Courtesy ~ John Masters

HMS Kenya Band 1949

Back Row: B/Cpl Haskins, B/Cpl Bulley, Tatton, Bugler ?, Daws, Turner, B/Cpl Smith, Johnson.
Middle Row: Bugler ?, Cambell, Amos, Semmons, Blair, Tuffnel, Masters.
Bottom Row: Jarman, B/M (Tug) Wilson, Cdr Munn RN, Capt Brock RN, Lt Stagg, Capt Dillon RM, Lee.

Several of the band had recently returned from HMS London in the far East having been involved
in the Yangtze incident so it was back to the far East again and for all of us later to get
involved in the Korean war which has still not officially ended. John Masters

Alfie Stagg, the band officer included was not of course, a member, but must have been serving in
Pembroke as CinC The Nore band officer, probably invited to join the band out of courtesy by
Bill Wilson the B/Mr (a lovely man). Stagg would also have been a Commissioned Bandmaster,
he never made it to Lieutenant. Also the “Dawes” in the back row is Arthur DAWS –no “e”. I knew him in Oct 51
when he took passage in GLORY when we went down to Sydney for refit.
He had married there and we took him down for discharge of his”12”. Terry Freestone