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Memories from Gerry Taylour II
01 - 02 - 03
Dear Richard,

Welcome back with the superb new web site.

I am particularly impressed with the introduction, graphics and the general layout. I am still very involved in the music world.It is a great pleasure for me to be playing piano a lot more now, particularly accompanying a delightful young lady singer, both in jazz and classical styles. I play trombone with two wind bands, and occasionally with a brass group. Besides all this, have still got the librarians job with one band, (although I am trying to give it away to someone else), as usual no takers!

Best wishes,

Gerry Taylour RMB X2742.

Click on all images for larger versions

This one taken in our 'barrack room', Xmas 1950 with friends and families.I have forgotten the names, sorry!

This photo is of one of the 'house' basket ball teams, with the shield we won, circa. 1951/1952, taken in East Barracks. I can't remember any of the names of the 'houses'. Ernie Ward is on front row (far right looking at photo, and myself front row (far left).

This photo, is of a quartet from The Royal Yacht Band, at a mess dinner, Eastney approx. 1958-1960.

Cello: Wally Hibbert
Violins: Les Spencer and ???
Piano: Gerry Taylour


This photo, (left) is of most of the replacement HMS Terror band en-route to Singapore October/November 1952, aboard the trooper Empire Fowey.

Front row R to L
Sax's: Bill Williamson
Freddie Mills, Jock Middleton:

Trumpets: Maxie Beare, Keith Turton

Piano: Myself

Behind Maxie??

Drummer: A soldier helping us out
(Don Swann was already out in Singapore)

Double Bass: Wally Shillito

Hope these photos will revive a few memories.

Gerry Taylour RMB X2742.
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