3 Commando Brigade Band - Singapore

Dear Richard.

Item 02 of Eric Hayward’s Memories is a photo of the band on the firing range of Royal Naval Air Station, Sembawang, in Singapore circa 1962, (surprisingly no one was shot even though it was all muck and bullets!).

However with the help of Peter Howse’s excellent memory I can furnish all but one of the names in the line up.

Strictly in order from top left:

Sgt (PWI) Tug Wilson, B/Sgt T Perkins, Josh Gilbert**, Dave Baker, Peter Orton, Eric Hayward, John ‘Colin’ Cowdrey, S/BD/MSR D. Place**, Bugler Dave Hallet, Trev Starling, Roy Shears, Terry Parker, Mark Ashton**.

Front left: Bugler ?, Rodney Colborne, Trevor Lewis, Tony Marsh, Pete Howse, B/Cpl Derek Pilley, Bugler Bob Scollick, B/Cpl John Welton, Bugler Ron Chandler.

** Sadly deceased.

Trusting these details are decipherable and can be added to the appropriate photo.

Kindest Regards, Terry Parker, RMBX 2560.

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