2006 Report
Photo Album II
























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East Barracks Main Gate

'M' Block, where I was billeted on top floor, right on that corner where the wind blew so cold!

Site of former Instrument Repair Workshop

'L' Block, where I first entered the RMSM, Room L12!

Barbers Shop as I recall, where one of the Barbers was Jan Snell from Liskeard

N' O' P and Q Blocks

Pat Trevis

Don (Ginge) Feather and his wife Carol

All Stars in rehearsal

Pip Bailey, Shiner Wright and Gus Guthrie in background on Baritone Sax

Pete Rose, George Simpson, and Clem Cocker on second stand




All Stars in rehearsal
HPB Baker Gunner Hargreaves and Spike Milligan
Don Peerless
Peter Clark Peter and his wife

Alan Dickens - maybe?
Michael Rice - Solo Clarinet
Cliff Meatheringham

Cliff Meatheringham and his wife Margaret


Jock Brown

Derek Pilley

Alan Shankland
Russell Davies Peter Selby  
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