RAAF Central Band

This one is of five ex Royal Marines Bandsmen who came to Australia and joined RAAF Central Band. There were others at various times but this lot were all present together in late 1960's. Photo taken at RAAF Base Laverton, Victoria, Australia.

They are left to right,

Bill Woolston, Percussion who returned to UK and I believe still resides there somewhere.
Ron Champion, Trombone - Deceased.
George Manktelow - Trumpet/Cornet. Now in his middle nineties and still living Victoria, Australia [he actually played at King George V's funeral, yes I said V]
Gerry Riley, Clarinet - still living Victoria I believe.
Eric Hayward - Bassoon, Bass Drum and Drum Major, living Bendigo, Victoria, Aust.

That's your lot for now. Hope you can accomodate.


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