The Shiny Sheffield - A Home Fleet Commission
1951 to 1953 by Frank Coleman
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The Shiny Sheff's Xmas ~ Bermuda 1951

Dance Band
String Bass - "Darky" Thomas, Piano - "Dusty" Miller, Drums - ?
Guitar - ?, Brass - Frank Coleman, John Hughes, Tom Proctor, Charlie Watts,
Terry Gibbs. Saxes - ? Wood, Bert Singleton, Bill Fauntley, Jimmy Morrow.

I realise that Darell Farlow was the Tenor Sax nearest the Camera.
Possibly the Clarinet was Jimmy Morrow.
My instrument was a Conn Cornet/Trumpet with a vibration tuner. Darell's Sax case was wooden like a small coffin. He carried his Sax while we carried the case full of rabbits aboard that night, hence the picture in the Mess the following day.