Noel Crook - Modeller

A French tourist was visiting HMS Victory in Portsmouth
and enquired if the cannonballs were the actual ones fired
at Trafalgar. The tour guide (Obviousley ex-RN) replied:
"No madame...your French navy has those......"

Shared by Adrian Brett

Hope all is well with you and Family. Fine myself. Bit on the chilly side but bearable.

Keeping well and still driving around. HMS Victory Bow Section is my latest build, thought about the whole ship at 1/76 scale building this bit has been a real tester.

Have a Great festive season.




Adding a bit of sitting for the crew
it is part of instructions but they don't mention it
only a drawing of it.

click image

Progressing well slowly. Enjoying the build, complicated in parts, keeps the grey cells working.

Victory Stalls

Those were the days!

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