Transcript of John Graham's Diary
whilst serving on HMS Eagle


June 15th 4x250lb bombs attacked her. After receiving two hits she hoisted white flag and her crew
attempted to scuttle her. Our planes machine-gunned the life boats to prevent crew from going any farther and they gave up the attempt. Dunedin put crew on board who took her to port. She was found to be a submarine parent ship carrying deisel oil, torpedoes and a spare submarine crew. She was the ex Dutch ship "Papendrecht" of 11,000 tons.

June 16th Course E.S.E.

June 18th Continuos day at sea.

June 2oth P.M. arrived back in Freetown after three weeks at sea. In that time our aircraft have covered 900,000 square miles in search. Eagle has covered 20,514 miles, only 1,086 miles off a round the world trip.

July 4th 0900 sailed from Freetown with two destroyers as escort. On search for German armed merchant ships operating in South Atlantic.

July 6th Destroyers turned back. 1600 joined by auxiliary cruiser "Alcantara."

July 8th Arrived at St. Helena 11.45. Oiling up.

July 10th Left St. Helena with "Dunedin" and "Alcantara" 2100 Practiced night encounter with "Dunedin" using starshell.

July 12th Since commissioning ship has covered 1,000000 miles.

July 15th Started search for raider.

July 18th Alcantara left us. Planes have covered 110,000 square miles in search this trip. No sign of raider.

July 19th Returning to St. Helena to refuel.

July 21st Did a throw off shoot with Dunedin.

July 22nd Practiced night flying.

July 23rd Arrived St. Helena - oiling.

July 24th Left St. Helena with Dunedin. On patrol.

August 2nd Arrived St. Helena with Dunedin.

August 4th Left St. Helena on route for Freetown.

August 10th Arrived Freetown after 36 days at sea.

August 22nd Had an alert, no bombs dropped. A Glen Martin bomber (Vichy French) shot down by fighters.

August 26th Left Freetown with "Dorcetshire" "Newcastle" and destroyers, emergency call. Cruiser sighted in region of West Indies.

August 31st Newcastle left on seperate patrol.

September 1st Started search. Crossed equator 4pm.

Sept. 6th Attempted to oil - heavy seas.

Sept. 11th Still on patrol, making for St. Helena.

Sept. 14th Practice night encounter.

Sept.16th Another practice night encounter.

Sept. 17th Arrived St. Helena. Oiled.

Sept. 18th Left St. Helena on patrol.

Sept. 20th Fire in hanger, one man burned.

Sept.21st Man dies. Funeral at sea. Walrus aircraft crashes and sinks, crew saved.

Sept. 24th Developed a leak in condenser.

Sept. 25th Developed new leak on way to St.Helena.

Sept. 26th Arrived St. Helena

Sept. 28th Captain cleared lower deck and told ships company we were ordered back to U.K.
Left St. Helena for Freetown.

October 3rd Arrived Freetown.

Oct. 4th Left Freetown for Gibralter.

Oct. 18th Arrived Gibralter.

Oct. 21st Left Gibralter on route for U.K. with "Argas."

Oct. 26th Arrived Greenock.

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