John F S Dilloway 1940-1964
RM 15275
Served 1955-1964


John Frederick Stephen Dilloway was born in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire on Saturday 14th September 1940.. the day before the Battle of Britain. He was the son of John and Maud Dilloway.

John joined the Royal Marines in 1955 as a Boy Bugler, becoming part of the 7/55 Squad at the Royal Marines School of Music, Deal. He began his career alongside seventeen other trainees including fellow Boy Buglers George Coad, R Milton and Bromhead and Boy Musician James Kay. He went on to serve with the band at HMS Excellent Portsmouth.

John married Helen Vivian McAngus in her hometown of Durham in August 1964. John Dilloway sadly passed away in Portsmouth a few months later on 29th December 1964 aged 24, he was taking a bath and in those days many bathrooms had a gas water heater in them to produce hot water. Gas back then was not North Sea Gas it was produced by processing coal which was poisonous in an enclosed space. John was in the bath with the window closed and the gas vent was blocked and he would have fallen unconscious and suffocated. He is buried in Haslar Royal Military Cemetery. Section K Row 13 Grave 6

RIP John

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