Ian Epps RMBX 2698

I was at the funeral of my neighbour (an ex Fleet Chief) today, and at a meal afterwards the subject of the buglers who sounded the Last Post and Reveille came up and I was asked why there were two Royal Marine buglers instead of the usual one. I had spoken to them after the service and asked the same question, The elder of the two said it was because the rest were in London rehearsing for the Queens funeral and they were leaving for London later today.

This made me remember that when King George VI died I was on HMS Devonshire (the Midshipmen's Training cruiser, how the navy has changed) in Bridgetown Barbados. We had a very pussers skipper and he arranged for the band to join the Barbados Police Band for the period of mourning so that we could still practice as all music was banned on the ship but we still had to go back on board for Colours but then it was back ashore.

We had a great time and for a couple of us we had another benefit, the police band had a rum ration each day and it was 'neaters' and there was no 20 year old limit. I was 19 at the time; a great treat!

Being the same age as Mick Hutton I wondered how many of our readers can remember where they were for the funeral at home?

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