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G/day one and all,

This is just a gentle reminder that the event that we are all waiting for is only 56 weeks away, and as we all know, time sure does fly when you are getting older. The event being of course the 2008 Re-union of ex Royal Marines Band Service in Australia. Of course, those of you who belonged to the RAN who undertook their further training at RMSM, as has been stated before, are more than welcome to join us.

If you are not sure of the date of the re-union it is to be held on the weekend of 28th 29th and 30th March 2008 at Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia.

If you know names and addresses of other members who may show interest could you please make them aware of this event.

Bob Chumley at above address is the main co-ordinator of the functions and lives in Adelaide. He could perhaps, if contacted early enough be able to advise contacts regards accommodation in order that you may be able to make your own bookings.

Early advice if attending or not would be appreciated in order that Bob will have numbers to arrange function venues. (I put an awful lot on Bob, but that's because we are 700 kilometres apart). Going on the results of our previous re-unions we can almost guarantee that you will have a weekend to remember. For those of you who have not attended before, the invitation of course, also includes wives or partners.

Further advice and reminders will be forthcoming in the next months.

Regards to all from Bob's assistant,

See you in the Counter March,

Eric Hayward. (RMB/X3051)

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