CTCRM Memorial to Sept 22 1989 Deal Bombing

Horne, Trevor CSgt (NAVY RM BAND-CTCRM BOC) <Trevor.Horne233@mod.gov.uk>
Mon 9/2/2019 16:01

Hi All,

The 30th anniversary of the Deal bombing falls on the Sunday this year and a lot of people are going to Deal for the Service and rugby match. However, the CTCRM Band will be remembering this event on Tuesday 24th in CTCRM. We are extending an invite to all former RMBS members who would like to attend.

The brief outline will be for everyone to muster in the SNCO mess at 0800hrs. The remembrance service will be at 0822hrs in the newly refurbished 'Deal Room' within the SNCO mess at CTCRM. Then, on completion of the service we will stay in the Mess for a coffee and chat before heading down to the band room where guests may observe a band rehearsal for a forthcoming commitment.

Please forward to me any former members who may be interested in attending this service of remembrance to mark the 30th anniversary. I will require full nominal and vehicle details of all guests, so please forward these details ASAP so I can ensure you gain access to the camp.

Kind Regards,


CSgt T Horne |Band Operations Coordinator | Commando Training Centre Royal Marines | Ricketts Hall, Lympstone, DEVON EX8 5AR| *Email: trevor.horne233@mod.gov.uk |(Mil: 93785 4306 |(Civ: 01392 414306 | royalmarinesbands.co.uk

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