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05 - Staff Band Seychelles Independence 1976
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This was a good gig. Just over a week in the Seychelles for their independence, Ben Finney was the Boss.

The Staff Band was staying in one of the better hotels, all found, including chits for meals and drinks in other hotels if we fancied a change. We even had special chits for the bar, 'to replace essential body fluids lost in the heat' well done the man who did the recce. In fact, 1976, it was hotter in the UK which was experiencing one of the driest summers on record.

At one of the hotel's social nights a few of us met up with a couple staying for their honeymoon. An RN CPO and CPO Wren who'd spent a small fortune to unknowingly share a hotel with a Bootie band who were all victaulled for free. Quality!

Regards to all,

Pat 'Pusser' Hill

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