Terry Freestone 1932-2022
RMB/X 2505
Captain LRAM RM
Served 1948-1982

Terry Freestone joined the Royal Naval School of Music at Burford in September 1948 as a Solo Cornet player, just over a year before the School of Music moved to Deal in January 1950. He was a member of the 2nd CG Squad in that year, advanced to musician and joined the HMS Glory Band serving from 1951 to 53 in and around Korea. Moved on to HMS Vanguard Band in 1953, and then had a spell after promotion to Band Cpl as a VBI in Caledonia 1954, Indefatigable 54, again as VBI, HMS Ocean 54 to 56 as VBI, then HMS Theseus in 1956 in the Suez area, again as a VBI. Then at last some relief as he was drafted to Deal and the Staff Band 57 to 59. Promoted to Band Sgt he joined HMS Hermes Band in 1960.

I first met Terry as members of the 1961 Bandmasters Class along with Jim Robertson, Ben Finney, Denis Brown to name just a few, where we had a fantastic year of study and friendship. Soon after promotion to Bandmaster Terry was the B/M on HMS Lion 64-65 and while in Plymouth we met up again as I was the B/M at HMS Thunderer (Royal Naval Engineering College Manadon) and Terry spent some time staying with me as he was going through a divorce at that time and not in the best of health. After HMS Lion it was back to Deal as an Instructor and chief librarian before promotion to Band Officer in September 1970.

He served as Assistant Director of Music in Junior Wing 72-75, Cochrane as Director of Music to FOSNI 76-78. Promoted to Captain 31st May 1978. Then Pembroke as Director of Music to CinC Fleet, which was his final posing in the Band Service retiring on the 24th September 1982.

After retiring from the Band Service Terry took up the post as Assistant General Manager at the Royal Albert Hall and apparently ran the place just like he was the Captain of a Ship. Well done Terry. I would like to add that along with Sir Vivian there cannot be many that served in the RM Band Service for 34 years !!!

He and I have met up many times since his Band Service days, mostly in and around the Deal area where my daughter lives, so we swung a few lamps.

Also we all need to remember that he kept information about the Band Service History, and individuals service history like no other person in the Band Service. Farewell Terry - See you in the Countermarch.....

Michael Hutton.


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