Band of CinC East Indies '55-'56

Band of CinC East Indies '55-'56 HMS Gambia [If memory serves me correct]
This was taken as is evident in writing on photograph at the Kuwait Rugby Club. Played well despite lack of audience being present. I suspect the club would be a little different today.

Names in random order.

Staff Bandmaster Graham Shipway conducting, Sgt. Ray Banning, Jock MacKay, Harry Henshaw, Ted Lee, Frank Tomlin, Brian Oates, Buster Elver, John Bradshaw, Ken Keast, Dennis Swann, Vic Asher, Jim Phillips, John [Dip] Hillman, George Brooks, Pete Redfern, Terry Parker, Bugler [Sticks] Henderson, Sailor Brown, Stan ?. Eric Hayward

Next one to be sent is reverse side of this photo which just happens to have most signatures of members of the band.

Thats your lot for today

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