a very happy new year.

Best Wishes

Jem (ex Blake, Tiger, Thunderer, Deal, HMY Britannia Fonac etc

Name: Arthur Deakin (RMB/X 3113)
Hometown: Blackhall, Cleveland
Sent: 4.25 PM - fri 20 dec 2002

Hi to any of the old boy's. If you remember me send an E-Mail.Cheers Arthur

Hometown: folkestone
Sent: 1.27 PM - mon 16 dec 2002


Name: Brian
Hometown: Gosport, Hampshire.
Sent: 9.46 AM - sun 15 dec 2002

Just want to wish all your paying members a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Year. To all the non paying member.......Bahhhh Humbug!

Name: Darrell Asplund
Hometown: Vancouover, WA USA
Sent: 6.20 PM - sat 14 dec 2002

Once a Marine, ALWAYS A MARINE!
Even a Yank like me!
Very interesting site!

Name: paddy hamilton
Hometown: Paignton
Sent: 6.11 PM - sun 1 dec 2002

Back on line. Just returned from abroad. Love to hear from all old friends. Anyone fancy a pint! Can't wait.

Name: Jim (Jock) Campbell
Hometown: Aberdeen
Sent: 5.32 AM - sat 30 nov 2002

Great site, a lot of good times from a lot of people that I enjoyed serving with. Would love to here from anyone that remembers me.

Name: Ronald Mackay
Hometown: LEVEN/FIFE
Sent: 3.08 PM - fri 29 nov 2002

Hi Rasher,
Tried several times and keep getting rejected,have you given the correct e.mail adress?

Name: Jim Hawkins Ex POMUSN RAN
Hometown: Lismore - Northern NSW Aust.
Sent: 5.10 AM - thu 21 nov 2002

Congratulations for the best web-site relating to Ex-Service Musicians. The RAN Band Assoc. has just started our site, and all ex RM Bandies are welcome to visit us. Your 'Archives' pages are a 'gem', and I have enjoyed the comments and photos - many names I recognise. Kind regards from 'Aussie' - Jim Hawkins, National Secretary RAN Band Association.

Name: Barry Radford
Sent: 4.56 AM - thu 21 nov 2002

Hi Richard,
Great report on 'Reunion 2002'(Thanks for your input). To quote your good self "You need to go if you want to know". How true . Next year is a 'Big One'. Put it in your diaries. 4th and 5th October 2003. Book early, come and see what it's all about.
Best wishes to everybody out there.
Barry Radford


Name: Dave Bentley
Hometown: Milton Keynes
Sent: 12.43 PM - mon 18 nov 2002

Name: Derek Usher
Hometown: Lovedean Waterlooville Hants
Sent: 5.49 PM - sun 17 nov 2002

RMB3645 Joined April '57 left Jan '70. (See Old Guestbook) Hiya ya all! If there's any 'Old Farts' out there that still remembers me (aswell as those I either failed to recognise or just did'nt get enough time to speak to at October's brilliant reunion) PLEASE get in touch. Don't you just love memory lane?

In the meantime if anyone knows whatever happened to my old 'buddy' at Excellent Jim Mc Claren '68 to '70 let me know will you. Thanks a bunch.

Derek "Ush" Usher

Name: Geordie Rowell
Hometown: Hartlepool Cleveland
Sent: 2.53 PM - fri 15 nov 2002

Hello everyone.I would like to hear drom anyone who remembers me.Joined as a boy bugler in 1962 and left as a Cpl/Bugler in 1974.By the way this is a great site.Keep up the good work.

Hometown: f/stone
Sent: 1.23 PM - wed 13 nov 2002

hello lynn james when are you going to get in touch?

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 3.17 PM - sat 2 nov 2002

Happy Anniversary Rich, and pleased to note that my cheque/check has been cashed for my contribution to 2003/2004.

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Sent: 9.45 AM - sat 2 nov 2002

Happy Anniversary Dickie,
We don't look any different do we!!

Name: colinbacon
Hometown: plymouth
Sent: 3.47 AM - sat 26 oct 2002

Ronald Mackay

Ron I keep getting my Emails sent Back

Hope this works

Name: colin bacon
Hometown: Plymouth
Sent: 1.47 PM - fri 18 oct 2002

hi everyone
just thought I`d say Hi to anyone out there who may remember me and would like to get in touch (Hopefully)
Best Wishes to everyone going to the reunion. Have a good one

Name: Mike (Mick)Jones
Hometown: Bridgend,Mid Glamorgan
Sent: 6.48 AM - thu 17 oct 2002

Dear Richard,
Just to let your readers of the fabulous website know,that my return to the UK is planned for the 20th October.
Sincere good wishes to you.
Mick Jones

Name: Ronald MacKay
Hometown: Leven
Sent: 4.13 AM - wed 16 oct 2002

Colin Rasher Bacon,

Please send your e.mail address so that I can contact you.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough. Northants
Sent: 3.55 AM - wed 16 oct 2002

Richard ignore the dates on my last message. Due to clash with 'Great South Run''Reunion 2003' will now be - Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th October . Sorry to mess people about, but we thought because it is the 'Big One' both accommodation and travel would be less hassle on the new dates.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough
Sent: 4.46 AM - mon 14 oct 2002

Hi Richard, Great to see you over the weekend. What a great time was had by all. (But I am biased!!! Thanks for your support.Dates for 'Reunion 2003' 11th and 12th October. HMS. NELSON, Celebrating the big '100' years of Royal Naval Music Making. I trust that you had a good and safe journey back home.

Name: Craig "sven" Blundell
Hometown: Godalming Surrey
Sent: 5.34 AM - sun 13 oct 2002

Hey all, great great site,anyone who remembers me, please leave me a message at mine

best wishes


Name: Alan Webb
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 7.39 PM - sat 12 oct 2002

Hi Dickie, sorry I missed you in New York recently, no doubt I will see you in Deal again before long. I just saw the photo of the 3rd Cdo Bgd dance band, and to the best of ny knowledge (and memory) these are the names.L-R Bass: Ken (knocker)White, Saxes:Doug Lithgow, Glyn Oramek, Barry Hughes. Trumpets: B.Sgt Syd Richardson, Dave (Hooky) Walker. Piano: Graeme Nicholson. Not so sure about the spelling of some, but a brave attempt at the names, and without a safety net !!!

See you soon mate.
Alan (The Drummer).

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough
Sent: 3.51 AM - mon 7 oct 2002

Hi Everybody, Last chance for 'Reunion2002' tickets, it happens this coming Saturday and Sunday in 'Pompey'. Numbers up on last year. Email me now .
Richard is on his way over.

Name: William D. Merica
Hometown: Glen Burnie,Maryland USA
Sent: 9.31 PM - fri 4 oct 2002

Excellent website.I really enjoyed looking in.

Thank you,

William D. Merica
Lcpl USMCret disability

Name: Ray Lloyd
Sent: 5.24 PM - fri 4 oct 2002

Hello Dickie,
I hope this finds you well, I just had to email you, I don't believe in the paranormal or anything like that, but I just clicked onto the site for the 1st time for a while, I am sat at my desk with my headphones on listening to Hits for the 60 & 70s, can you imagine my surprise when as I was reading the article by Paddy Semple about their Dance Band and julie Rogers who had a hit with The Wedding, when it came on my headphones, Bloody hell I thought, what a strange feeling. I had no idea what tracks are on this CD I bought it last week at a carboot sale and the programme listing is missing. The truth is out there!!
Sorry I can't get to the Reunion this year but I will try next year.
Keep up the good work,ps
I never made it to Singapore but my kit did, my draft was cancelled.
Best wishes

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants.
Sent: 8.32 AM - mon 9 sep 2002

Hi Richard, Many thanks for your Email, Looking forward to seeing you in October. Ticket Sales are ok. but it looks as though we could be down on last year. Come on you folk, give it a try, lots of people make comments and never appear to try to attend. We have people coming lots of miles. If they can make the effort. Why can't we? Had my moan, regards to all. Cheers Barry.

Name: Gerry Taylour
Hometown: Nottingham
Sent: 2.43 PM - sat 7 sep 2002

Hello to All,
Anybody out there remember me?
Have really enjoyed perusing this web site.
Recognising some names has brought back some memories.
My no. was X2742,so that will date me.
First posting 'HMS'Terror 1952-1954.
RNB Portsmouth 1955-1957.
RMB Eastney 1957-1962.
Deal 1962-1964.

Then left to start a new career in Electricity Supply Industry. Retired 8 years ago.

Still playing (trombone now) with local wind bands.

I often wonder what became of some my old mates, such as Colin Jukes, Ted Hewlett and Wally Shillito.

That's all for now, will sit back and see what the response is.

All the best

Gerry Taylour

Still gettig used to this e-mail lark.

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton. Beds
Sent: 5.05 AM - sat 7 sep 2002

A geat thank you to you Dickie, helping me to find Andy Mytum which only took 4 days.Looking forward to the Reunion.Best Wishes Noel.


Name: Bob Smith
Hometown: Newton Abbot, Devon
Sent: 3.02 PM - sat 17 aug 2002

Hi all. Left CTC band in 1979 and joined The Devon and Cornwall Police. Joined in 1972 as bugler / drummer and trained with Jim Trewern. Still in touch with Dave Parker and Gary Powell. It would be great to hear from anyone. CYA in the Countermarch

Name: G.Blackstone
Sent: 10.52 AM - wed 14 aug 2002

Why do we not have a combined Bandies and marine commando website. Seems such a sham as most marine commandoses loved walking behind Bandies with the music playing


Name: malcolm styles[trombone]
Hometown: Calne.Wiltshire
Sent: 5.21 PM - tue 13 aug 2002

Does anyone out there know the whereabouts of ex Bd/Cpl Eric Gilham[trombone].Phoenicia 1958/59,M Coy 1960.Was my 'up-homers'in Malta.

Name: Carlton garrett
Hometown: Brooklyn, New York USA
Sent: 12.29 PM - sun 11 aug 2002

Good Day
USA Viet Nam area Marine saying hello to all Royal British Marines. Spent 2 years played French Horn with NATO Band before being transfer to 26th Marine 3rd Division Marines. Take care and have a great day.

Name: Keith Ridley
Hometown: St.Neots Cambridgeshire
Sent: 4.17 PM - mon 29 jul 2002

11/10 for a great site. But......where are all you ex buglars. We need a decent pair of lips for Rememberance Sunday. Come on Royals , step forward & step up, Chin up, chest out. Your TOT is waiting.
Keith 01480 810848

Name: sian gillespie nee phillips
Hometown: Taunton
Sent: 10.18 AM - sat 27 jul 2002

served at Deal as Wrn Wtr, left 1993. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me (who could forget). Also Sid Davis if your out there please get in touch would love to hear from you. Thankyou.

Name: Brian Bambrick-Sattar
Sent: 3.58 AM - wed 24 jul 2002

Hello there,

I've enjoyed having a look around your site and will come back again in the future.
There is a large forces community at and I thought that you might like to have a look.

Warmest Regards,
Brian Bambrick-Sattar

Name: Alan Webb
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 3.45 AM - wed 24 jul 2002

Hi everyone,as my job takes me away from home for long spells, this site is a Godsend, and I cannot thank Dickie and Bill enough for having the foresight to start it. I aways read the pages on this site but never make a contribution, so here goes. I recently left Royal Caribbean International (Cruise ships) after almost 4 years as Chief Security Officer on "Rhapsody of the Seas". I am now on vacation after completing my first contract on a brand new ship called "The World", she is 44,000 tons and is designed to just cruise the world, the difference is that she is not a cruise ship, but a floating resort, hence you don't "book" a cabin, you buy an apartment(don't ask the price). Anyway, enough waffle, the purpose of my writing is to tell you that I will be literally all over the world in the coming months and years. I know that there are many of you out there is the USA, Canada and Australia and if you know or remember me, then please look up the ships site which is: it will give the ships itinerary, and if you are close by, drop me a line and arrange a visit. I will be back onboard mid September in Montreal, Canada and then around the east coast including New York. It would be good to see any of you.

Cheers and regards.
Alan Webb ( ex musical drummer)

Name: Tiny Taylor
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 3.54 AM - mon 15 jul 2002

Just found this web page , its good to see so familiar names again . Just watched the annual RM Band concert on the bandstand here in Deal great to meet up with old shipmates again .I had the pleasure of Jess James and Micky Barham for 2 days and am still suffering, hello to you all.

Name: Lynn (Jamie) James
Hometown: Gloucester (UK)
Sent: 10.21 PM - sun 14 jul 2002

Hi to all that remember me (and to all those I owe money too)! Just found the site. Good to see all the old names again. Spread out across the globe and doing very well by the looks of it? My musical training/abilities have obviously served me well, after 23 years in the pub game I am now driving a milk tanker? Seems like Leo Arnold got it right back in '65 when my assessment read "Hasn't got a clue, but looks like he could be fun on a run ashore. Every Band needs one of these. Give him something to hit, and stick him at the back!!" Happy days, good memories, great mates. Hoping to make Deal and the "Shipwrecks" soon, and possibly the reunion in October. All donations gratefully received, cash preferred but all major credit cards accepted, cheques made payable to "That suave, sophisticated, gets better looking with age, sexually depraved, randy, senile old bastard!!" Any body thats still alive and remembers me drop me a line. Take care all. Hope to catch up with you soon. Regards, JAMIE.

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 1.07 PM - fri 12 jul 2002

Hi, I need help!! A few weeks ago I had a phone call from 'Bugler Extrodiniare' Gary Gillman, giving me his new address and telephone number!! You guessed it. It has gone missing. So anyone able to help, please get in touch. 'Reunion 2002' Tickets sales are going ok. But please don't leave it until the last minute, if you are coming get your tickets, if you are not attending . Why not?. Regards to all. Cheers Barry

Name: Geoff Hart
Sent: 2.20 PM - mon 8 jul 2002

With reference to the previous message, I meant to write STILL and not STRILL. This comes of trying to type after gigging all evening interspersed with alcoholic lubricants! Greater care has been exercised with this massage (or should that read message?)
Regards as ever!
Geoff Hart.

Name: Geoff Hart
Sent: 2.15 PM - mon 8 jul 2002

Have just read Ron Mackays request for my address and replied to him. It's strill bloody hot out here as I enter my fourth year as WO1 Percussion Instructor in the Band of the Royal Air Force of Oman. I'm back on leave in the UK from 20 Jul to 20 Aug 02, and am open to offers to meet in a suitable drinking establishment to swing the lamp!
All the best,

Hometown: LEVEN/FIFE
Sent: 9.48 AM - wed 3 jul 2002

Does anyone know if GEOFF HART is still in OMAN?If so I would appreciate his e.mail address.

Name: Craig"sven" Blundell
Hometown: Godalming Surrey
Sent: 5.59 AM - mon 1 jul 2002

Hey guys, great site. Hope your all well. I'm still wrpped up in the bizzare world of session drumming. still working with mike rutherford . Finally finished with all the girly pop bands!! and what happens....I land a tour with a boyband!!! arghhh!! just did a great charity gig with bruce dickinson from Iron Maiden and still doing drum clinics and festivals allover the world. Be great to hear from anyone who remembers my awesome bugling ability!!!!

Name: Brian Short
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 4.49 AM - fri 28 jun 2002

Good to see the site is as strong and fresh as ever.

Just got back from a good holiday in Florida: Spent a day away from the man theme parks and bumped into David Yates! I promised not to mention that it was a queue for an Aladin 3d i won't !
Good to see a friendly face so far from home and Dave passes on his best wishes to the Deal shipwrecks crowd.
Short of Deal

Name: Simon Peck
Hometown: Peterborough
Sent: 1.53 PM - tue 25 jun 2002

Happy memories come flooding back by the many names on this site I had the pleasure of serving with, look forward to hearing from anyone that remembers me.
Great site !!!!!

Name: Lane Williams
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Sent: 9.03 PM - thu 20 jun 2002

Good morning. Your website is both entertaining and educational! I would appreciate info on the date of a recording I have entitled "The Church's One Foundation" by the Royal Military Band. This is matrix #2444 recorded on "THE WINNER" record label in Britian. This is a 10" 78 rpm, plausibly dated around 1912-1914. Date of recording would be appreciated if possible.

Thanks, so much
Lane Williams
813 Deercrest Lane
Evans, GA 30809 US

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 10.50 AM - thu 20 jun 2002

Hi Richard, Just been reading the message from Gordon (Nobby) Clark.He has already purchased his Reunion 2002 tickets, has as Bob Hodkin, also had a great phone call from Bob Ellis, last week, first I have heard from him since 1964 - 5!! Great to talk to him. Bob is also coming to the Reunion . Courtney Morton etc. etc. Keep the requests coming guys, lets make it a good rehearsal for the Big '100' next year. On a more serious note, recentlyheard from John (Gunner)Hargreaves, (Euph & 'Cello type)He has been mugged and was feeling low , then he fell and he has broken his ankle in 2 places. I am sure he would love to hear from any one who remembers him(Short arms and Deep pockets!!) If you would like to contact me I will pass on his address etc. Best wishes to all. Barry

Hometown: Leven/Fife
Sent: 9.56 AM - tue 18 jun 2002

Great to see so many ex/RMB,s keeping in touch with each other.I would like to hear from anyone who remembers me.


Name: Caron Bowyer
Hometown: Macclesfield
Sent: 6.05 AM - mon 17 jun 2002


Name: Tony Hunter nei Overton
Hometown: Kennethmont Aberdeenshire
Sent: 10.05 AM - fri 7 jun 2002

Hi to all out there who remember me. Could some one email me please to where I can send my payment to our Dicky so He and others can keep this greatsdite going.
Many thanks and look forward to hearing from old friends.


Name: alan {jock}lyall
Hometown: jedburgh
Sent: 1.19 PM - mon 3 jun 2002

any old mates please get in touch been out in the big wide world for 7 years hardly heard from any of 2/72 squad.please e-mail.........

Name: Tony
Hometown: Bolton
Sent: 8.53 PM - sun 2 jun 2002

god bless the lads who were murdered at deal in 1989.They,like all victims of terrorism,will never be forgotten.

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Sent: 4.20 AM - sat 1 jun 2002

Hello Dickie,
I just thought I would let all our readers know, that even though I have retired from the Police Force I still play in the Constabulary band and last night we played for a Golden Jubilee Concert in Ivybridge, Near Plymouth one of the guests of honour was the Lord Mayor of Plmouth who happens to be 'Ian Scouse Gordon' ex Trombone player, it was great to see and chat with him although I did have to ask why he appeared to be wearing so much body armour under his suit!!.
I hope you and all yours are well, I am hoping to go to the reunion, but still trying to convince a couple of others to go so we can hire a van.
Best wishes

Name: Tony (Ollie) Oliver
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 12.24 AM - thu 30 may 2002

To all ex bandies.

Pull your fingers out!! get to the re-union this year and support the lads in their efforts to keep us together.

Name: Stan Thomas
Hometown: Manchester
Sent: 11.18 PM - wed 29 may 2002

Hi Again everyone,
Well it is now two weeks since my return from Canada after visiting my old mate Paul Green in Fort Macleod Alberta.
Paul saw to it that Michelle and I lacked for nothing, he entertained us took us camping in his camper van, and even lent me his 4x4 to go sight seeing.

We arrived in Calagary wearing and carrying our summer clothes to a temperature of -6 and snow. This went down to -12 and even more snow, funnily enough the coldness didn't bother me as much as those cold winters in Deal.

Within 2 days the weather changed from -12 and snow to no snow and +26 and dry. an unbelievable swing and I put on my shorts to the amusement of all concerned for my legs were Lily white.

it was nice to be there for Paul's 59th birthday (a mere child), and he didn't have to worry about locking his drinks cabinet, mind you he did have a heavy soft drinks bill, what with cranberry juice and root beer.

Once again, I have visited Canada and wanted to stay, it is a beautiful country but alas I think its to late in life to make the move.

Paul and his wife enjoy their life style to the full, and their son Kevin is the town's police man. Whilst I was out in Paul's 4x4 Kevin spotted me and came after me with sirens and lights flashing, I nearly had to change my pants.

Paul also allowed me to use his computer whilst I was there, needless to say while I was using it, it got a nasty virus and he had to format his hard drive to clear it.

Paul refused to accept anything off Michelle and I and I had to fight with him to pay for anything. It was one of the best holidays we've ever had and I've already threatened him that I will probably return again in 2 or 3 years time.

Our next holiday this coming September is to Salt Lake City, Utah. But on this occasion we are taking Cheryl and ryan our two youngest children with us.

Best regards to everyone I'm still trying to get off for the reunion, it's looking good up to now. and I hope to see you all there.

Stan (the man) Thomas

Name: Bill Hartland
Hometown: Shrewsbury
Sent: 4.41 PM - thu 2 may 2002

To reiterate the suggestion made by Derek Roberts above, DO DIG DEEP SOME OF YOU NONE PAYERS! Some of you were the cause of the death of the 'T' boat! So don't give poor Rich a hard time, get your cheques in the post to him.

Name: Dan Duncum
Hometown: Dartmouth
Sent: 10.46 AM - thu 2 may 2002

Hello to any one that knows me, drop us a line if like!

Name: Colin Greef
Hometown: Canberra
Sent: 1.38 AM - thu 25 apr 2002

Found your page on the net, my wife and I would love to hear from John Satchwell last known in Sydney, if anyone knows him please ask him to send us an email Thanks Col

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough
Sent: 5.26 AM - fri 19 apr 2002

Thanks for Email Richard. Just a thought, anyone out there heard anything of Dave (Jock) Grieg percussion last I heard he was serving in the Police in Scunthorpe. Would love to hear from him (I was Best Man at Dave and Fernley's Wedding) Regards to all. I know I'm boring but don't forget the Reunion 2002. NB would also like to trace Vaughan Medlyn (Trombone) Last seen at H.M.S. Raleigh early 1960's/ Cheers Barry

Name: Derek Roberts
Hometown: Exeter
Sent: 6.06 AM - thu 18 apr 2002

It is with much regret that I have to inform members that Mervyn(Burt) Brown has had a major set back with his Leukaemia and is now back in Burch ward, Derriford Hospital Plymouth. Burt has asked that all friends be informed but not to send cards or can he receive any callers unless previously arranged due to his present condition. He is on a major course of Chemotherapy which we all hope will bring him back on the road to recovery. Watch this space for updates.. Best wishes to all Derek Roberts

Name: Mick Jones
Hometown: Skagastrond.Iceland
Sent: 6.52 AM - tue 16 apr 2002

I read the message from Nick Davies and I too would like to know the whereabouts of not only Dave Clegg,but also Bob Bottomley.Anybody any ideas?
Regards,Mick Jones

Name: Nick Davies
Hometown: Hornsea East Yorkshire
Sent: 3.18 PM - tue 9 apr 2002

Just browsing (Sorry-surfing) and thought I would like to say hello to everybody. Does anybody know the where-abouts of Dave Clegg. If so I would appreciate a call. Looking forward to meeting up with old friends at the re-union. (Ex. solo cornet '61-'75)

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Sent: 5.14 PM - sun 7 apr 2002

Hello Dickie,
For the information of all ex bandies in the West Country, Les Griffin is organising a reunion at the Great Western Hotel (alongside Exeter St Davids Station)on 31st August. All would be welcome, and can those who know of other bandies not on the web please pass the info, it would be nice if as many as possible attended. For more info contact Les his email is on this site.

Name: Don Payne
Hometown: St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Sent: 10.41 PM - sat 6 apr 2002

Great web site! Am a fan of HM Royal Marines Bands for many years and all British Military Bands, you just cant beat the British Military Band. I particulary like the marches of Kenneth J. Alford, who is indeed the real march king. I also echo the sentiments of keeping Britain British. I served for 15 years in the Canadian Army Reserve here in St.John's with the 1st Battalion, Royal Newfoundland Regiment. I enjoyed marching to such great British Marches such as Colonel Bogey, Voice Of The Guns, Army Of The Nile to name a few.Thanks for a great website.

Name: Alan Cooper (percussion)
Hometown: GOSPORT
Sent: 5.52 PM - sat 6 apr 2002

What an excellent site,nice to see so many names of musicians that I have served with. Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me. Plymouth Group Band 1960-1965 especially Mick Jennings, we served together many times, HMS Newfoundland,HMS Deadalus and Plymouth Group Band.
Keep up the good work my regards to all.
Alan Cooper.

Name: charlie Laws
Sent: 10.02 AM - wed 3 apr 2002

Name: Charlie. Laws
Hometown: Deal
Sent: 9.42 AM - wed 3 apr 2002

I know I am only remembered for swimming and in Scotland when I did hold a Cornet, but what I'm trying to do is raise money for Charity, the way I'm doing it is training a mixed team to swim the English Channel, and as most of you who served in Deal that is some strech of water, I heard it called the Mount Everest of the swimming world, the Charirties are for Cancer also a childrens hospice her in Kent, so if any body would like to donate please make cheques out to Pilgrims Homes and send to me, if you do contact me on my Email and I'll give you my address.


Sent: 9.41 AM - tue 2 apr 2002

GREAT SITE RICH HELLO 2 EVERYONE 1967-1975 [Retired hurt]


Sent: 9.21 AM - tue 2 apr 2002


Name: Les 'Griff' Griffin
Hometown: Plymouth
Sent: 3.24 AM - sun 31 mar 2002

31st March '02
Hi Rich,
Can anybody help with the 'new' wherabouts of Tim Goode he has apparently moved house (from Exmouth) and his e-mail ad. is returned by the postmaster.
Best wishes to you and yours and to anyone who knows me.
Sandy bottoms


Name: Blue Band
Sent: 8.01 PM - fri 29 mar 2002

Royal Marines Band Service Reunion 2002

Saturday 12th October 2002

Venue: Warrant Officers, Senior Rates & Senior NCOs Mess HMS Excellent, Portsmouth
1930 - Late
Evening to Include: 'Tot on Arrival' - Buffet - Raffle

Admission is by ticket only
Cost per person: £15.00

Open to all serving and past members of the Royal Marines Band Service.
Wives/Partners/Lady Friends are most welcome to attend
Please make all cheques payable to: 'Whale Island Reunion'
You must enclose a SAE for your tickets to be sent back to you in!
Please complete and return to:
Barry Radford, 1 The Queensway, Wellingbrough, NN8 3RA. Tel 07976 800827
Email: for further details or visit and click reunions

Name: Barry Radford
Hometown: Wellingborough, Northants
Sent: 11.14 AM - tue 26 mar 2002

Hi everybody, my first vist!!! Reunion 2002 Saturday 12th October and Sunday 13th October "2002". Love to see as many as possible, just been talking to Bob Cummins for more information contact me or Bob. cost £15.00. Partners, wives friends most welcome, NB. this is the Band Service Reunion at the home of the School of Music, Try it you may just enjoy it!! Regard to all that remember me. Great site Dickie, I enjoyed reading it. Cheers Barry

Name: Mick Jones
Hometown: Skagastrond Iceland
Sent: 3.45 PM - mon 25 mar 2002

Hullo Dickie,
Thought it was about time I wrote in the guestbook again and to all those who have made enquiries about my health I thank you all for your kind thoughts.I have to restart the chemo therapy programme in May before flying to London on the 8th June.
Again I have to thank you Dickie for continuing the website which is without doubt a huge success.
Best wishes
Mick Jones

Name: Ed Groves
Hometown: Waterloo, Ontario. Canada
Sent: 11.12 PM - fri 22 mar 2002

Will be going back to England in 2004 and hope to visit the Portsmouth area again. in 1997 I was in the Portsmouth area and watched a rehersal at HMS Nelson in the last week of October. If anyone who reads this remembers me there who was in the band at that time I would like to hear from you....1 519 744 7792

Name: Jeanette
Hometown: Southampton, Hampshire.
Sent: 1.43 AM - tue 12 mar 2002

I am looking for information on Frederick Finden who was a member of the Royal Marines Band, Chatham Division. He was my grandfathers half brother. My grandfather was orphaned at 7 years old and lost track of his family. Frederick would have joined the Marines about 1920?? My grandfather is now 87 and would love to know about his brother. Anyone who knows anything about Frederick please contact me.
Thank you.

Name: toots
Hometown: Orkney
Sent: 6.06 PM - tue 5 mar 2002

looking for anyone who came to Orkney in 1993/94 with the marine band.

Name: Ray Lloyd
Hometown: Exeter, Devon
Sent: 6.59 PM - sun 3 mar 2002

Hello Dickie,
Just a quick note to let you and everyone else know that I had a long conversation with Burt Brown, who I am pleased to report is making good headway, the experience has certainly changed his approach to life, he is going to write to me and has asked that I put his letter up on the site which I am more than happy to do, but he was was very moved by all that sent get well cards, so thank you to you all that made the effort, it did work.
Also I am sorry to say that I am unable to attend the All Stars later this month, I have only missed a couple over the years, but due to a change in jobs (I am back in Police HQ for the winter!!) I won't be able to make it, but best wishes to all attending I hope you have another great night.
Best wishes to all

Name: Tony Rapson
Hometown: Bracknell . Berkshire
Sent: 6.09 AM - fri 22 feb 2002

Have just spent 2 days surfing through all the Band stuff on line. Fantastic that so many "OLD" people are using this new technology. Hi to any one that cares to remember this old sod from 1962 - 1972. I am running a web technology business, so if anyone wants FREE help with their websites - please contact me via the e-mail. It would be nice if at least 1 person said hi that would make the 10 years of hell seem like it was worth while.By the way if anyone has John Lusher's proper e-mail address i would be grateful. The one he has on the band site says he doesn't exist - no change there then - always out fishing.
Regards to all

Name: Noel Crook
Hometown: Clifton. Bedfordshire
Sent: 5.22 AM - fri 22 feb 2002

Hi Dickie.Just a quick note to say hello agian tho this time from New Zealand where Sheila and I have spent three months on holiday.Sorry to have missed you on your stay with Bernie,who we managed to spend a weekend with,only sorry that we cant get to see him again as we return to UK on the 25thFeb.A wonderful country here I can see why Bernie and Kath love it so much.Looking forward now to getting home after a fantastic holiday.Still a great web page, keep up the good work.Best Wishes Noel

Name: Martin Nolan
Hometown: Aylesbury, Bucks.
Sent: 11.59 AM - mon 4 feb 2002

Are there any serving or former Bandies out there, who were once marine or sea cadets at T.S. Jervis Bay S.C.C (Unit 280), Brock Barracks, Reading? My Grandfather, CSgt (SCC) Bob Chapman was Bandmaster for many years and as he is now approaching his 80th Birthday I would love for him to know how some of his former cadets got on!
I believe he often sees Steve Iveson, But what about Andy Finn and all those other Reading lads? Please e-mail me if you can help with photos, stories, etc.

Many thanks!

Name: John Hill
Hometown: Rosyth
Sent: 11.44 AM - wed 23 jan 2002

Hello to any serving and ex members who remember me (troop 2/85)
The strange effect I've had during my career of joining bands just before they close down seems to have stopped for the time being (I was beginning to think that Fleet and Deal Bands closing were my fault :o) Although I recently heard rumours about Invincible being in for an early retirement...
I'm currently up in Scotland band (hoping to stay still for more than a year - drafty) and would love to get in touch with old friends

Name: Grandad
Hometown: Exmouth
Sent: 5.41 PM - mon 21 jan 2002

yes Martin Hancock is in RM Band Lympstone and Ivan is in RM Band Plymouth.

Name: Shaun Howell
Hometown: Exmouth, Devon, uk
Sent: 7.38 PM - sun 13 jan 2002

Great Site keep up the good work...

Please visit my site

Name: Dave Clements
Hometown: Lowestoft, Suffolk
Sent: 6.29 PM - sun 13 jan 2002

Nice to see so many names I remember, though getting fewer by the year. I'll be pleased to hear from anyone who remembers me, especially Bob (Sandy) Saunders, Stan Thomas and Jim Mason.

Name: Bob Lucas
Hometown: Gosport, England
Sent: 11.37 AM - wed 9 jan 2002

Hi Dickie,
Quite a lot of water has flowed since that photo of you was taken! I believe we were in Senior House together in 1969. I left the RMB on redundancy in 1971 and joined the RAF! I was a Communications Analyst. Bit of change from belting drums! Met up with a few Bandies in the Falkland Islands in 1990. I left the RAF in 1994 and settled in Gosport. I'm now a MoD Guard and Church Leader for The Waterside Community Church. Pop in and see me if you're in the area. God Bless,
Bob Lucas - RMB 4136

Name: Thomas
Hometown: Fridley, Minnesota, USA.
Sent: 11.26 PM - tue 8 jan 2002

Hello, I am David. I am reading sites on the web out of respect for The English and Britons that have so heroically stood by my nation in conflicts across the globe. I admire the British servicemen and women, and I just want to thank all of you for your assistance. Thank you. God bless England! Sincerely, - David.

Name: Stevenson clement
Hometown: Hobart Tasmania
Sent: 6.22 PM - mon 7 jan 2002

Does the Royal Marines Association still exist? I am an ex National Service Royal Marine 851 squad Lympstone 1954. Does The Globe and Laurel magazine still publish?


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