Deal was the place where Royal Marines were created.

For generations, young men, some only fourteen years old, arrived as raw recruits but left as Royal Marines. Most famously Deal was home to the Royal Marines School of Music but equally this was the Service base of instructors, administrators and tutors among others.
Deal Barracks has seen many changes. Originally, an Army barracks and Naval hospital, it became the Royal Marines Depot in 1861. From 1930 the training of Royal Marines musicians was added to Deal's role. WRNS, Engineers and Royal Marines Commandos have also been part of Deal's varied history.

The story of the Royal Marines at Deal is told in this unique book by over 200 photographs from the extensive library at the Royal Marines Museum. This pictorial record will be a lasting memento to all who trained or served there, for the people of Deal and all those interested in the Royal Marines in general.

Now out of print