RMBS Memorial Garden Christmas Bonus

Something wonderful happened when I was at the Memorial Garden in Deal last week. Pauline Simmonds, widow of Bob, and I regularly take flowers and tidy up there every week to keep the site attractive for visitors but rarely see any. This time on my arrival a smart young man in his fifties was standing quietly facing the memorial and deep in thought. We spoke. I did not at this stage give him my name but listened as he told me his harrowing story.

Aged 18 he was nearby in north barracks when the IRA detonated their bomb on the 22nd September 1989. He was flung across his room by the blast. With adrenaline flowing and unaware that he had sustained an injury he, with others, immediately went to the possible rescue of victims in the rubble of the collapsed building. Only later was he taken to hospital to begin treatment that lasted for three months. Now thirty-three years on he had returned to the area to find that it has become a sacred place.

He had travelled from his home in Wales to relive those moments of stark horror to unexpectedly find himself surrounded by peace and tranquility. His name is Jason Hall, French horn, and he served from 1989 - 2009. Those who remember him may like to be aware that he has had a very successful life since leaving the Corps. I was proud to stand with him in contemplation of our boys lives taken so cruelly at that spot all those years ago.

Sincerely yours,
Margaret Hoskins.

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