Remembering the men of Deal, Sandwich and District who died in WW1

Early casualties in World War One were the men of the Royal Marines Light Infantry, many of them based at the Walmer Garrison, near Deal, in Kent. Deal’s roll as a port, fishing and naval town meant many other young men had gone to sea and their casualties were also high.

Sergeant Frank Amos of the RMLI was killed at Lierre, south east of Antwerp on 15th October, 1914. He had lived in Walmer and had served in the South African Wars. Also killed at Lierre was Private John Snell who was 38 years old when he died and had served nearly 18 years with the RMLI; his son also serving in the expedition.

Both men’s stories reflect the national perspective of a new ‘local' history book Faces From the Front: Remembering the men of Deal, Sandwich and District Who died in WW1 by Judith Gaunt. Judith previously wrote Basil’s Deal, on the local photography of the late Basil Kidd.

Over 520 stories and pictures of the men who died are included in the book. Judith says: “I was struck by the many men and lads, either already servicemen or who enlisted in the war, who came from other parts of the country. Some had emigrated for a better life but returned home to fight and died. They contradict the myth that these little local communities were self-contained. It is the hardest thing I have ever written, both physically and emotionally, many of the stories were harrowing; both the circumstances of the men’s deaths but also the impact on the families."

Sergeant Frank Amos

Private John Snell

Royal Marine Light Infantry 15th Short Service Squad

Faces From the Front: Remembering the Men of Deal, Sandwich and District Who Died in World War One is produced by Bygone Publishing, a 120 page paperback priced £15.99 plus £2 P&P. It is available from Judith Gaunt at 17 Southwall Road, Deal, Kent CT14 9QA (cheques made payable to Judith Davies please as Judith writes under her maiden name), also via Judith on Amazon or can be ordered through all good bookshops.

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