Tom Lambert's tribute to Ken Kelley

Ken was a member of the Portsmouth Band when I joined it in 1966. There could never have been a more upright dedicated player with an attitude of real professionalism. If it was so easy as to be able to mark men out of ten for every aspect of their approach to their work he would have been in the ten range for everything.

I personally mourn his passing and I am quite certain that every member that served in the band at that time will feel the same way. His MBE, which came as a result of his dedicated work as a Head School teacher and as the Director of an outstanding school band, was one of the most deserved awards ever.

I shall now write to Mrs Kelley expressing my profound sorrow.


Tom Lambert.

[Webmaster's note] May I take this opportunity to pay my respects to Ken's family. I know I met him when I was a very young man, and I can recollect such a very nice man and we are all rewarded by having shared his invaluable musicianship and devotion to all things he put his hand to. Sincerely.

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