Les Sandy by Terry Freestone

When I looked at the WS - as I do every day to see who is the latest to have gone to the celestial concert hall - I felt a touch of deja-vu when I saw Les Sandy as having died August 2007. So I went to my ever expanding database and, sure enough, there he was, complete with photo, having been reported in BB 2/03 page 100 (Blue Band Summer 2003) as having died in Cardiff, NSW in April 2003.

RMB/X 1912 Leslie Sandy, joined in 1942, 80 squad, Served RNSM Isle of Man, St George, Ajax, Orion, Mauritius, Heron, Gamecock & Vengeance. Instrumental category was not stated. He must have "taken his twelve" and gone out in the early-mid 50's then emigrated.

Funeral was at St Thomas' church, Cardiff, NSW on 1 May 2003 at 1415; so that seems pretty definite.

Regards Terry.

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