August 17 - update:

One further point that you should know. Jonathan Ball, CEO of the Royal Marines Charities, has just contacted me to say that the bronze plaque for the Memorial Garden will not after all be ready on time. Our colleague David Yates has designed the item but the Company entrusted with its production has pulled out for some reason. Another has now been given the job which will be underwritten by the Charities as previously discussed. Jonathan has told me that he considers it important not to cut corners in order to attempt to make the 22nd September date and although disappointed, I agree. Do you think it important to impart this information generally in case people may be planning to be at this year’s morning service for an anticipated unveiling. Graham

August 12

Colleagues all,

It has long been recognised that the thing missing from the Memorial Garden site of the 1989 RMSM bombing in Deal has been a record of the names of those who lost their lives there. With the thirtieth anniversary approaching it is entirely significant and appropriate that this oversight, I learn, is to be remedied. I have written to Jonathan Ball, CEO of the Royal Marines Charities, to thank him for his kindness in arranging for a bronze plaque carrying the names to be in-situ by the 22nd September this year. I have told him that his thoughtfulness can never be fully repaid. I did however want him to be aware of the depth of positive feeling that his action will generate as a further gesture of goodwill from the Corps to this historic town wherein so much valued co-existence still abounds. I sent him the sincere thanks and appreciation of all Band Service colleagues, the bereaved and others for seeing a need and acting upon it so satisfactorily. Yours ever, Graham


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