Courtesy of:
David (Abe) Ingram - Oboe, Cor Anglais and Alto Sax

Maxies Dance Band, cum New Orleans Jazz Band, courtesy of National
Serviceman Colin (Tubby) Bryant.

Boris Hallett (Drums) the late Bob Ellis, Colin Bryant, Bernard (Maxie) Beare, Peter May and the late Jim Robertson on String Bass. Jim Robertson was Clarinet and Viola, but, as our erstwhile bass player didn't wish to do any gigs, he allowed Jim to do a stand in for Dance Band. Our Bass Player was Peter (Dusty) Miller renowned for his R.O.M.F.T. Banner even in his lounge at Christmas in Singapore as I recall. I wonder where Peter/Dusty is now?

Hope that above helps to lay a few ghosts to rest, and have to thank Maxie for filling in most of the names.

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