An Australian Venture
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Dear Richard,

Possible contribution to your brilliant website

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It occurred to me that yourself and others might be interested in what some of us old guys do in our spare time so I am enclosing a couple of pics - one, a map showing the route my partner and I traversed by air to Darwin and by camper van (RV) to Perth during April/ May this year.

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Don Flounders , Bette, Iris, Peter Jackson

The other of Don and Iris Flounders and Bette and I at Don's place in Melbourne. Our journey started in Auckland - New Zealand - and our port of entry to Australia was Melbourne.

The drive from Darwin to Perth and beyond totalled 5500 Km and was spread over 22 days. Also attached is a copy of part 1 of my account of the trip. Part 2 is rather long at 46MB but is illustrated.

If you think you would like to have the whole thing, I would be pleased to send it to you either by email or by posted CD. Please feel free to reject the idea if it does not fit with your philosophy - I will not be offended.

In the photo, the folks are from left - Don, Bette (my partner), Iris, and myself.

Kind Regards,

Peter Jackson

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