HQ 3rd Commando Brigade Band 1963 - 1966

The first picture shows that the tree is so old that an ambush was highly unlikely unless, that is, some industrious person had sat up all night stripping the bark off. Portrayed [left to right] are:- Derek Fisk, Reg Russell, Charlie Heaton, Alf Bromley, Alan Rigden, Pete Reeves, (B/Sgt) Frank Williams, Charlie Laws, George Fenlon and Pete Dunstan.

Back Row:- 42 Cdo MT driver (there again, how come HE didn't know that that tree was down? Was he trying to kidnap the band perchance and sell them at a later date on the amah's market?) (Sgt. Bug) Eddie Fisher, and finally (complete with the official fag) (B/M) "Chippy" Carpenter overseeing the entire operation.