David (Stan) de Gernier

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It is strange, but I was on your web site earlier this week for first time in ages, to check I was up to date with donation, and I thought, I must get Richard to update my details.

Firstly, my website address is now www.hypnoclinika.com and this mail address is best e mail address for me. david@hypnoclinika.com

I no longer live on Mull. My parents had got to the age ( 85 ) where their health has deteriorated with both having minor strokes etc. and duty dictated that I had to move back to Dundee to be nearer to them. It seems we are all ultimately fated to become parents to our parents. Before leaving Mull, the forestry commission backed down and we won that battle. Unusual to beat the big corporation, but I think in the end they realised that their plans were a step too far. I badly miss living in remote rural location, but will move back when I full retire I think.

I hope you are enjoying retirement, and not finding it hard to adapt. I am "semi-retired” and never been so busy.

I have a busy clinical practice in Dundee as a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist. I work 2 days a week as a consultant in a palliative care unit in our local NHS cancer unit. I am a volunteer Samaritan and also the Samaritans trainer for new volunteers. All in all a very busy, but must say rewarding life.

Best wishes,